ESPN’s Franchise Player Draft.

Number One with a Mullet.

A little bit under the radar today, ESPN is holding a mock draft of baseball franchise players.  If you were starting a team today, who would you take?  Age is factored into the equation.  I think it might just be an exercise in showing off how many baseball analysts work for the network.   Not sure how they decided the order of the selections, but Karl Ravech got the first pick and it meanders all the way down to Doug Glanville at #30.  Ravech took Troy Tulowitzki with the number one pick.  Tulo is 26, plays a premium defensive position as well as anyone and has production numbers that could make him a perennial MVP candidate.  He’s also been hurt a couple of times already in his career and is the definition of streaky.  The top-10 played out like this:

  1. Tulowitzki
  2. Longoria
  3. Hernandez
  4. Votto
  5. Lincecum
  6. Johnson
  7. Heyward
  8. Pujols
  9. Bryce Harper
  10. Braun

It’s an interesting list.  It’s one of those things where there are almost too many options to choose from.  And, picking one player to start an organization is totally impractical in some ways, but is an interesting debate.  I don’t like 5/6/7 on this list.  I don’t trust Lincecum or Johnson to stay healthy and I’m not convinced about Jason Heyward.  The more I think about it, the more I think I might chicken out and take a position player.  If you’re really wanting to start a team, though, you need butts in the seats, so maybe Harper is worth a risk, or Stephen Strasburg (who went 22nd).

First Phillie taken?  Halladay at 28.

Worst Pick?  Rick Sutcliffe takes Neftali Feliz at 23.

Good value?  Michael Pineda at 27.  That sly Buster Olney.


Offensive Outbursts, The Greek Tragedy, Day 8.  

The Red Sox and the other Sox combined for about 100 runs last night.  That did not go under the total.  I am mired in a 3-game losing streak and my initial optimism has been replaced with despair.  Scoring seems up a touch, though, so it’s not all bad.  Perhaps the scoring drought has been transferred to the NBA Finals.  That’s been an under factory for years.

Today’s Selection:  Toronto and Cleveland Under 9.5.


Quiz of the Day:  Name That Tool.  Category: Hardware, Not Morons.  My Score: 16/20.

Don’t know if we did this one before, they’re all running together at this point.


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