Various Ideas and Wishes.


The picture above is one of the reasons I like to put a temperature cap on my baseball attendance.  I’m not talking about possibly running into the khaki princess up there, I’m talking about getting my own nasty case of a damp undercarriage.  It’s a hell of an embarrassing condition and can strike most anywhere, but most notably on leather couches and at ball games.  It made me think that seat cushions should have something of a SubAir system like you see under playing fields and the greens on fancy golf courses.  Something should be at work trying to counter-act all that natural humidity.  I thought I was onto some type of gold mine idea, but apparently air-conditioned seat cushions of some kind already exist.  We just need to do a better job in the distribution channels.

Here’s another idea I had not long ago.  I was eating some pizza and the grease had really saturated the crust.  Now, I’m no stranger to grease.  People like varying amounts, from obnoxiously grease free to asking for a side cup of grease dipping sauce.  I like pepperoni, which is a grease factory, so it becomes a delicate cat and mouse game.  You can always rid grease from the top of the pizza, but once the crust is soaked, it’s pretty much soaked.  The box absorbs some, but don’t we think it is time to move ahead in pizza box technology?  Couldn’t we have a little something in the box that ushers the grease away from the bottom of the pizza?  The Foreman Grill of pizza boxes if you will?  I guess they are still working on keeping the pizzas hot during delivery, which of course, cannot be done.

You ever come across something you wish wasn’t invented?  Some device that people swooned over, it became mainstream, but it actually makes your life more annoying?  Things come to my mind from time to time.  Like the toilet paper holder.  Easily the most annoying thing in the world is to put TP on one of these things.  I don’t use one, but I know that some people have no choice.  Just sit the toilet paper there by the can, who cares?  Why do you have to thread it like a gosh darn sewing machine?  I know they make them where you don’t have to mess with the spring action, but my question is, why does everything have to have a holder?  I just like putting something down.  It doesn’t need to be holstered.


MLB Underdog of the Day:  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status: (-$710)

Phils couldn’t come through for me yesterday.  I had accepted the loss, but then they tied it in the eighth to provide some false hope.  But, as soon as Baez came in I had that familiar feeling.  I know the baseball rule Charlie was citing to hold Madson back, but with the top of the order up, it felt like you had to do anything possible to just extend your life another inning…which means Madson.  If anyone but Baez was left out there, maybe, but it seemed doomed from the start.  Phils and the MLB Underdog of the day need a game that doesn’t come down to the wire.

Today’s Selection:  Cleveland (+105) over Chicago.

I have no idea why the Sox are favored in this game.  It makes no sense, which means I’m probably walking into a nut punch, but there isn’t any other option.  Looks like every game on the East Coast is going to get rained out.


Quiz of the Day: NFL Yardage Leaders by Team.  Category: That Sport That is Locked Out.  My Score: 79/96.  

This is a time investment.  Got to know your history.  A little luck and some overlapping last names helped my score a decent amount here, but I am proud to say that I missed one entire team.


6 thoughts on “Various Ideas and Wishes.

  1. obviously, i lost my professional work steam about an hour ago (honestly, may have only had a decent 30 mins stretch today)…my point:

    I just like putting something down. It doesn’t need to be holstered.

    this explains a theoretical foundation, i believe, to your interior design style. my style…bins and bags and shelves, oh my! there is a reason why ikea loves me. not just cause i eat all their swedish meatballs.


  2. Link is broken, but I did find the quiz. After all that commitment though I kind of petered out halfway through and wound up somewhere in the 30-40 range, I forgot to check exactly.

  3. One invention that makes my life much worse is when MS Word tries to guess what your intentions are and then autoformats for you. Oh my god does that drive me insane.

    • Oh man that is a great one.

      To quote Barry from high fidelity, “that’s so good it should have been mine.”

      I hate when word does that. SO much. Especially when it guesses outline. No!

  4. i also strongly dislike the 911 button on my cell phone, because it is one more thing to be paranoid about accidentally pressing on a cell. it’s bad enough i “accidentally” get charged for electing the online resources when i just hit the dang button thing while putting it in my purse.


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