Everything for Your Weekend.

You Should See This in IMAX.

Pretty sick picture, no?  These photogs have so many tricks at their disposal.  This is almost enough to get me interested in the NBA.  It looks exciting.  I feel like for NBA fans these semifinals must be epic.  Dirk is going off, Durant is doing things like this, and in the East it is some version of good vs. evil as Chicago tries to slay the Heat on behalf of all the haters (myself included).  I can’t help it.  I hate on the Heat.  No one is perfect.  I’d love it if they lost the series, especially on their home floor.  I can’t guarantee anything, but there is a chance I will watch the NBA this weekend.  The fourth quarters. Also, in addition to this picture, I listened to Charles Barkley on the Sportsguy’s podcast and he can make anything sound interesting, even basketball.  If you have 25 minutes you should listen.  It’s maybe the greatest example ever of an interviewee overcoming bad questions and still dominating.  Charles is the man.


The Phillies DL situation is getting absurd.  Not necessarily all the injuries, but that in combination with how things have been handled.  Victorino to the DL a couple of days after pinch-bunting.  Blanton gone after two wasted starts.  The Phils have an interesting move to make to replace Victorino.  Dom Brown and Brian Bocock are the only members of Lehigh Valley on the 40-man roster.  Amaro says Brown stays in Lehigh.  If Bocock comes up the fans may overthrow the front office in a violent coup.  So, it seems like we’re looking at a shuffle of some sort.  Someone will be headed to waivers, or maybe it is time to end the Michael Martinez experiment and play without a centerfielder.  Regardless of the move, I can pretty much guarantee the fans aren’t going to be happy with the name arriving in Philadlephia, unless they change the script at the last second and go with Brown.

The series this weekend with the Rangers was probably one of the most anticipated of the year when the schedules came out.  Now the Phillies are playing their worst ball of the season and the Rangers arrive without Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz.  It’s still a pretty big series, just from the standpoint that the Phillies need to figure something out.  They have their pitching lined up nicely, and Cliff Lee will get to face his old team, but it’ll come down to whether or not they can scrape out a few runs.  There’s been some burgeoning discussion about the team’s perceived lack of energy and it’s something that looks blatant to an observer, but is really hard to get a handle on.  No one is going to be especially fired up during a slump, but the Phillies veterans seem to be taking it almost too much in stride?  I’d love to see one of the veterans explode on the team, I don’t think Charlie doing it would have much benefit right now with the guys that are in the lineup.


Golf.  Scroll down.  This weekend will mark Tiger’s last days in the official top-10 in the World Rankings for some time.  At least until he’s well enough to play and have  a couple of good results.  Tiger has been inside the top ten for 14 straight years.  Decent career he’s had, so it seems.  On the course this weekend it’ll be a shootout at Colonial.  Probably some decent viewing to be had on Sunday afternoon.  David Toms is looking like he’ll take a second straight shot at a second wind for his career.  Toms was a bit under the radar as one of the US’s best players for a good portion of the Tiger/Phil era, but he hasn’t won in years.  A renewed dedication and a stretch of courses tailor-made for his game has him as a fixture atop the leaderboards recently.  I never minded DT, it’d be nice to see him get another win. Rickie Fowler, Sunshine Sabbatini and others are lurking as well.


RIP to Randy “Macho Man” Savage.  My wrestling fandom is something I’ve really blocked out of my mind.  I used to love wrestling.  I used to act out wrestling matches in the living room.  Super embarrassing stuff.  I had this old book called WRESTLING.  It was pretty amazing.  I’m surprised I was allowed to have it because half the pictures had guys bleeding profusely from the head, but all the big names were featured.  From Big John Stud to King Kong Bundy and everyone in between.  I can’t say I was ever a huge fan of the Macho Man, but he had some pretty sick game off the top rope.  I don’t know what turned me away.  Maybe I finally realized it wasn’t real.  I once went to see a wrestling event at the Spectrum. God, I loved it.  Wild.

Top-5 Wrestlers*:

  1. Ultimate Warrior
  2. Sting
  3. The Road Warriors
  4. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
  5. Jake the Snake

*My 10 year old self probably has a vastly different list, The Rockers might have been on there.


MLB Underdog of the Day (The Death Knell).  Yesterday’s Result: Loss.  Financial Status (-$910).

Well, this could be it.  To signify the kind of luck I’ve had during this run, the Blue Jays starter yesterday dedicated the game to a child who had recently passed away at a local hospital.  That’s true.  I don’t think there is any more analysis to be done other than somehow I find a way to pick against the guy who is trying to win one for the kid, and I am justifiably on the wrong end, as usual.  One more loss drops me past 1,000 in losses, and I’ll have to call it quits, I think.

Today’s Selection:  Minnesota (+150) over Arizona.

Feels like a loser.  I’m taking suggestions for my next failed gambling theory.  Please everyone, let me know what you think.


Quiz of the Day:  Word Loops.  Category: Confidence Builders.  My Score: 20/20.

I think the first time I mentioned Sporcle I said it can make it feel smart, well here’s a nice example.  Breeze on through, then bask in your word knowledge.  I figure you don’t want to tax your brain too much right before you get raptured.


20 thoughts on “Everything for Your Weekend.

  1. so, 3-Putt, channel your inner WWE character, tell me, what are your strengths, weaknesses, blind sides and superpowers? as you know, i’m so into this…

    nice. and i don’t think i knew about this side of your youth. may you too, end up in the WWE hall of fame. i have heard there is one…


    • superpowers?

      are you confusing wrestlers with super heroes?

      I don’t think I had any special powers at that point in my life, other than maybe an uncanny ability to eat eggo waffles.

      • that’s a good one. i mean, i know this kid who has a superpower for his WWE character of just torpedoing kids around the room. i call that SUPERpower.

        speaking of which, interesting discussion on mike n mike this morning on the hypocrisy of ignoring lance armstrong…while criminalizing bonds. the guest co-host, maybe jaylin rose?? may be making that name all up, had a good point: baseball is a sport of integrity and stats, football no one cares cause it’s gladiator-esque, and cycling – well, just not on the radar to care nor care for the integrity of the sport.

        i know i could care if i cycled, but seriously…i don’t care to prosecute any of these guys, as you know. seriously, i’d like to get a lil more back in my fed tax returns. someday. seriously. someday.


  2. 20 of 20 but only at the last minute. “•Note: Each column is an independent game.”

    Someone who represents another, starting with bic . . .


    Which veteran could actually do that? Do we have to wait until Utley comes back and he looks around and says, hey guys, what the eff?

  3. sometimes reading the directions is the hardest part of sporcle.

    i’m not sure about who would do it…

    the Phils are full of lead by example guys and not vocal leaders it seems.

    They did start playing worse once Utley left for his assignment, but I think that is just a coincidence.

    I think he could get away with it, but I’m not sure who else, if anybody really has it in them.

    I guess Halladay could just give everyone the murderous stare, but that could be counterproductive.

  4. I think it needs to be one of the hitters.

    Why do thunderstorms set off car alarms? Aren’t we setting the sensitivity level on our alarms a LITTLE too high when routine thunderclaps set them off? One went off outside just a little while ago in response to the world’s most ordinary thunderclap, I wanted to slash the tires and say, sorry, someone was trying to steal it and I was preventing them from getting away.

  5. alternate question: has a car alarm ever successfully stopped a theft?

    useless devices.

    I agree it would probably need to be an everyday player.

    but, they decided to change their mind and bring Brown up.

    I guess that whole, Brown, Brian Bocock or waive someone conundrum got the better of them.

  6. Who the ef cuss is Timon? I thought it was Timba. Little did I know I was thinking of Simba.

    Oh well.

    You want a theory? Bet against the Phils all day every day.

  7. gotta know your disney characters man.

    there were a few times I was tempted to be against the phils, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

    you would have had a hell of a last week, I know that.

  8. um, gosh this discussion got depressing. i don’t think the first inning tonight is not helping. hey 3-Putt people at work today were discussing what we’d tape to ourselves if we flew to heaven or hell or whatever non-existent sub-universe tomorrow.

    i’m thinking, i’d maybe tape whipped cream (which would be nice to share, and also can be a meal on its own). um, i also feel like chocolate would be up there. no, i would do without coffee. um, strawberries a maybe. popcorn also a contender. maybe one of those Zap packs. with yeah, i’ll say it, coca cola. oh, shoot. NO, i think, permanently frozen vanilla ice cream (with fresh cookie dough, semi warmed up). yeah, that.

    yep. done.


  9. I do have a special place in my heart for Kin Korn Karn. If you remember way back he was highlighted in my top-10 nintendo games post.

    if this was a mixture of actual and video wrestlers, I think Kin probably slides in right under Sting.

  10. I didn’t.

    I’ve had some mixed feelings. Part of me wanted to find some of these cats and laugh at them.

    But then the next minute I felt a little badly for them. I mean, that had to be a pretty big downer if you had talked yourself into it.

  11. The durant dunk was viscous.
    No comments on the Jason giambi sighting? One would think this may lead to a Jeremy giambi sighting…the phils need some offense, Jeremy is a FA?
    I’m surprised at Tiger’s continued free fall. His will, determination, mental make-up was his greatest asset (or so I thought), and to see his struggles still lingering is surprising….I mean how much longer until Bo Van Pelt is going to be the higher seed in match play vs Tiger? I dont think I’m ready for that. Golf is bordering on unwatchable without a dominant Tiger, and I hate to say that cause I love golf.
    Can Finchem fine rory sabatini for wearing that ridiculous cowboy hat? That hat should only be worn by shingo katayama or a 40 yr old divorcee who is out drunk looking for a 1 nite stand

  12. Giambi can still hit a Kyle Kendrick fastball. He’s not dead yet.

    I remember a million yrs ago when the Phils brought in Jeremy and he was all juiced up and hit a couple homers right off the bat, almost took over the city.

    Tiger has to heal up, then he probably needs to follow the training regimen in either Rocky 3 or Rocky 4. Complete isolation or go back to some muni in Cali and hit balls off mats.

    Then he’ll be back.

  13. yeah, after last week and after giving it all away on Saturday it was a pretty good rally.

    that thurs/fri performance was unreal.

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