Laviolette May Have Lost It.

Knows His Way Around an Orange Tie.

I remember back in Little League we’d play the same kids all the time and you eventually hear the same chatter.  Baseball chatter is not really a forum for great creativity.  You just say the same thing over and over again.  There was one kid who without fail when the bases were loaded and he was in the field would say, “all the pressure’s on the hitter.”  I had that kid say it when I was hitting with the bases loaded and I had him say it to me when I was on the mound when we were on the same team.  Believe it or not, I did face the occasional bases loaded situation while on the bump.  It always struck me as an incredibly stupid thing to say.  First of all, who even mentions the word pressure to a 12-year old?  You might as well whisper, “shank” in someone’s takeaway.  Secondly, the pressure was always squarely on the pitcher (especially in Little League when you can walk 3 straight guys in a blink).  The pressure’s on the hitter?  Well, if I don’t get him out, we’re assuming the position and this thing is over, so if that isn’t pressure, I’m not sure what is.

Peter Laviolette, heading into game 3 of the series with Boston has chosen to play the little league “pressure card.”  If mind games and psycho babble are your thing then maybe you can wrap your head around Lavy’s theory that the Flyers can finally relax now that they’re in a two-game hole.  Apparently, according to our fearless leader and noted timeout taker, all the pressure is on the Bruins.  I understand the theory that the Flyers will play better if they are relaxed and free and easy, but that doesn’t come from being behind.  It comes from confidence.  They didn’t erase the deficit last year because the pressure was on Boston, they erased it because they got game 4, and slowly built from there.  That is what needs to happen this year.  It’s a tall order.  The Flyers are missing Pronger and Carter and the Bruins are playing great–even with all that pressure heaped on their backs.


 MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result:  Loss.  Financial Status: (-670 dollars)

Big Dub’s Result: Winner!  Financial Status +55 dollars.

Well, look at Big Dub.  Beating me at my own game, and handily at that.  Not only is he picking dogs, he’s picking guys that throw no-hitters.  Pretty good way to lock up a win, even if it was a 5-walk, ugly affair against the lowly Sox.  Can you get odds on a no-hitter?  Now, that’s a payday.  There will be more this year.  Ton of bad offense out there.  Oh, me? Just another one-run loss, blew two separate two-run leads.  Just your everyday stuff.

Today’s Selection:  Florida (+170) over St. Louis.

Big Dub’s Selection:  Milwaukee Game One (+145) over Atlanta.


Random Top-10 List of the Day:

I think we’re starting to exhaust the Sporcle quizzes.  From now on if I see a good one, I’ll post it, or feel free to post ones you like in the comments section, but if I don’t see one…Random Top-10 List.  Today’s List:

Top-10 Movies I Watch Every Time on Cable but Would Never Own:

  1. Days of Thunder
  2. Dave
  3. Let it Ride
  4. Memphis Belle
  5. Wind
  6. A Civil Action
  7. A League of Their Own
  8. Thomas Crown Affair
  9. Goonies
  10. Glengarry Glen Ross

13 thoughts on “Laviolette May Have Lost It.

  1. Thomas Crown Affair is a great TV movie. I’d add in somewhere the Bourne movies (mindless, and you can jump into any of them at any moment and probably not even need to know which one it was), and maybe Cable Guy. I don’t think I’d own Cable Guy, but I’ll watch the sh*t out of it when it comes on FX.

  2. Dave is a great one for that list.

    Didn’t Laviolette just say last week that he doesn’t believe in momentum, he believes in desperation? And isn’t that the opposite of what he just said today?

    Perhaps we don’t we agree on what the terms “desperation” and ‘pressure” mean. But I would have thought that “desperation” means “an awful lot of pressure to win right the f*** now.” Not “yeah, win, don’t win, it’s all good, it’s the other team’s call whether they buckle or not.”

  3. I would never actually buy any movie but in the spirit of the post I won’t name movies like Hoosiers or Rain Man.

    Instead from the categories of “Basketball” and “Dustin Hoffman” I will nominate Blue Chips and Outbreak.

  4. yeah…

    outbreak is a pretty good one. pretty much any movie rene russo is in qualifies it seems like.

    i was probably a little hasty compiling the list.

    i’d like to add Summer Rental and Side Out.

  5. is virtualizing accurately, did ibanez homer tonight? he must have bought new bottled water. good for him. goooooood for him.


  6. So will Jeter retire at the end of the year? Or will be stay on for the sake of the $$$?

    Red Sox, please trade for Jose Reyes. I dare you.

  7. A couple days ago I was pondering when I should trot out the old, “SOOOO about Jeter and this 34 million he’ll have left…”

    I thought it was a tad early, even though people are falling all over themselves to play coroner. I did see yesterday that over 1/2 of his hits are infield singles. That’s pretty damning.

    I can’t see him retiring at the end of the year. I think he’d rally the troops one more time at least and try to start next year, then maybe if he’s really embarrassing himself he’d call it a day.

    Bigger question might be, how long can the Yankees play him if he insists on collecting all this cash.

  8. He’s getting dangerously close to the “hey jetes, can you step into my office?” from Girardi I’d assume. Defensively he’s serviceable, but he’s just miserable at the plate. Right now he’s an 8-9 hitter, at best. But he seems to think he’s still a top of the order guy. Somehow his perception hasn’t quite caught up to the reality of what he is, and i have to imagine that will happen soon. Not only are half his hits infield singles, something like 80% of the balls he has made contact on are going to the right side. So he’s not able to get around on anything, and that’s something that isn’t gonna get better.

  9. It’s a lot of money to leave on the table, even for Jeter.

    I wonder what the buy out situation would be, or that might be too embarrassing for him to be bought out.

    He’d either have to quit, or they’d re-work it as some type of “lifetime public service contract” or some BS

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