Flyers Kitten Meets Ed Snider.

Flyers Kitten has a heated run-in with Ed Snider. The language, as you can probably imagine is absolutely filthy.


10 thoughts on “Flyers Kitten Meets Ed Snider.

  1. dubs sounds like the guys at the gym, this morning in radnor…so, it was an intense morning at the gym for Q…she pulled a last ditch effort for the flyers, wore the souviner t-shirt her bro got her this season (never wore it before) says something like, “stanley cup 2011, making history.” is that history with a capital sweep? now, i dont like to stand out at the gym, so supporting a local team and wearing bright orange is not a great idea…but here’s what happened.

    first dude refers to my t, “go flyers, you think they can win?” i say, “i hope so,” he says, “this isnt last year.”

    then i hit the bench press, the trainer next to me says to his client, “yeah, flyers tonight, do or die.” client, “more like deather sooner or later, shot themselves in the foot, bruins are too good. and how did they lose in overtime.” trainer, “well, we have a believer over there in the orange,” and i say, “absolutely.”

    finally, in non-flyers news, i moved on to my next weight area, and i overhear a frequent though above average sexual harassment episode. gym guy, “come over here lady, you know i like to be surrounded by beautiful women,” and then chick says, “oh, you’re kind.” then the guy unravels, “yeah, you know what dogs do when they’re in heat.”

    i almost went flyers tiger on him…

    not really. just laughed in embarrassment for him.

    reporting live from the flyers suburbs this is sister of the former flyers kitten. Q

    • I don’t believe a word of that post, based on the premise that I’d be forced to believe you “hitting the weights” Q. Something about you jsut doesn’t scream “bench press” to me….

      • hahahahaha….ask 3-Putt, i can basically bench press him! and i’m famously known to be able to hold my entire body up in the air. YOGA snitches…

        wow, your theory is a relief…i was worried about coming across more butch than femme bryn mawrter.

        made my day, actually!

        and sadly, every word of that post was true.
        i may complain, i may debate, and slightly embellish, but i am a lousy liar.


  2. what do dogs do when they are in heat?

    um, I don’t think Dub has picked the Flyers to win any game this entire post-season, but it’s hard to drum up a lot of optimism at this point.

    just try not giving up 2 goals in the 1st minute

    • i dunno, is that a serious question 3-Putt, or a set-up. i assume the guy meant, like dogs go humping things.

      did this gym guy think he’d go up to the chick and start dry humping?

      i was fearing that, i mean, that was my image from my poodle on pug sitings at the family thanksgiving. Q

  3. If the Fly guys can somehow muster a win tonight, I like their chances of coming home, getting a win and forcing game 6. And if it gets to game 6, you can sure as hell bet Boston will be feeling the pressure. The “here we go again” conversations will be in full effect. If they can force a game 6, I think they at least give themselves a chance to win the series. Of course that all starts with a win tonight.

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