The National League DH

Worst Outfielder in America?

I call him G-Load.  I hope he’s OK with that.  Ross Gload is often the odd man out for the Phillies, a guy with 28 at-bats on a team that has given 32 to Michael Martinez.  The other day I was lamenting the fact that Gload can’t play second base.  Are we sure about that whole left-handed thing?  Maybe the other team doesn’t hit a ball to second?  But seriously, Gload is in a tough spot, because the only position he really plays is first base and there roams Ryan Howard.  They’re also both left-handed, so Gload can’t be an occasional breather against a tough lefty.  His rare starts come in right field where Charlie Manuel obviously isn’t comfortable putting him with any regularity, especially when the defense can’t be costing you runs. But, Gload is hitting .321 in his limited action this year, and seems one of the Phillies most likely to hit the ball with authority.  If they get the game in tonight, I’d love to see him getting a spot start.

How bad can he be out there?  Well, we don’t get to see it much, so it’s hard to say.  I think there is some perception that anyone can just go out there and play the outfield, and that isn’t necessarily how it works.  You can certainly hide a guy in the OF from time to time, but I imagine eventually Gload’s lack of game out there would become apparent.  The troubling thing is, Ben Francisco ain’t exactly Roberto Clemente out there himself.  Francisco, on occasion has route running problems, serious route running problems, and much like an NFL wide receiver, it’s an issue.  Maybe Gload’s problems are just running…period.  I’m ready to start him against some right-handers, though, at least until Dom Brown makes his debut 2.0.


Quickly, why is the Redskins QB competition getting so much attention?  Every day I look at a headline declaring that someone else has named themselves the Redskins starter.  Did anyone even know John Beck played in Washington?  And, now Rexy says he’s the man.  Who cares about this stuff?  This is the news during the lockout?  The Redskins and their QBs. Goodness, don’t we all know that Shanny is tanking the season and trying to get Luck.  That’s plan-A for about 10 teams in the league right now.  Minimum.


MLB Underdog of the Day.  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status: (-$810)

I said yesterday I didn’t know what I was missing in the Cleveland/Chicago game.  Apparently I was missing that Jake Peavy was going to throw a 3-hitter out of nowhere.  Second start of the year and suddenly it’s 2006 again or whatever.  The Sox exploded for 1-run and it was enough.  Four or five more shutouts across the league last night, the Yankees went 15 innings and held Baltimore to one run, I bet some people are sitting around saying, can we get these guys back on the juice?  Anyway, I’m getting dangerously close to the kill switch, yet again.

Today’s Selection:  Tampa Bay +135 over Toronto.

I was tempted to take my Cy Young darling Verlander against Boston, but I don’t want to get involved in another pitcher’s duel.  I figure this one might be quick and painless either way.


Quiz of the Day:  Odd Plurals.  Category:  Moose/Meese.  My Score:  18/24

There’s one freebie on here, but even so, not my best effort.


5 thoughts on “The National League DH

  1. All I know about John Beck is he was a pretty skinny kid in middle school basketball but he did a nice job as a left-handed center, soft touch.

    • thats a pretty impressive score.


      now, he’ll take a collar.

      but, at least he’s in there.

  2. I’d like to take this opportunity and make this blog special, to help it really pop in the ratings:

    I’M the starting QB for the Washington Redskins. Period. End of story. Sexy Rexy and Beck are pretenders, they know who’s number one, and it’s the guy with command in the huddle with two thumbs.

    This guy. BK, top of the depth charts for the ‘Skins.

  3. I’m pretty tired of guys like John Beck. Dude wasn’t even close to being one of the Top 5 best QBs out of BYU. Shut up. How many NFL games has he won as a starter? Shut up John Beck.

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