I’ll Try It.

Not A Big Seller at the Bank.

The Dodgers are going to beat the Phillies tonight.  There’s really no way around it.  The Phils are locked in a bad stretch where they’ve dropped consecutive series to sub-.500 teams, and I expect that will continue tonight.  Nothing is really lining up in the Phillies’ favor.  A look…

1.  The Phils are coming off one of their sloppiest efforts of the year.

2.  Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are not the in starting lineup.

3.  Fans are calling for Cole Hamels to hit ahead of Michael Martinez tonight.

4.  The Phillies haven’t homered in June.

5.  Hiroki Kuroda makes a living off the Phillies.  He nearly no-hit them last summer.  His career numbers are 2-0 with a .68 ERA in 26 and 2/3  innings pitched.   He’s allowed a total of 7 hits over that span.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.


Quiz of the Day:  Make a Name.  Category: Compound Word Names.  My Score:  32/34. 

Gotta take your time, read the instructions.


Parting Shot, Question of the Day:  Why does the ice cream inside an ice cream bar taste better than regular ice cream? You know when you bite into a Klondike, or a Dove Bar or something along those lines and the ice cream inside is somehow creamier than your standard ice cream?  How does this happen?  Is it a taste bud illusion?  Does the chocolate shell create some type of ice cream incubator?  Is it some chemical they add to supplement the shelf life?  All I know is Klondike ice cream is not the same as regular ice cream.  And, that blows my simple mind.

Oh, and look at this side of beef the Cubs took in the 2nd Round.


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