See Everyone on Monday.

Must Be a Playoff Game.

I don’t think I can top the drama or the excitement of the 189,000 dollar bar tab post, so we’ll just shuffle through some official business and be on our way.  A bit of a letdown in sports this weekend after we had the Flyers on life support, the Kentucky Derby, and other things working last week.  This time around?  Well, the Phillies have a pretty big series in Atlanta.  Will Blanton pitch?  What is this rotation going to look like for the next few weeks?  Also, be sure to check out the crowd in Atlanta.  Will the Bravos draw for this one?  The Phils pulled in about 15,000 (reported) down in Florida for that 1st vs. 2nd place duel.  Hopefully Atlanta can do a little better than that.  Attendance down a bit all over the league, but we don’t feel that here in Philly.  We sell out the stadium, panic and bitch about the team.  It’s the new death and taxes.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result:  Winner!  Financial Status: ($-610)

Hosmer.  Called it.  Another home run, and the Royals trounced the Yankees.  Oh, Happy Day.  OH! Happy day. I have a feeling if you have been riding the Royals all year, you might find yourself up a decent chunk of change right now. They’re still not getting a ton of respect, especially with Bruce Chen on the shelf.

Today’s Selection:  Chicago (+105) over Oakland.

Had to go with a small number and the streaking Phil Humber.  Sounds like Hosmer.


Quiz of the Day:  The 1996 Chicago Bulls.  Category: That’s not Will Perdue.  My Score: 11/19.  

Everyone have a good one.  Remember to tip your bartenders (above and beyond the automatic 20%), and be responsible out there folks.  See you Monday.


3 thoughts on “See Everyone on Monday.

  1. You can tell Jordan is an a-hole just by looking at this picture, not giving Rodman (who has a 7’3″ guy on his right side) any space. Some way to treat the guy who took the MVP out of each series with the Jazz.

  2. Credit to David Toms for hitting some good shots after watching McDowell hook shot after shot into the water. Too bad the playoff had to end the way it did. I do have to say I’ve come to the point where I kinda like KJ though.

    Question: Would you rather see McDowell validate his US Open win, or would you rather see him stink?

    Question: Since when does DLIII wear ugly pants?

    Question: The Players . . . what? The Players Club? (Isn’t that the Lenny Dykstra magazine?) The Players Classic? I feel like we’re missing a noun in that name, or we’re just straight copying the Masters.

  3. I saw the ending without sound and Toms looked more gutted than I’ve seen anyone in a long time.

    He really needed a win, his career has gone into a black hole of sorts.

    That said, I have no problem with KJ. He’s always a popular winner, though he really got a gift there with DT’s gorks.

    I don’t need McDowell to validate. I have no interest in him becoming a top-3 player for any extended period of time. He seems all right, but I don’t think he really has that potential. I wouldn’t call his win a total fluke either, he’s been a decent player for some time. He’s no Paul Lawrie or whatever.

    I am a little anti-Euro/Anti-Chubby Chandler Clients at this point though, so if he wants to keep imploding…it’s all good.

    The Players Embarrassment maybe. I don’t know what was wrong with the Players Championship. That is still what I call it.

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