You Again?


Oh Zdeno.  You poor genetic freak of nature.  What’s it look like to blow a 3-0 lead in a hockey series?  Well, it looks a little like this picture.   Here’s Chara, head down, contemplating what just happened while 18,000 rowdies throw their rally towels on the ice and scream, “FACK YOU BRUINS!”  Needless to say the Flyers comeback last year was one of my most satisfying moments as a sports fan, but I wonder if it will play any part in this series–a rematch one year later.  I think game 7 was played on May14th last year, which incidentally was the day Flyers Kitten made his first appearance. He’s come a long way, but a year later the Flyers find themselves in another incredibly tough series with a team that certainly has the revenge factor on its side.

Some people are putting more stock in the revenge than others.  If you told me you like Boston because of Tim Thomas or their defense, I’d probably pay more attention than if you say Boston will win because of what happened last year.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In fact, you could just as easily make the argument that it will be incredibly difficult for the Bruins to close out this series regardless of the situation.  They had a 3-0 lead last year and a three goal lead in game seven.  If there is a revenge factor, isn’t there a here we go again factor?   In my opinion it’s tough to find a definitive edge.  Vegas just threw their hands up and said pick ’em.  You’ve got to respect that.

You’ve got two brutal power plays facing off.  You have Tim Thomas, grand master of the regular season in net for the Bruins and Brian Boucher grand master of the vultured win in net for Philadelphia.  The Flyers have the advantage in offensive depth, they have home ice, and they might be getting the added bonus of an ever more healthy Chris Pronger. I think the Flyers will get the better of the 5 on 5 play, and so it’ll be key for them to stay out of the box and just let the offensive waves do their work.

Prediction:  The Flyers dropped 3 of 4 to the Bruins during the regular season, but I don’t put a lot of stock in that.  A lot of Flyers fans fear Boston, but this is a team that struggled to put Montreal to bed and Les Habitants are nothing to write home about.  There’s just too much difference in offensive fire power for me to pass over the Flyers in this spot.  I say they close it out in Boston again.  This time in game six.


Here’s a random one for you…I’m in the car and I hear an advertisement for something called the Vaseline for Men “Keep Your Grip” Challenge.  Um, what?  The prize is a football autographed by Michael Strahan, but it’s the particulars of the challenge that worry me.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status (-600 smackers). 

Big Dub H’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status (-200)

Well, the good news is Big Dub is proving just how difficult this little game is.  No one said it’d be easy!  My historic two-game winning streak was broken up by the faulty Orioles bullpen.  I had a glimmer.  Dub got pounded for the 2nd straight night.  Hide the children.

Today’s Selection:  Baltimore (+130) over Chicago.  Dub:  Toronto (+120) over New York.

I’m going right back to the well.  The White Sox stink.  They’re in free fall, and can’t score.


Quiz of the Day: Declining City Populations. Category: Death of the American Factory.  My Score: 15/30.

Way harder than I thought it was going to be.


10 thoughts on “You Again?

  1. its not a great quiz.

    it seemed like a good idea, but then i tried it…

    didn’t feel like looking for something better.

  2. Don’t you think Hadzor would love this quiz though? It would be right up there with “Name the 8 rivers that bisect the Appalachian Plateau.”

    Mr. Hibberd would have loved him some sporcle too.

    Come to think of it, are the geography and history sections of Sporcle really just a collection of middle school pop quizzes?

    I feel like we should handing out bonus dollars for whoever gets the highest score of the day, and that also cryptograms should be one of the sporcle categories.

    That’s three separate middle school references in one comment for those of you scoring at home. I could go on like this all day.

    • Charge! George Pickett! Charge! George Pickett! Charge! George Pickett! Ok, you all have three…hopefully he was still doing that when you guys came along.

  3. I’m just glad I got Gary,In.

    I look at revenge as a factor, but not the end all be all. I do like Boston struggled against Montreal, but I’m definitely worried boston’s defense and goaltending will send the flyers into a drought.

    Huge step up in class this time around so I’m gonna stick with the prediction from last series. Bad Guys win it in 6

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas plays a great game or two, kind of like the Buffalo series, but I don’t see the scoring from Boston necessary to get the job done.

    You aren’t going to hold the Flyers down every night. They haven’t shown any signs of a prolonged offensive drought

  5. boston might win because they so need to warm some bitter sports fans hearts…celtics are a community of oddities up there…so, not good enough.

    boston, also might win cause they have a transgender feline mascot named thomas tuna brady.


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