In Need of Acclimation.

I'm A Polar Bear.

This post isn’t about Polar Bears, but they are clearly the coolest bears.  The Polar Bear habitat dominates any zoo. That is a fact.  If it wasn’t for stupid people, polar bears would have no worries.  Anyway, the post…

It’s hot out there.  Not summer hot.  Not equatorial hot, but it’s flirting with 80 degrees and that’s a little toasty for this time of year.  You know what one of my worst weather nightmares is?  The no Spring scenario.  Every day it hits 80 in the next few weeks I will panic and wonder if we’d had our last 65 degree high of the season.  That’s just how I operate. If you are one of these, “the hotter the better,” people…we will have a philosophical clash.  I don’t understand loving the heat.  Summer is all right, and I enjoy Summer activities, but I don’t love the heat.  People that love the heat are usually skinny too, and let’s be honest–skinny people are prone to bouts of annoying behavior.  If it truly is, the hotter the better, why don’t you take the air conditioning out of your desert oasis?  That’s what I thought…

At the present the increased temperatures are hindering my extensive outdoor jogging program.  I imagine some people go to gyms for the controlled environment?  No need to worry about temperature extremes?  Well, the cold extremes don’t really bother me.  Thirty degrees?  I just won’t shave the beard.  But, 80+?  Apparently that is a little bit of a problem.  A couple of weeks back I completed my 2nd career 5-mile run in record time (they weren’t packing up when I finished this time), and I got to feeling all high and mighty about my jogging prowess.  After all, I did finish in the top 60 in my age group.

But, not long after that run I went out to have my first battle with humidity.  I lost.  Hard.  About 3 miles in I needed a couple minute walking break and then at the end when I am usually running up a long hill I was walking again while people looked on in horror.  Is he OK?  Did he fall in the creek?  I’ve never seen anyone sweat that much.  It’s true, it was a pretty sweaty affair and all because of an extra 25 degrees.  Apparently that makes a difference?  I spoke with my runners support group and heard similar stories.  I’m going to have to break myself back in to this heat. Makes me feel for my friends the polar bears.


Jayson Werth returns to Philadelphia tonight.  If we didn’t have our own concerns it might be a bigger story.  I’m not sure what the reaction is going to be.  I can’t picture Werth getting booed like Scott Rolen, or someone of that ilk.  He did have some less than flattering quotes attributed to him, but sometimes the fans are hard to figure.  They did cheer McNabb.  Werth was never really loved here, so he won’t get the Burrell treatment, but I’d expect a mixed reception initially, followed by lusty boos, especially if J-Dub happens to get a couple of hits.

It could be a favorable night to be swinging the sticks down at Citizen’s Bank Park tonight.  The aforementioned heat should warm things up a little bit, and make things a bit harder on Cole Hamels and “Lucky” Livan Hernandez.  If I’m the Phils I’ve got to be as patient with Livan as possible and try to sweat him out of there after five innings or so.  If the wind isn’t blowing in its usual gale from left maybe we’ll see some long balls tonight, and if things get real wild Raul Ibanez might end that donut hole he’s been riding.  Gotta hope for the best.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result:  Loss.  Financial Status (-570 dollars).

Big Dub’s Result:  Loss.  Financial Status: (-70 dollars).

Not a good day on Monday for the ‘dogs.  I was really disappointed in Milwaukee’s offense, especially after they jumped out to an early lead.  Big Dub swung for the fences with the Cubs (a nice move), but it didn’t pan out.  In some ways I feel like the Flyers, can’t get a leg up.  And, that’s all I’ll be saying about that hockey game.

Today’s Selection:  Pittsburgh (+140) over San Diego.

Shouldn’t have to worry about the Padres scoring too much, and Mat Latos is still overrated on the books from last season.  The Pads will lose his 10th straight start tonight.


Quiz of the Day:  Highest Paid by Team (MLB).  Category: Dead Money.  My Score: 24/30.  

Didn’t know as many Pirates I thought I did.  Everyone enjoy the Voice tonight…


9 thoughts on “In Need of Acclimation.

  1. Only 15 of 30. Much harder than I thought the quiz would be. Let’s distract from this poor showing by revisiting my glory of yesterday. Neville Chamberlain, snitches.

  2. I quit at like 7 and was going to strugglemtomget 10.

    Give me the twins. Jackson effin blows worse than the entire twins team.

    This is ideal weather for me. 65 is a little too cold and 90 is way too hot.

    I’ve never been so disappointed with the outcome of a Flyers game. Not upset with the team cause I feel like they played well, but the end result was a shot the ball bag.

  3. I think they aren’t technically bears. We’re not really talkin’ cute anyway, more like pimpin’

    • i like a cute and pimpin bear, i guess.

      love that lounge position on that one up ‘er…”cool” photo, aka cute pimpin.


  4. okay:

    1, not so nice, but also not so untrue:
    People that love the heat are usually skinny too, and let’s be honest–skinny people are prone to bouts of annoying behavior.


    2, hilarious that your spring is my fall. i panic when temps start to creep low…flip it, and i’m happy as hdoublehockerystix to feel the wave of warmth.


    4, and no matter the season, water is a business persons true special and best-friend. sweat, ice, drinkable, shower…you name it, BFF.

    5, read some article last week saying people should drink 1/2 their weight in ounces of water, daily. so, that’s like 40 ounces for me.


  5. you aren’t alone, running in the heat and humidity is hard to get used to for everyone i think. i actually started walking after 3 miles the other day too.

  6. It was brutal running out there yesterday. I didn’t stop sweating for a good 2 hours afterwards. I’ll take a foot of snow over 85 degrees.

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