If Bonds Was Still Skinny, This Would be a Big Story.

Barry Bonds has donated money to pay for the education of Bryan Stow’s children.   For those of you that don’t remember, Stow was the Giants fan who was brutally beaten outside of Dodger stadium on opening day.  I found this news at a blog, where they were in disbelief that most outlets chose to bury or completely ignore the story.  Of the big sports websites I visit, only Sporting News has any mention of Bonds’s good deed.  It says something about the negative aura around Bonds, because Stow is still big news.  His family has filed suit against the Dodgers and that makes ESPN etc, but the story of Barry’s charity comes out at a slow trickle.  I don’t need to know that Bonds did this, but it is interesting to see the coverage, because if it was Albert Pujols doing this, Rick Reilly already would have written 5,000 words worth of heavy-handed jokes.  Barry Bonds?  More like Savings Bonds.


Can I say now that on the day of Oprah’s last show that I never really understood why she was so popular.  I understand that she’s famous, but the power she wields is pretty incredible.  She has an army of followers that do whatever she says. Buy this product.  Read this book.  And, everyone would just fall into line.  Is there anyone else out there who could tell people to read a book and then it would immediately sell millions of copies?  Less people would be in Obama’s book club.  I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like Oprah again.  She was the talk show equivalent of the barons who built massive fortunes at the dawn of the industrial age when monopolies were all the rage. Oprah had the monopoly on afternoon TV, and things are too fragmented now for it to ever happen again.


So, the Heat are going to win the title?  Is that where we’re at?  I want to say that it isn’t frustrating, but it is so frustrating. Mostly, because I don’t think Miami fans deserve another title.  Frauds.  The lot of them.  I was thinking about this watching the NHL playoffs as well.  I thought, if the Lightning, the gosh darn Tampa Bay Lightning (in one of the worst pro sports cities of all-time) win a second Stanley Cup in a short period of time while the Flyers fumble it away every year…that would just be the ultimate insult.  Tampa’s chances have dwindled significantly, but the Heat look to be going all the way.  This Dirk thing can’t last, right?


As someone who once wrote the Final Four of Pork, I feel obligated to pass on the information that the USDA has lowered the recommended temperature for pork from 160 degrees to 145 degrees.  Essentially, they are telling you that you won’t get pig flu if your chops are pink in the middle.  Of course, gourmands and chefs across the globe have been eating their pork this way for years.  To them and all new converts, I say, please cook my pork all the way through.  I happen to believe that you can cook a piece of pork through and still have it be obscenely juicy and delicious.  I can’t get past the look of pink pork.  And, the texture too.  It’s not for me.  And, how I hate the disdain of people who think I am missing out on something so great.  I happen to think you can make a really good medium-well burger too.  It’s a fact.  I don’t like the centers of my pork or burgers to be mush.  I don’t care what Bobby Flay says.  Steaks?  Ok.  everything else?  Cook that noise.


6 thoughts on “Blurbs.

  1. well, Oprah is a rare hero.

    i brace myself not to know of a similar one, this lifetime. who knows, ryan howard may stay strong. i heard on b101, yeah, i said it…doctor oz saying what her enchanting gift is…he thinks it’s that she articulates and values the ordinary, but she has an extraordinary strength re: introspection and finding common ground. the latter part, i may have kind of put a Q spin on his words. she also makes going slightly against the grain – classy, wholesome and sexy all at the same time (ie, co-dependent friendships, burger joints, non-wed monogamy).

    but, growing up, i watched her most days after school before i did my homework (after i quit dancing of course). back then, she was also the talk show host who didn’t care who the baby momma’s fathers was. she was a sounding board for me…as a woman who had lived through a lot, and didn’t get woe is me, and was not afraid to be honest and authentic – often. i had a photo of her on my high school wall next to hillary and babs and pete sampras (no clue on that one). and she had/has the type of confidence that few of us maintain, which has allowed her traits to be shared with so many. and like barbara walters, she is rarely afraid to go for a bulls-eye and get you naked. remember, vick backed out.

    that’s it. my soap box is over. my mom’s DVR is ready. i’m gonna miss that beautiful woman.


  2. It’s interesting that Bonds did this after the trial was over and didn’t say anything. Probably deserves a lot of credit for what seems to be a genuine gesture.

  3. what i find interesting is that one thing taints the guy completely. It’s a little like Lance. say he finally gets busted. I assume he still did raise a ton of money for charity and he certainly raised awareness.

    Just because Bonds took steroids doesn’t mean he’s an a-hole in every aspect of his life. but that’s kind of how it unfolds. and, I know he’s an arrogant SOB as well, but I mean come on, welcome to professional sports.

  4. I really wanted the Heat to win it all before the playoffs started. But now that the Mavs are doing there thing I’m really pulling for Dirk.

    I don’t know who I want to win. I think at the end of the day I’m all about Bron Bron winning it all. The only thing stopping me is that I know he will get his and I want Dirk to win one before he’s gone. And since this may be Dirk’s best shot I’m kind of torn.

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