The Must-Win Scale.

We're At Like a "6" on the 0 to Kate Smith Scale.

I didn’t see much reason to discuss the beat down the Bruins put on the Flyers in game one on Saturday.  When the final score reads 7-3, and Derek Anderson isn’t involved?  That’s ugly.   The Flyers were sluggish and inept, the Bruins looked like they were running out of ways to amuse themselves by scoring fancy goals and we got our 4th game out of eight where the starting goalie didn’t hear the final horn.  Sounds like a Cup winner to me!  The good news is, it was only game one, and the damage isn’t cumulative.  If this was soccer, I’d think we’d have to make up that goal differential, but in this case all seven Boston tallies come off the board.  At least the Flyers slipped a few past Villanova’s own Tim Thomas.

I’m sure someone, somewhere has called this game must-win for the Flyers.  Of course, it isn’t.  In most cases must-win means they really, really should win.  But, if they don’t they’ll still be playing game 3 in Boston on Wednesday.  Should there be a must-win scale?  Should we change the vocabulary?  I think calling a game 2 must-win is a little bit of an insult to game 7s, or win or go home scenarios in other sports.  Especially when teams often lose “must-win” games and then go on to win the series.  You could argue that game 5 in the Buffalo series was “must-win,” except it wasn’t.

So, this game isn’t must-win.  Flyers kitten is still off on a long weekend and couldn’t be bothered to come back to rally the troops for a measly game 2.  Kate Smith should be kept in reserve.  The Flyers will need to save some bullets if this series comes back for game 5 and/or game seven.  I think fans like the notion of must-win, because it makes everything feel more urgent.  It validates their interest.  Well, I have to watch this one, it’s must-win, it’s the season.  Could be, the Flyers will be in big trouble if they lose Monday night, but must-win?  Not exactly.


After binging on Easter candy for about a week straight, and by binging I mean really getting after it…not only did I eat all the candy people got for me, but I supplemented.  Oh, is that a Hershey bar the size of a welcome mat?  F*ck it, it’s Easter.  I was on a week-long chocolate rush.  I decided I have to wean myself off of nature’s most delicious seed, the haunting cacao tree, and along with chocolate I’m going to ban all other desserts until Memorial Day weekend.  So, we’re talking about a month without dessert (I started a couple of days ago).  Is this possible?  Not for you, for me.  How many times will I buckle?  On what date will I buckle?  What will be the first thing I eat?  Will I break down and just start shoveling Confectioner’s sugar into my mouth?  Possible.  The keys will be to stay out of the ice cream aisle at the store, and believe it or not, stay sober.  You can’t be trusted to not pick up dessert in a Wawa when you are a little wastey-faced.  Anyway, if you want to place a bet, or start a pool on this, let me know.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Friday’s Result:  Winner!  Financial Status:  (-470 Silver Dollars)

Big Dub:  Weekend Results: 2-0.  Financial Status:  +30 American!!

Well, it was a 3-0 weekend for the MLB Underdog challenge.  I’m sure this has something to do with the law of averages, but ever since I bottomed out in the negative seven hundy range, things have been looking bright.  Big Dub has parlayed his success into a thirty dollar profit–previously thought to be impossible around these parts.  The question is, how much would we have to win to make it really worthwhile?

Today’s Selection:  Milwaukee (+120) over Atlanta.

This line seems like it should be higher.  The Brewers are going to roll into Atlanta and rattle off a few homers, bring Jair back to Earth.  You heard it here first.


Quiz of the Day:  This Day in History, May Edition.  Category: Um, May.  My Score:  20/31.

10 thoughts on “The Must-Win Scale.

  1. I’m taking Sunday May 8th for the pool, and it will be a form of “Cake”. This includes anything from Entemann’s.

    Am I the only one that wanted them to bring OBL’s body home and string it up outside the White House with a big “Don’t Tread On Me” sign?

  2. Wow, he’s giving me 1 week.

    I can guarantee you aren’t the only one thinking that. I just listened to “sports talk” for about a 1/2 hour and that was the only topic.

  3. I know this Flyers team is resilient beyond words, but I will say they are done of they lose tonight.

    The sad part is I don’t know if they can win this game. Boston might just be the better overall team and there’s nothing the Flyers can do about it.

    Bruins 4, Flyers 1

  4. I say you make it to memorial day. And the must-win mentality is beat into all philly sports fans at a very young age. Any game against werth-must win. Burrell-must win. Rolen-really must win. And that’s another reason why it’s all Raul’s fault. Not a team sport anymore. So I don’t know anything about hockey but I assume it’s the same thing.

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