More Polar Bear Awesomeness.

Here’s a video of polar bears playing with dogs.  Now, it is established fact that Polar Bears are very cool to look at, but they also happen to be bears, which situates them pretty much atop the food chain and makes them extremely dangerous. It doesn’t make sense that they’d go all soft and cuddly when encountering these dogs, but that is what they do.  There’s the standard animal guy in the video, the guy that somehow doesn’t get eaten by wild animals every single day of his odd life. My question is, do videos like these just lead to those When Animals Attack videos?  Here’s a clip that has about 5 million hits on YouTube.  How many of those people now think that polar bears are about as dangerous as your average house cat? I know people don’t exactly come across a polar bear in their everyday life, but it happens with other animals.  I just imagine someone seeing a bear and sending their dog off to go play…only for something very bad to happen.  You can’t argue with the adorableness of the video, though.  Just another day in the life for the world’s best bear.


Blog reader and noted Penn State enthusiast Aaron wanted me to comment on the Nittany Lions’ head basketball coach leaving to go coach at Navy.  Now, the obvious question is, why would anyone leave a Big Ten job to go coach at Navy (no offense, go Midshipmen)?  In a long line of serious of indictments against Penn State basketball this might be the most glaring.  I know no one will want to dissect the curse of Crispin brothers, but my question is, why can’t some schools get a program together?  For a long time Penn State ignored basketball, but are they still ignoring it?  If you have one cash cow does it make sense to get greedy and shoot for basketball too?  Some schools pull it off.  Ohio State comes to mind right now. Florida.  Texas.  But, Penn State is hardly alone.  Ever see Kentucky field a decent football team?  How about North Carolina, shouldn’t they be a little better at football?  How about USC basketball?  They tried to go all in, and it was a pretty miserable failure.  Is there not enough talent to go around?  Not enough money?  Are these schools just incompetent? What do you think?


Killing the Year of the Pitcher, One Game at a Time.

I think this is my new quest.  I can do this.  I have the power.  The Twins and Mariners exploded for 15 runs last night.  I would like to take all the credit for that.  The Phillies game may not have been a coincidence, either.  Assigning credit, I’ll say Bronson Arroyo (60%), Chase Utley’s Homicidal Stare (24%), Wind Blowing Out (12%), and Me (4%).  I think this is going to work.  There was only one shut out last night!

Today’s Selection:  San Diego and St. Louis Under 6.5.

Six point five?  Yikes.  You’re welcome Padres fans.


My Top-5 At-Bat Songs (For Me, Not Existing Players):

(In honor of wondering if Chase Utley will ever move off Kashmir).

  1. The Natural ThemeObvious Reasons.
  2. Pulp Fiction Theme–Ditto.
  3. Hypnotize–Because you don’t hear enough B.I.G. in Stadiums.
  4. Shoop–The Part where they say, “Oh my goodness girrrrrl.  Look at him.”
  5. Just Dropped In


Quiz of the Day:  Tom Hanks Picture by Movie.  Category: Not Bosom Buddies.  My Score: 21/25.


6 thoughts on “More Polar Bear Awesomeness.

  1. Kinda sucks that the dogs are on chains. What if a bear turns on one of em? Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel

  2. yeah, i noticed that.

    it looks like the bears kind of roam into an outdoor kennel type thing.

    guess you just have to hope that the fruit loop has everything under control out there.

  3. Um, just watched this again with Lindsay. Very cute, but I think he said they are adult male bears.

    Take a look at the last dog getting a hug from behind by Mr. Polar Bear. Does that look like foreced sexy time? Maybe I know why the bears are so friendly.

  4. haha…

    you have to go there huh?

    I think the dogs are adult male. I don’t think he has any real control over the bears–they’re wild.

    it was getting a little “rough” there at the end I guess.

    but, we got a guy wearing a leather headband. Let’s talk about that.

  5. um, so that video was great. makes me wanna get meself a stuffed animal polar bear, asap. set to scale?? and, in other observations…what’s with the documentarian dude’s leather head-band?


    • oh, i should have read the other comments…i mean, i dont need a stuffed animal version of that dude, thank you very much. q

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