Apparently There are Already Dog Bat Boys.

The Famous Ollie of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

So, it looks like my old, “replace the ball girls with goldendoodles,” idea wasn’t the most original thought that ever popped into my head.  Sure, bat boy and ball girl are not the same job, but the heart of the idea was…dogs on the field. That’s the trump card, and this certainly applies.  I’m not going to say I am devastated.  This isn’t as painful when I saw the guy on TV who made 65 million with a chicken finger only restaurant (my idea!), but it makes me wonder how difficult it is to come up with something original these days.  Pretty much anything you say could probably be answered by some clown saying, “I tweeted that 45 minutes ago.”  It all comes back to Twitter and how awful it is.  But, anyway, if you are ever in New Hampshire go watch Ollie hold it down.


In Philly yesterday there was a lot of press about Bernard Hopkins ripping Donovan McNabb (again).  Today, it seems to be gaining some steam nationally.  Hopkins, the king of Philly street cred, has never liked McNabb and has made taking shots at the former Eagles QB a hobby of his.  I don’t have any trouble with people ripping McNabb, but the context was a little troublesome.  Hopkins essentially said that McNabb wasn’t black enough (he also used the analogy of slaves working in the fields vs. inside a home).  He said McNabb just had a suntan, and was from a privileged background.  It’s a rough plight for black athletes that they have to deal with everything else and on top have to worry about being “black enough.”  On sports talk yesterday they were essentially discussing the same thing about Evan Turner.  The hosts said something like, “he needs more NBA in him,” the point being that he wasn’t hard enough, street enough for their liking. They said maybe he needed a dose of Iverson, or some tattoos.   I guess I’d rather just rip McNabb for his failures as a QB and not for things he has no control over.  Seems like an odd grasp for attention by an aging fighter.  B-Hop should be more topical, and rip the Phillies offense, or something.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status (-$780)

I got murdered yesterday, one of my worst losses and I learned the lesson, “if you can pick against Jon Lackey, do it.” Lackey was just a teeny-tiny favorite, and I went for a bigger return.  Fatal error.  Anyway, the Cubs got all ruffled of feather and beat the snot out of St. Louis.

Today’s Selection:  Kansas City (+170) over New York.

There’s a grand total of 4 games tonight, so I wasn’t left with much here.  Again, the flaw of my grand plan.  But, this game gets me a chance at a big return and a chance to root on Royals’ phenom, Eric Hosmer, who hit his first career home run last night in a Royals win.  He might go ahead and take Nova deep again tonight.  Signs of hope in K.C.  Just wait until that fire hydrant, Mike Moustakas, comes up and plays 3rd.  It’s like the 90s Indians forming all over again (possibly a slight exaggeration).

Speaking of phenoms, Bryce Harper is dismissing single-A pitching to the tune of .396.  He’s got 8 homers, a 1.1+ OPS, and it’s probably time to start thinking, exactly how much can we rush this kid?  Is threatening for a Sally League triple crown worth his time?  I don’t think so.  It’s a great time for young talent in MLB.


Quiz of the Day:  Geographic Names.  Category: Perverted Parents.  My Score: 15/22.  


3 thoughts on “Apparently There are Already Dog Bat Boys.

  1. 4. i’m ridiculous. finally got London to come to my head.

    in other news, nice ball dog research.

    would LOVE to see that in action.

    original ideas. oh, i have them…i just politely call the “mutation from another woman’s genius,” like blogging 365 days of home brewed coffee.

    or wearing mismatched socks because my inner spunk cannot be conditioned into nomalcy.

    i dunno. stick around long enough, 3-Putt, we’re bound to come up with an original RomCom script. Well, at least an originally problem solved script. the resolve is always. barfingly sweet.


  2. Tangentially, it’s also odd b/c if anyone who isn’t black ever DARED to speak a phrase/thought like that, they’d be run off the air, probably out of the country, and possibly killed.

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