Some Guy Takes the Trop for 5.8 Million.

Where Was Ace?

An undisclosed genius (read: card counter, cheat, or luckiest man in America) took the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City for 5.8 million dollars in April and he did it on the black jack tables.  If you aren’t really the casino type, this is essentially impossible.  It happened, in part, because the Tropicana has some new high stakes table gaming areas. Poor Atlantic City.  Never an identity, the casinos always jockeying to get a piece of the high-rollers, so here’s the Trop trying to get their taste by raising their limits only to be beaten down with a cold efficiency by one ruthless expert who will now face a lifetime of Rain Man jokes.

It’s a shame that we don’t know this cat’s identity.  Come forward, Sir!  I’d die to see a picture of the guy.  Nothing like a good photo to jump to conclusions about how the guy made his money, if he has any chance of holding on to it, etc. This must be a heartening tale for all the gamblers out there, because it was my understanding that Casinos didn’t really allow this type of thing to happen.  Sure, they might give away a giant progressive slot jackpot, they might take an occasional one-time big loss, but this sounds like a month of steady beat downs.

If this was a movie, someone would have stepped in and foiled our hero.  They would have figured out the scam, politely told him to take his business elsewhere, took his winnings with no consequences and possibly beat the tar out of him.  But, it seems like in real life, you can’t just go muscling your way through the high brow clientele.  I guess the Tropicana has to sit back and hope this guy comes back in and dumps his winnings back to the house.  Hell of an impressive run, who knows what this guy was playing a hand, but to get to almost six million in blackjack is like shooting 63.  It’s impressive, period.  But, my question would be, can he pick MLB underdogs?  I didn’t think so.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Winner!  Financials: (-$680)

Win her, win her, chicken din her.  It’s clear that the gods of gambling do not want me to get to (-1000) and quit this thing, which can only mean I am due for an unfathomable hot streak.  Last night, my Underdog Ponies (Kyle Drabek and the Jays) slipped by the Red Sox in extra innings.  Quite a turn of events.  It took away some of the pain of that Phillies game…

Thirty-second rant:  Are you kidding me Rollins?  I mean, get it together.  And, on an unrelated topic, have you ever run out a ground ball in your life?  Stop pointing at the sky every time you roll one through the infield!  Stop making Roy angry!  And, god only knows why Sardinha was catching last night.  God only knows why he was brought up after wearing out AAA pitching to the tune of .088.  My guess?  He hit a couple of homers last year and Charlie still feels a little tingle from that.  Great managing last night all-around, too.  I wouldn’t trust Charlie to strategize a trip to the Zoo. But, we’re fine, except for the fact the Phils don’t hit Nolasco.

ANYWAY, Today’s Selection:  St Louis (+115) over Chicago.


Top 10 Scariest Birds:

  1. Ostrich
  2. Vulture
  3. Indoor Parrots
  4. Nuclear Reactor Geese
  5. Regular Geese
  6. Swans
  7. Owls
  8. Turkey
  9. Peacock
  10. Chicken

234.   Duck


24 thoughts on “Some Guy Takes the Trop for 5.8 Million.

  1. How are eagles and Ospreys not on that list. Eagles stand like 3-4 feet tall….as an effing bird with talons.

  2. I’ve never really encountered an eagle.

    The Eagle/hawk type bird seems to keep to themselves at high altitudes.

    Ostrich is just an ostrich, but the others here you can have actual run-ins.

  3. hilarious top ten list…

    what’s the diff between nuclear and non-nuclear geese?
    the ones in my corporate center go right for the genital area to protect their eggs. pretttttyyyy scarey. i make them my number one.

    cutest bird as symbol: owl.

    recent shopping in weekly ads yielded this amazing bed set that my future child will own, i dont care about the sex, gender is malleable, remember?

    (pink one, far right):

    i’m thinking about buying it before the week ends.
    always a reason for target.


  4. The nuclear ones inhabit JCK’s golf course in Mass and are unafraid of Aaron “J-BAM” and his umbrella moves.

  5. There are also nuclear geese at the fine Kimberton Golfing Establishment.

    I think swans are underrated on this list. A couple years ago I lived way the hell out on a country road with a bunch of farms, a few of which have swans. Anyway, one day, the swans are all out in front of this farm, and I am driving along, minding my own business, when they swarm the car. BY this I mean that one of the swans ran out in front of the car and threw itself on the ground in front of my car, so I stop, and then the other swans (15-20 swans) run up to the side of the car and start pecking the hell out of it. Nothing you can do at that point. What are you going to do, get out of the car? No thanks. Moral of this story? Go ahead and send them a message by running over the first swan.

  6. good point re: the umbrella.

    that move DOES NOT work.

    this swan scenario sounds like a total nightmare.

    i would have panicked.

    nuclear reactor geese/mutant geese are just some ugly looking combo of a goose and some other bird I suppose.

    i don’t think there is a natural species of geese walking around looking so vile.

  7. yikes.

    there’s a question I never thought I’d be asked.

    I have not seen one.

    it sounds unpleasant.

    look, I don’t like any birds.

    this is basically just a list of the birds I’d be terrified of if I saw them while I was playing golf.

    i’ve never had a problem with a duck. and, they are small. they don’t have giant necks and calves like swans.

      • Oh, i know it well. I almost killed several gentleman with one in Florida a few weeks ago.

        I will say watching the deadspin videos for “worst golf swings” has made me feel infinitely better.

  8. this dose of comments should go in the 3-Putt Hall of Fame. q

    (oh, and you can throw the post in there for context and kicks)

  9. Any bird that gets into your house makes me shit a brick.

    Anyone who takes that much from A.C. is a G.D. genius.

  10. My wife, who used to train vultures at a raptor center, offers the following comments:

    1. Vultures are not scary unless they are imprinted, although they might puke on you, which is yucky, but not scary.

    2. We were attacked by geese on the road in the aforementioned anecdote, not by swans. I stand corrected.

    3. Ostriches and emus are scary.

    4. So are shorebirds, because they can reach back with their long necks and poke your eyes out. When handling them, you should wear goggles.

    5. But she is most afraid of poorly-trained indoor parrots.

    6. Most owls are not scary, but great horned owls are an exception because they will hit you in the back of the head with their talons.

    7. Again, vultures are not really that scary.

    8. Chickens is overbroad. Roosters are scary, but hens are not.

  11. I don’t know if someone who trained vultures (to do what exactly?) is qualified to weigh in on my bird fears…

    and, i have to agree with seven-sixer up there. Chickens have a ruthless gang mentality.

    also, i have no idea what “imprinted” means. a lot of bird vocab floating around in this thread.

  12. STEVIE!

    oh man, i called that one.

    Poor Tiger.

    He is a wreck, in absolutely every sense of the word.

  13. Hi. I like your blog a lot. Just have one little comment about this post. You say that winning $5.8 million at blackjack is “essentially impossible”. That’s not true at all. In fact, people win much more than that all the time in the big properties with high-limit baccarat and 21 tables. All it takes is a big player on a really hot streak.

    Here’s the thing: the casinos and their player development people know that when a “whale” wins in their place, he’ll almost definitely be back soon. So he might kill you one night but then lose 3 times as much over the next year.

    It’s definitely a lot more common in Vegas than in AC. The Jersey properties are all struggling and very few offer such high limits anymore. That and the fact that the Tropicana fired it’s president around the same time is the reason it got so much press coverage.

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