Plaxico in that Old School Maroon and White.

Plexiglass: A Threat in the Red Zone and Also to His Own Thighs.

This photo is causing quite the stir in Philadelphia.  Plaxico Burress was released from prison today and donned a throwback Phils hat for his first interviews.  Paired with speculation from Bradon Jacobs that Plaxico was done with the Giants and would like to stay in the NFC East, the natural response has been to debate the merit of Burress joining the Eagles despite the fact the players are locked out and it’s all weakly founded speculation.  I don’t have a real strong feeling about this either way.  Yes, he was in prison, but this isn’t a Michael Vick situation.  He shot himself in the leg.  He’s a moron who made a terrible decision.  I think we can get past that on a moral level.

My question would be, does Plaxico play defense?  Does he play the offensive line?  Because, that is where the Eagles could really use some help.  At one time Burress was a big-time threat and the Giants certainly felt his departure initially, but I don’t know if he’s a real game-changer at 34 years old after being away from the game for 2 years.  I could certainly see the Eagles signing him, though.  Main reason?  To mess with DeSean Jackson, chip away at his numbers some more, continue to devalue him for his eventual free agency.  Now that, would be a classic Eagles move.  I wouldn’t read too much into this hat, though.  The Phillies, seemingly out of nowhere, have some street cred.


Baseball draft today.  The least exciting of all drafts, especially when there isn’t a Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg available.  The Nationals unfortunately don’t have the first pick this year, so they have to hope that Scott Boras’s latest project falls to number six.  That would be Kansas schoolboy phenom Bubba Starling who has to decide whether to play minor league baseball or go play quarterback for Nebraska.  Decisions, decisions.  Boras, who is acting solely as an “advisor,” would probably like to wring out the Nationals for another four or five million.  How you turn that down to play football, I have no idea.  Starling will have to slip by the Royals at five, but if the Nats landed him that would be an unprecedented 3-year haul in terms of hype.  Pirates (Number one pick) seem to be deciding between UCLA pitcher Gerrit Cole and Rice 3B, Anthony Rendon.  The Phillies don’t pick until #39, and most mock drafts have them attempting to add depth at catcher or middle infield.


Random Question for you.  I’m watching the NBA Finals last night, and I see a commercial for a remake of Charlie’s Angels. They already remade it into a movie, but now they are bringing it back as a television show on ABC.  The originality is staggering.  My question is, how do these shows get pitched?  Does someone go into a meeting and just say, Let’s do Charlie’s Angels again?  Wouldn’t it be more entertaining if the person went through this big pitch:  “Ok, there’s these 3 chicks.  They are private investigators.  Hotties.  They work for a mysterious man who is never seen on screen.  We only hear his voice.   And, every week they just solve mysteries and what have you.”  Then the person in charge says, “You mean Charlie’s Angels?”  And, they agree to remake it one more time.  The second way seems more fun to me.  I don’t know. I guess the first way could be fun too, then you go in and be like, “Let’s remake Family Ties, but have the parents be conservatives and Alex P. Keaton be a liberal.”


Quiz of the Day:  Speed Geography.  Category:  Typing the Globe.  My Score:  44.


8 thoughts on “Plaxico in that Old School Maroon and White.

  1. Pretty disturbing that Plax did nothing but hurt himself and he went to jail for 20 months, and Vick wreaked havoc for how long on an innocent group of animals and did 1/3 that.

    • I don’t really want to defend sentencing laws too much and certainly don’t want to debate Burress’s sentence versus Vick’s, but I will say that I disagree that Burress “did nothing but hurt himself.” It was happenstance and luck that he shot himself rather than someone else through his recklessness.

      • Happenstance or not, who else was harmed? That’s not a hypothetical, he was the only person harmed when the gun went off. He absolutely was carrying a concealed weapon and breaking the law, but other than himself no one was harmed when it went off. So comparing the two you had numerous sufferers versus one person hurting themselves.

      • Again, I don’t want to compare the two cases. But to the extent that Burress was convicted for reckless endangerment, by definition he was convicted and punished for the risk that his conduct posed to other people. He was punished for recklessly firing a gun in a crowded room, not for shooting himself in the leg.

  2. Wasn’t NY in the middle of a crusade against concealed weapons or something? I think they had to make an example of him in some ways.

    It definitely could have been worse, though.

    I agree on the quiz, I guess its about how close you get when you start guessing.

  3. haha, i like the family ties idea. that was remade, once already – though. it was called the real life of evan foster.

    anyhow. i think the whole charlie’s angels is timeless so long as vicki c’s still sells factory built, chinese exploit attire at very high prices…

    the pitch: hot, skinny snitches who act tough. make sure they are not wearing much as they do so…


  4. Phillies select High School OF Larry Greene at #39, a left-hander.

    I’d feel better if his name was Larry Walker, Jr., but we’ll give the kid a chance.

    Uppercut power stroke says the scouting report.

    Bubba Starling goes to KC.

    and, the good cliff lee shows up tonight.

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