Movie Review, Etc.

Obviously Saw it Opening Weekend.

I was complaining about movies on here a couple of weeks ago.  That was me, right?  It was.  So, I suppose I should mention when I see a good one, offer my endorsement.  Considering the influx of hits I got thanks to the giant bar tab picture, I figure I might send 4, possibly 5 people to the theater.  Anyway, Bridesmaids.  I didn’t focus on it in my last post, because this is the work of a huge studio, is hyped to the point of exhaustion and has fleeting comedy movie genius Judd Apatow behind it.  You were going to hear about this movie without me.  I checked it out on Sunday afternoon and I have to say, it is very funny.  Certainly, the ladies are probably going to feel that deeper connection, but unless you are one of those idiots out there that think women can’t be funny–it’s worth seeing.  Kristen Wiig is very good (and often cringe-worthy) as the main character and the supporting Bridesmaids all do their part.  It’s certainly not a standard chick flick.  The humor is of the physical/raunchy breed just like any of the other Apatow movies. There’s also the standard lull just before the ending, but that’s about the only negative I can pinpoint.  I laughed.  Pretty dang hard.


Did I ever mention on here that I love designer apple hybrids?  I mean, these trendy little apples from New Zealand and other foreign lands have really saved the apple market.  In case you didn’t know this, apples grow on trees, which makes them seasonal.  It used to be the Fall was a great time to get an apple, and every other time…not so much.  I’m a crispness man.  Gotta have it.  If all fruit had the crunch of a good apple, I’d be the fruitiest son of a gun in three counties.  Well aware of what I just said there.  Anyway, I can’t deal with a mealy apple.  Straight to the trash!  What do you do for a crisp apple?  Well, back in the day you ate a G. Smith, snack on some Fujis and that’s about it.  I’m talking top-shelf crispness, here.

Well, about a year ago I got into a heavy apple eating rotation.  I started with the standard Fuji apple, but then as late summer rolled around I encountered the great Honey Crisp apple.  I figured its days were numbered, what with winter on the way eventually, but that’s where New Zealand comes in.  Southern Hemisphere.  Total mind-blower.  They are doing crazy things with apples down there…all crisp and delicious.  The Ambrosia, the Jazz, and just today I picked up a variety called the Smitten.  Who’s Smitten? (waving hands wildly).  So, it now looks like you can go pretty much year round now without sinking your teeth into a god-awful Red Delicious.  I’m telling you, Smitten…check it out.  And, good for New Zealand.  Seems like a hell of  a place.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Friday’s Result:  Winner!  Financial Status: (-$505)

Hey, that’s two in a row.  Pretty rare.  Three in a row is unprecedented, and that’s what I’ll be shooting for tonight. Friday seems like ages ago, but if you remember that was a win over Oakland.  It’s always good to bet against these teams that can’t score.  You are always in the game.  The White Sox jumped out quick and held on, which is good enough for me.

Today’s Selection:  New York (+125) over Tampa.

I think the Yankees are ready to put the old, “Jorge’s Old–WAAAAAH” controversy behind them and end the losing streak.  David Price is coming off a good start I think, but he’s not the kind of guy who is lights out every time just yet. He takes his share of lumps as they say.  New York squashes some panic for one night.  Let’s roll on.


Quiz of the Day:  Second Letter “A”.  Category: Anglish Words.  My Score: 24/26.

Beatable Score!


14 thoughts on “Movie Review, Etc.

  1. 23, but having seen the answers, agree that there is room for someone to run the table here.

    Big honey crisp fan here. Pink ladys are pretty good too, but they don’t hold up as well in the winter, they get kind of cardboardy. I think I’ve seen a jazz but haven’t seen the ambrosia or the smitten yet, will have to be on the lookout . . .

  2. yeah, i’d look for Smitten.

    Ambrosia seem to be over with for now.

    Jazz are probably my least favorite of the ones I mentioned.

    They are good, but not the most consistent.

    Sometimes they are more firm/dense rather than crisp if that makes any sense.

    i don’t have apple vocabulary.

    • I do understand what you mean by firm and dense rather than crisp, and I agree, it’s no good. Pink ladys also go to that firm and dense and kind of tasteless place.

      Vermont apples are extravagantly good in the fall but this time of year, it’s hard to find something crisp and juicy, even among the imports. Sounds like you are maybe getting better offseason apples than we are up here.

      • yeah…

        i think the rational play is just to eat something else, but I don’t really dabble on the fruit spectrum.

        i’m sure the demands of glorious suburbia get us a better product down here.

        it’s almost like the grocery stores are having apple contests. I had one at Acme last week called a Sonya (FAIL) and then today at Genuardi’s I got in the Smitten mix.

  3. I also did not get saga.

    it’s interesting the ones you miss.

    who knew iceland got credit for such things.

      • timing was finally right, flutie’s daughter could cheer him on…

        ra ra ra ra ra ra ra why do cheerleaders still exist except as a form of pop culture cheesy dance?

        but anyhow…go pats, forever.

        gosh i miss pats on tv EVERY sunday (in the fall). grrr.


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