Eight Games? (With Tiger Injury News)

You've GOT to be Kidding Me.

My optimism surrounding the NFL labor agreement dwindles by a tiny fraction every day.  This is what happens when you put trust in common sense.  I think the management side is toying with the players at this point, almost sitting back and saying, “How badly do we want to break these guys?”  They’re not flinching, and this 8-game schedule nonsense seems like the latest maneuver.  Oh, eight games?  Sure, we could do that.  Whatever.

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about why an 8-game schedule would be terrible.  It is better than nothing, I guess, but they might as well just have an elaborate 32-team double elimination tournament.  It’d be almost impossible to get any kind of balanced schedule.  I imagine there would be a gigantic logjam at 5-3 for the last wild-card berth, and those teams that start every year 6-2 only to finish 8-8 would be clogging up the playoffs.  This says nothing of fantasy football implications, gambling implications, and the fact we’d have 8 less NFL Pick ‘Em muses.  My theory is, instead of having to deal with all that, just get a deal done.  If you can agree in time for an 8-game season, you can put a full season together. And, if you’re the players, you might as well get 16 game checks instead of half that.


It sounds like the Sixers might be getting sold.  An interesting development that came out of nowhere, and I don’t think anyone knew the Sixers were even up for sale.  The prospective group of owners is led by billionaire Joshua Harris, a leveraged buyout specialist.  Harris invests primarily in distressed companies, and if the Sixers don’t fit that bill, I’m not sure who would.  The Sixers play second fiddle in Ed Snider’s Comcast-Spectacor stable, and the team has suffered almost a decade’s worth of declining interest.  Snider, always a hockey man, has recently tried to show renewed vigor in the basketball aspect of his business, but it seems hollow and the team continues to make poor decisions (with the possible exception of their most recent coaching hire).

The bottom line is, a sale would probably be great for the Sixers.  I don’t know how much interest this group has in actually owning a team, or if they are just looking at it as an investment.  Either way, it figures to be good news for Sixers fans.  If they are looking to buy a devalued franchise and flip it around after a while, you’d expect a commitment to drastically improving the product.  If they want the team longterm, you’d expect a breath of new enthusiasm.  All of that the Sixers need, and maybe the Flyers need that as well.  The basketball fan base in this city is beaten down, but it still exists.  They deserve better.  If the sale goes through, perhaps it’s a step in the right direction.


Rubby De La Rosa.  That’s pronounced like the gemstone.  He’s on the hill for the Dodgers tonight against the Phillies. Should be an interesting sight.  Second look at a highly regarded, somewhat unknown prospect for the Phillies this year. The Braves threw one of their young guns at the Phillies earlier this year, and now they get a look at De La Rosa, who’s done well in LA’s farm system and was promoted to take Jon Garland’s spot in the rotation.  The Phillies will counter with Roy Oswalt.

De La Rosa is an interesting story, coming from a very humble background in the Dominican Republic, the talk around him seems to center as much on his unflappable nature as his stuff.  He offers quotes like, “I never get nervous.”  “I’m not excited.”  I doubt he’s ever encountered anything like pitching at Citizen’s Bank Park (please speak to Johnny Broxton before the game), but I guess we’ll take him at his word until we see otherwise.  I’d like the fans to take it upon themselves to try to rattle Rubby a little bit.  The Phillies don’t have a great history against guys they’ve never seen, but trying to predict what this team is going to do from one day to the next is almost impossible.


Tiger Woods’s golf season is playing out a little like a Chase Utley worst case scenario.  The mysterious injury, the fear of stops and starts, it’s all there.  He pulled out of the U.S. Open today, and if he’s skipping a Major, there’s no telling how badly he is injured or when he’ll be back.  His appearance locally at his event hosted by Aronomink is probably in serious jeopardy.  If we saw him before the British Open, I’d be surprised, and if he misses the rest of the season…I wouldn’t be. Tiger’s inability to get back to the winner’s circle has been one of the most remarkable things in sport in the last couple of years.  On Sunday, during a rain delay, the golf telecast went to coverage from the 2009 Memorial Tournament.  Woods birdied the last two holes on his way to a come from behind win, but the footage might as well have been from 1999.  It was like watching a different person.  Bad news for golf, the people at Congressional, and Stevie Williams (guy can’t buy a bonus check these days).  I guess, see you when we see you, Tiger.

Quiz of the Day:  Which Day of the Week?  Category:  1 in 7 Chance.  My Score: 28/35.  

You can guess, but only once.  Crafty Sporcle, always making advancements.  I don’t know Thursday very well as it turns out.


9 thoughts on “Eight Games? (With Tiger Injury News)

  1. It doesn’t leave me too optimistic about the watchability of the open this year, but I guess you never know what’ll happen.

    i can’t come up with many real enjoyable storylines in my head at the moment, unless Rory wants to choke another one away.

  2. Bethpage I could tolerate actually because I thought Duval was going to win for a minute.

    I’m trying to think of my top-3 worst Opens in recent memory starting after the gold-standard of awful, Steve Jones in 1996.

    1. Michael Campbell. Retief Goosen supposed to be on a victory lap for a 3rd win and shoots 9 billion. Jason Gore shoots 9 billion and 1. Somehow we’re left with Michael Campbell

    2. Retief at Southern Hills. Awful leaderboard, especially at that moment. Goosen an unknown commodity, then the array of missed 2-footers/abortions on 18 by Cink and Company that led to the least exciting playoff of all-time.

    3. Tiger 2000. The tournament was over on Friday. It’s only so interesting to watch Tiger dominate the field by this much. It was basically unwatchable unless you are a Tiger die-hard.

    • I would add Angel Cabrera’s win at Oakmont as well. He has since validated quite a bit but at the time I didn’t know who he was, and the tournament was a total crapfest. At the time it seemed like a reenactment of Paul Lawrie winning at Carnoustie. Totally exciting course and then . . . ick.

  3. cbs sports had an interesting article about the 8 game schedule and how you wouldn’t have a watered-down playoff. Obviously I don’t want a small schedule, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad as I initially thought.

    Worst US Open memory (not tournament)

    Lee Janzen winning twice
    Michael Campbell winning
    Monty not winning (I was rooting hard for him to win at Winged Foot)
    Payne Stewart in a effing divot (see Lee Janzen)
    Corey Pavin and anything associated with him. Rip another 4 wood 205 you twerp.

  4. 8 games just seems too small a sample. i feel like one fluke team a conference and one slow starting team will miss per conference. i guess there will be more motivation to bring it from the beginning, but look at the Packers last year, they certainly didn’t have it together af the midway point.

    Bad endings are definitely different than bad tournaments. No question Lee Janzen at Olympic was the worst ending ever. That was my nightmare. I still cannot believe his ball fell out of the tree. It was the worst combination of bad luck for one guy and good for another I’ve ever seen. The ending at Winged Foot was bad too, because Ogilvy super backed into it.

  5. I know you’re up on the latest Bryce Harper news… I just watched the video of him blowing a kiss to the picther and I need to know what’s up with his mustache? Is that a Hitler mustache? Or just a bad regular stache? Does he have a soul patch in there too? I’m getting concerned.

  6. I badly wanted to post that video yesterday, but I thought maybe not everyone was as into Bryce Harper as I was. If you haven’t seen it:


    In short, he homers and makes a smoochy face at the pitcher around 3rd. It’s pretty wild.

    I believe, from seeing other shots, that his mustache is simply a really bad/spotty regular stache. His whole facial hair situation is a disaster and he’s got the Tulo haircut kind of too.

    I told BK yesterday, he’s basically turning into Jack Parkman from Major League 2, which isn’t a great movie, but is the perfect reference as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure he’s been the villain his whole life. It’s only natural.

    Also, I think he’s incredibly bored. He dominating, move him up. The only way he can keep himself entertained right now is to try to grow a mustache and be an even bigger donkey than he already was.

    what a hack, though. oh, my.

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