They’re Called Greens for a Reason.

The US Open Brought to you By UPS.

I’m watching the US Open right now and Phil is thinking about imploding.  With a partially obstructed backswing, Phil is attempting to hit a driver with a giant slice out of the rough.  He pulls it off (?), which by my definition means he didn’t cold top it.  The ball lasers into the rough on the other side of the hole, and Phil continues his comprehensive tour of the grounds.  Phil’s over-thinking might be the lead story of day one so far.  He’s already hit the water with his opening tee shot, hit one block/shank into the hay with his specially tweaked driving iron, and he’s currently grinding away at the par-5 16th sitting at 2-over for the event.  What else is happening?

The greens look terrible.  Especially in HD.  We’re so conditioned to seeing perfectly hued greens on tour that any brown tinge makes people assume the grass is dead and they’re rolling terrible.  That isn’t necessarily the case.  The surfaces seem to be running all right, but there are some choppy areas around the holes.  I’m not too optimistic about the shape they’ll be in on Sunday at this point.  The question is, will the players grin and bear it, or will they downshift smoothly into spoiled brat mode and start complaining?  I’d expect a nice mix.  It’s not a U.S. Open if someone doesn’t go off half-cocked ripping the course set-up.

Y.E. Yang, aka “The Yanger,” has the early lead in the clubhouse at (-3) 68.  He’s joined by a Molinari brother, and a couple other dozen guys under par.  It doesn’t look right now that anyone will get much deeper than 3, or 4 under, which likely means the USGA will get their wish of a winning score right around level par.  Plenty of big names off to decent starts, and it’s really too early to even attempt to shake things out.  My pick, Angel Cabrera, shot even par 71 for the opening round. A few favorites have put themselves in a position where they need a rally.  Lee Westwood (75), Jim Furyk (74), Adam Scott (74), Martin Kaymer (74) and Luke Donald (74) already find themselves a half-dozen shots back.  To close it out, in an interview, Davis Love III just called the greens “bumpy,” and “not good.”


Two-hitter?  Two-hitter.  Cliff Lee just finished off a 2-hit shutout of the Marlins, and it might be time for one of our commenters here to cancel the rest of Florida’s season.  They’ve lost 14 of 15.  Oh my.  The streak has actually dropped them into last place, 11.5 games behind the Phillies.  Two weeks ago, they were Philadelphia’s closest competition.  At the game last night, we were talking about how it was a little surprising Florida hadn’t packed it in, especially with Halladay on the mound.  Well, today I think Florida just went through the motions.  Cliff Lee was great, but the Fish weren’t offering much resistance.  The Phils ended a streak of games of scoring more than 3 runs, by managing just 3 against Javy Vazquez, but with 10 hits and a Howard homer it wasn’t the type of game the Phils have struggled through for a good portion of the year.  The result pushes the Phillies win streak to 7 games, they finished off a 9-2 home stand, and now get the pleasure of flying to Seattle.  Tough 6-game trip coming up.


I’m going to fire up the grill this weekend.  Kind of commandeered my own version of a grilling cabin.  Anyway, it’ll be my first time manning the tongs and spatula this season.  I’ve got a pretty good menu in mind, but if anyone has stumbled upon any recent grilled delectable and wants to fill me in, please do.  And don’t say I should grill fruit, or some such horse bleep like that.


Quiz of the Day:  TV Show Opening Credits.  Category:  Pre-DVR Phenomenon.  My Score: 18/24.


2 thoughts on “They’re Called Greens for a Reason.

  1. Yeah, poor JC. I just saw that.

    They’ll be a shake-up in the bottom five for sure.

    who’s going to claim him, if anyone, is the real question.

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