Kyle Kendrick: Innings Eater.

You Can Almost Forgive This Picture.

Kyle Kendrick just went 7 strong innings for the Phils in the first half of a day-night doubleheader.  Will they have the audacity to bring him out for the 8th?  Perhaps.  The Phillies are leading 8-1, thanks to a 6-run outburst in the third that seems to have broken the Marlins’ spirit.  Things are not going well for Florida right now, hopefully that will continue tonight when I head down to the stadium to catch the night-cap.  The Kendrick thing is interesting to me, because even though no one will confuse him for a top-line starter, he certainly has found a role he can contribute in for this team. Did you ever think there would be a day when Kendrick was only the 4th or 5th most disliked Phillies pitcher?  Hard to believe, Harry.  I don’t think Kendrick will ever live down that picture, though, and he’ll be jumped on at the first sign of trouble for the remainder of his career in Philadelphia.  That’s just the way some guys get treated.  If he was Jamie Moyer, we’d be dusting off the Hall of Fame argument for tomorrow’s paper.

This is a pretty big series for the Phillies when you really look at it.  You have the sinking Marlins coming in looking to get buried, and the Phillies had won three straight with a brutal road trip on the horizon.  Three out of four seemed like a must, but barring a disaster in the next 1/2 hour, it’ll be tough to not be thinking sweep with Roy going tonight and Vazquez pitching tomorrow afternoon for the Fish.  I’m going to say that I’m still all right with 3 of 4, it’ll keep the Braves at bay, and we can worry about Pineda and King Felix when we get to them.  If you are trying to predict when the suddenly hot Phillies bats might cool again, that beastly tandem might be candidates to do the job, but at least they aren’t slop throwing lefties.


So, there’s a lunar eclipse tonight, if you happen to be in the Southern hemisphere, or something?  I don’t know the details. Anyone want to shoot down to South Africa real quick to check it out?  I have to say I could not care less about an eclipse. Once you know what is happening, doesn’t that kind of take all the fun out of it?  Oh, the Earth’s shadow is crossing in front of the moon.  OOOhhhh-Ahhhhh.  Isn’t this like going to sit on a mall Santa’s lap as an adult?  The jig is up.  We all know where the moon went.  I guess some people like to get riled up for these things.  Not this guy.  The moon in any capacity can only hold my attention for a few seconds, and that’s only when it is a big mamma-jamma full moon.  Still talking about the celestial body by the way…I was going to try to think of a list of things that I don’t care about that other people do, but I think it might just be eclipses.


Oh, god.  Romero’s in.  Hang on for dear life.  Speaking of lists, maybe we should do a weekly non-power poll re-hashing my five tickets to Allentown blog of yesteryear.  Here’s the 5 guys right now who I’d say the Phillies fans want to ship out-of-town the most (apologies to the Francisco haters).

  1. J.C. Romero
  2. Michael Martinez
  3. Dane Sardinha
  4. Danys Baez
  5. David Herndon


Quiz of the Day:  US/UK Words.  Category: The What Now?  My Score: 33/45.


12 thoughts on “Kyle Kendrick: Innings Eater.

  1. haha….zero chance?

    The Mets are playing pretty well right now, and if they keep it up, they’ll have some tough decisions to make at the deadline.

    they’ll probably look to dump some salary for prospects, but wright isn’t likely to be one of the guys.

    unless the team completely collapses financially, wright is probably stuck there.

    plus, we like Polly.

    • SI has a great quote from Luongo tapping some reporter on the shoulder and going “you still believe in me, right?” Hmmm, not a confidence builder Bobbo.

  2. you are throwing around “great” pretty liberally there. I said in the post he’s found a role where he can contribute. the other stuff is just a joke or two, nothing personal.

    let’s be honest, though, the guy is an average ML pitcher at best. Like I said, he’s contributing, but the only thing he’s great at is being the 10th or 11th pitcher on a staff.

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