Still Here, Lance, Clean Slate, Etc.

A Rapture Bomb.

So apparently there was a little trend over the weekend of posting pictures of empty clothing, just to have a bit of fun with all those Rapture folks.  Pretty amusing.  I have to admit I was conscious of the clock turning to 6pm on Saturday and normally I would not be aware of such a thing unless I was waiting for a pizza or something important like that.  Right before Jim Nantz signed off the golf telecast and I flipped to the Preakness he said, “See you tomorrow…I hope.”  I liked the fake Rapture.  It gave people a reason to throw parties, it was something to talk about, we should have a Just In Case Day every year.  Good times.  I said Saturday I was vacillating between wanting to laugh at the hopefuls and feeling sorry for them, and a couple of days later I guess I mostly feel bad they were had.  I mean, I was checking the clock, but some people dumped their lives, ran through their savings, etc. all waiting for something that clearly wasn’t going to happen.


On the heels of my Jose Bautista post, not a lot is breaking right for Lance Armstrong these days.  I’m wondering if anyone out there still believes that Lance was clean.  Not asking if you care, or you want him brought to justice, but do you believe him?  I don’t believe him, though I don’t really have a desire to watch a big drama unfold around him.  Some people want him to get his, though.  They felt he shoved his cleanliness, so to speak, down everyone’s throat and now they want him to be proven a fraud.  The way it looks to me, it would have been almost impossible to win a bike race at that point without doping.  Prevalent isn’t even the right word for EPO and whatever else.  More like standard.  Lance is striking me as a little Pete Rose like in his denials.  You wonder how long he’s going to hold onto it.  I guess he doesn’t have much choice.


Today in Lockout Fallout:  Ray Lewis predicts a crime spree if there is no NFL season.  I couldn’t quite fully grasp Lewis’s comments.  I think he was talking about society in general, and not NFL players, but with Ray it is tough to tell sometimes. He’s speculating that boredom (?) a lack of an outlet (?) will spike “evil.”  Not exactly sure what to make of that.  The NFL is off half the year anyway, so I don’t see a switch being flipped come September, but if a deal doesn’t get done and you see Ray on the street–maybe go the other direction.  On a lighter note, it’d be a shame if there was no season of Hard Knocks this year.  I guess they have to have training camp, but I wonder with things in limbo if HBO will able to get a team in place. It already isn’t for everyone, especially when you have to follow Rex Ryan and the Jets.


MLB Underdog Theory is Dead.  Long Live MLB “UNDER” Theory.  

Well, I asked for new ideas.  One was to bet against the Phillies every game, and I’m not doing that…yet.  The other suggestion came in from Burnsie over text message.  With scoring down so aggressively around the league, why not start pounding unders?  The Phils have been hitting the under like wildfire.  Well, there are no odds in Over/Under, so it’s more like picking football (maybe a good thing), but it’s dicey business.  Usually you know when one team isn’t going to score, but the other team could sink you, and rooting for unders is not that fun.  But, the sponsors of the site (the conglomerate behind the production of 90% of the World’s donut glaze), have come up with some more money for me to theoretically lose.  So, I’m going to do this for a while.

True Confession:  Part of me believes I can end the year of the pitcher part II simply by picking these unders.  We shall see.

Today’s Inaugural Selection:  Minnesota vs. Seattle under 7.5

Minnesota is hitting .232.  Seattle is hitting .230.  This isn’t rocket science.


Quiz of the Day: Know Your Glassware.  Category: Seriously, Get out of Crate of Barrel.  My Score: 16/20

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone, and ladies don’t forget the new Bachelorette premieres tonight.  Score.

9 thoughts on “Still Here, Lance, Clean Slate, Etc.

  1. I had 13 on the glassware.

    What do you think the TV ratings will be for a Tampa Bay – Vancouver Stanley Cup Finals?

    • Probably about a 99 share in Vancouver.

      In the States…

      Not sure, what kind of ratings does the champions tour get on golf channel?

      probably something like that.

  2. um, what i’d really like to know: if armstrong’s cleanliness is revoked, can we finally do away with the rubberband epidemic? i believe legend has it that his cam created the originals. i feel, i kind of feel dirty owning one. i actually know the guy, his right hand PR man, well knew him…which, putting apples with pears, i feel really dirty right about now. actually, should i ask for a refund on my livestrong sneakers? where does the unraveling end?


    • no you should.

      maybe, like how they used to have ring candy…what about a gaga-esque clip ear piece that has string and a sucky end so it’s like an earring and tongue piercing but the tongue part is candy?

      or um, maybe a steel belt that says hardCORE

      or um, gosh less s and m…

      hmmmm. popcorn 3-Putt?

      wait, i think i have one more idea in me…

      3-D glasses for a multi-dimensional society?? we can start with a blue and white version, side bars say, ACLU


  3. Would that make the slogan “Livestrong” false advertising and open him to lawsuits? Especially since he built everything he has on the belief he won clean and returned from cancer to win clean.

  4. I feel like he’s got to open himself up to some kind of fraud lawsuit or something. I have no idea, but there is almost a way to sue someone.

    he doesn’t take any money from that, though, does he?

  5. Beats me, i’m sure there’s some money he’s taking out.

    How about the guy who sold “pet insurance” to people for the rapture. As i understand it, he told ppl he was a jew so therefore could not be raptured, so if they paid him $XX he’d go to their house and take care of the pets. So these ppl collectively paid him $1M and…..bye.

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