Go Ahead and Drop 1/5 a Million at the Bar this Weekend.

10 Bucks for the Heiny Seems Reasonable.

I saw this bar tab floating around the internet yesterday.  It was on some guy’s Twitter feed (obviously),  and it really captured my attention.  Clearly, if you aren’t hanging out at Tryst at the Wynn Las Vegas than you aren’t getting it done at a proper level.  For the curious among you out there: the top line, the 25,000 dollar bottles labeled, “vueve ye 15L,” I believe that refers to a 15 liter bottle of Veuve Clicquot (note the correct spelling) Yellow Label.  Retail price appears to be in the 2,000 dollar range.  Anyway, when Wiz Khalifa says he’s “sipping Clicquot and rockin’ yellow diamonds,” I believe this is what he’s talking about, but I’ll double check with Bernard Hopkins just to make sure.  When I look at this receipt the things that come to mind are questions.  Many, many questions.  I’d like them answered, or you can ask your own.

1.  How typical is this?  I figure it can’t be that common of an occurrence, or else we’d see these receipts more often, but maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe in every upscale club in Vegas/LA/Miami/Manhattan every night dozens of people are dropping 189,000 on a bar tab.

2.  How many people do you think partook in this extravaganza that was obviously some type of Cinco de Mayo bash?  There appears to be 64 drinks, a bottle of Vodka, 16 bottles of Dom, and 4 Magnums of Clicquot.  Is that a party of 16?

3.  Did the guy who had the Heineken throw in 10 bucks?

4.  How does the bar justify charging $8 for water when someone has just ordered 100 grand worth of sparkling wine?  I thought Vegas was about the comps.

5.  Is Sean Combs furious they weren’t drinking Ciroc?  Grey Goose really has staying power.

6.  How many employees split that 30 thousand dollar tip?  Do you even get your hands on that?  Are the servers/bartenders on some type of  slave labor commission?  Is it possible that one person walked out of there with 10 or 15 thousand dollars in gratuity?

7.  Do you go above the 20% automatic here?  Tipping 20% on a $25,000 bottle of champagne already seems outrageous.  Should bar tabs be taxable for tips only up to the first 50 thousand?

8.  And, if you are tipping more, where do you go?  Nearest 100,000?  Just call it an even 200,000?  That would bump the tip up to 52,000 dollars.  Maybe you go $225,000?  Do ballers double it?  Call it $380,000?

9.  All this money on drinks and no one thought to drop a quick 8-spot on a dozen wings or something?  Sampler plate?

10.  Do you think this person could really afford it?  I mean, obviously a lot people could afford this tab and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but doesn’t this look like the tab of someone about to go broke?

What do you think?


33 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Drop 1/5 a Million at the Bar this Weekend.

  1. I want to know who was drinking the two BLs. Unbelievable mark-up on the price of all the drinks. But, $10 for a BL…come on.

    This tab has athlete written all over it and they can never afford tabs like these. Some news outlet (SI maybe) did a story on all the athletes that have gone broke recently. This tab is how guys make and spend $50MM-100MM during their careers.

    With that said I would have loved to have been at that Cinco de Mayo party.

    • Haha! 10 bucks for the BL is a bargain when you compare it to the 25k/bottle bubbly on the top line. You can find that for about $2,500/bottle. They just added a zero!

      • Actually you can find this bottle for about $98.00-$130.00 for a magnum…this champagne is really not that expensive…dunno where your shopping but you should look somewhere else.

  2. # The club maybe opens at 10 pm. That’s the earliest you can be seated, more than likely, is 10:30 or 11:00. And then you order a bunch of drinks and cash out at 11:56 pm? That should say 4:00 am.
    # Only 3 shots of Patron, c’mon bra.
    # Seems like a massive arb between the champagne bottle size prices.
    # Someone had to order pellegrino? No flat water for that guy. And they split the water order into 2 tickets.
    # Two Bud Lights? Way to class it up dude.
    # How much Red Bull are you ordering at $50 a pop. And then one additional one for $9.00.
    # You should never walk into a club sober. Always pre party somewhere else. That way you don’t end up with a stupid tab at the end of the night.

    Though the finally tally is an impressive number, this reeks of amateur hour.

  3. They were probably trying to pick up a couple of girls at the bar with the Bud Light purchase. Like, “Hi, can I buy you something to drink?”

  4. That is really not a bad price point for Patron shots – ordering champagne for bottle service is always a rip off (in “normal” circumstances – in this case, it’s ridiculous). Probably would’ve been better off at that price just ordering 12,000 shots of Patron and a few cold waters…

  5. haha…

    someone out there is floating the theory that this could all be fabricated to get some publicity for Tryst.

    i feel that the randomness of it is a little too perfect, but I suppose that could be plausible.

  6. i’ve heard steak housed in Atlantic City have blind-sided a buzzed male or few…with, here’s a great combo appetizer.
    boom. bill 100 for it.


  7. So I’m still caught up on this receipt – I mean, it has to be a corporate outing or something, no way a guy and his posse roll in and order this at a table – the logistics just dont add up. For example – Nebuchadnezzars of champagne pours 160 glasses each, a standard bottle pours 8 and a Methuselah pours 64. That’s 896 glasses of champagne alone (yes, I looked up the names of the different sizes of champagne bottles – really banging out the billable hours today). Unless the order was “a glass of champagne for everyone in the club” and then vodka, etc. for the table – and even then you’re probably not ordering $950 bottles of Dom Perignon (with glowing luminous casings) – plus, everyone knows Ace of Spaces is where you want to be…

    • we’re really chipping away the mystique here.

      good research on the champagne.

      poking around the internet, it doesn’t look like there is much info or even speculation about it, other than it is probably a tab for an “open bar” as opposed to one party…

      apparently if it was a party, “bottle service” would also be listed on the charges???

      Still, a very odd grouping of things.

      Say it is a large event, only 6 beers got ordered?

      strange stuff.

  8. i’ve come to the conclusion that it was some party or promotion that included free champagne of some kind.

    then whoever was running this promotion had a smaller gathering that took down the tab (sans bubbly), the vodkas, water, red bull, etc.

    otherwise the amount of champagne vs. non-champagne drinks makes no sense.

  9. This pic was sent to me via text friday am from an institutional sales guy at a small cap/mid cap brokerage firm. One of his colleagues had received the bar tab pic from someone on another desk who works with the guy, apparently he had clients out in Vegas with him. So yes, corporate related but not an “outing” as i understand it. Just a little old school schmoozing.

    Side note: the actual order of the BL’s isn’t what gets me. What confuses me is if my tab were approaching $200K and they didn’t give me a few BL’s for free, i’d completely lose it. There’s such a thing as a comp’d drink waitress lady, maybe next time let those slide.

    • well next time you get one, send it along. it blew up the internet.

      someone linked the pic here on LSU and Florida football message boards among other things.

      it was the random talk of the internet.

  10. Pretty much. Google predator’s ball about the Drexel conference or look at the past practices of institutional sales people relative to client practices-which had to be changed. Old school wall street schmoozing of clients there.

  11. You should be ok, it doesn’t exist anymore in its true form b/c it was devised around Milken and Boesky. Complete insanity, but you should be ok, it’s safe for work.

  12. I am wondering if the bar Tryst has this much $ tied up in inventory for one client on one night how much they have tied up on hand for say and all star weekend. $20MM?

  13. My guess is some guy walked into the bar and said “Everythings on me tonight”, OR some bored bartender decided to see how high a tab he can make. I can’t see this being a legitimate bill.

  14. This is Justin Ross Lee’s bar bill…unfortunately it seems to be a normal occurrence for his spending routine.

    Check out his FB account, the pictures will tell the rest of the story.

    He inherited millions of dollars and “JewJets” across the world. I can’t understand the $29K tip/where that ends up, but at that level does it really matter?

  15. Amused that no one said anything about the ONE bottle of Grey goose for $475…. Hmm if i’m not mistaken that’s 6 times the RRP.

  16. This must be legit. Just pulled up the drink menu from the MGM Grand, nearby. http://wetrepublic.com/menu That is a 15L Cuvee of Veuve for $20k on there. So the Tryst bar is just more expensive, but it’s not completely out of whack.
    That is so ridiculous. Kind of makes me sick that someone would thrrow down $200k on a “night out.”

  17. its called PUBLICITY people. Clubs do this all the time to make it seem like all these high rollers come in. Board Room in Chicago did the same thing, faked that some “russian billionaire” dropped $135k inside some shitty chicago club. FAIL!

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