Phillies Bandwagon Quiz

Start Counting From Negative One.

The Phillies are more popular than they’ve ever been.  There are a number of numerical ways to prove this.  Their TV ratings are higher than they’ve ever been.  Their revenue is at an all-time high.  Look at attendance.  In 1980, a team that had won 3 division titles in 4 years and was on its way to the World Series barely filled more than half the Vet every night, drawing about 32,000 fans on average.  The Phils do about 40% better than that now, selling out every single home game.  You can even go to the streets and see a sea of people walking around in Phillies gear.  It’s great to have all this attention, but with such a jump in interest, it’s inevitable that a decent percentage of these people are bandwagon.  This isn’t a crusade against bandwagon fans, just accepting the facts for what they are.  I decided to put together a little test so that you can check to see if you are a bandwagon Phillies fan.

Section One: Penalty Points.

Subtract One Point For Each of the Following:

1. You own a shirt or hoodie with “ILL” on it.

2. You have a driver’s license, but never went to the Vet for a Phillies game.

3. You think the Vet is where you take your sick dog.

4. You save your rally towels.

5. You like the Sunday afternoon jersey.

6. All of your Phillies gear is pink.

7. You wait in the crab fries line.

8. You only know one way home from the stadium.

Section Two: Multiple Choice. 

One Point for each correct answer.

1.  Dan Baker is:

a. Phillies PA announcer

b. The Original Philly Phanatic

c. Nick Leyva’s pitching coach

d. Nick who?

 2.  Mike Schmidt hit his 500th home run against:

a. Atlanta Braves

b. Chicago Cubs

c. Pittsburgh Pirates

d. New York Mets

3.  Von Hayes was traded to the Phillies from what American League Team:

a. Cleveland Indians

b. Detroit Tigers

c. Texas Rangers

d. Milwaukee Brewers

4. On June 11th, 1985 the Phillies beat what team 26-7:

a. Chicago Cubs

b. St. Louis Cardinals

c. Atlanta Braves

d. New York Mets

5.  The seats in the 700-Level before the whole stadium went blue were what color:

a. orange

b. yellow

c. brown

d. red

6.  John Russell, Steve Lake, and Bo Diaz all played which position:

a. 1st Base

b. 3rd Base

c. catcher

d. centerfield

 7. Before moving to Bright House Field, the Phillies played Spring Training games at:

a. Jack Russell Stadium

b. Pinellas County Stadium

c. Memorial Stadium

d. Connie Mack Stadium

8.  Which player led the 1980 Phillies in stolen bases:

a. Larry Bowa

b. Bob Dernier

c. Mike Schmidt

d. Lonnie Smith

 9.  The Phillies traded what member of the 1993 NL Champs for Bobby Abreu:

a. Dave Hollins

b. Curt Schilling

c. Kevin Stocker

d. Wes Chamberlain

10.  Which pitcher did not start an Opening Day in the 1980s

a. Bruce Ruffin

b. Floyd Youmans

c. Steve Carlton

d. Shane Rawley

11.  The Phillies bench coach in 1980 was:

a. Pat Corrales

b. Mike Ryan

c. Paul Owens

d. Bobby Wine

12.  Richie Asburn wore what number:

a. 0

b. 9

c. 7

d. 1

13.  Which of the following was not a Phillies 1st Round Draft Pick:

a. Jeff Jackson

b. Gavin Floyd

c. Jimmy Rollins

d. Tyler Green

14.  In his classic skit, the Phanatic crushes the opposition’s helmet with:

a. A Tamper

b. His 4-wheeler

c. His Foot

d. A bat

15.  Which Pitcher had the Phillies’ first no-hitter at Veterans Stadium

a. Steve Carlton

b. Tommy Greene

c. Terry Mulholland

d. Kevin Millwood

Answers in the Comments.


 >2 points: Stone Bandwagon.  You watch the games from McFadden’s

3-5 points: Bandwagon, but you pick stuff up on Sports Talk.

6-9 points: You can blend, but may have a CHOOOOOCH shirt

10-14 points: Congratulations, you are not a fraud

15 points: You may be related to a Phillie


11 thoughts on “Phillies Bandwagon Quiz

  1. Good quiz, squarely in the old-timer camp here. I remember listening to Terry Mulholland’s no hitter on the radio. Also, why was the orange, red, brown and yellow combination so popular in the 1980s? I remember this being the color scheme not only for the Vet but also for many fast food restaurants, most specifically, Roy Rogers.

  2. well, since it’s the day for wikipedia, apparently the colors at the vet were meant to mimic a fall day.

    not sure how that worked out. and, no mention of roy rogers.

  3. a solid score.

    i’m taking some heat on the sunday jersey front. so, if you lost one there, some people might give you a -11, not me, but some people.

  4. When you were talking about lack of bench depth, was that a subconscious plea for the immortal Wily Mo Pena who went deep yesterday?

  5. I am ashamed to admit that I did not know Wily Mo was back. In the last few minutes I have remedied that by watching his titanic blast from last night.

    I can say this: He’d fit right in with the Phillies lineup. And, he’d easily have the most right-handed power on the team.

    The whole right-handed bat thing is a tough topic, because to address it, you have to admit that adding Josh Willingham would probably be a vast upgrade for this team, but deep down I’d like to think the Phillies are good enough that they don’t need another .240 hitter.

    How about that clutch hit by my boy Gload last night, though? In the end it meant nothing, but at the time, money.

  6. this is hilarious, but i’m gonna say – reminds me a slight bit of this months are you a bleep in GQ? speaking of which, G, what did you think of that rorshach?

    well, i don’t need to take a quiz to know i am a bad fan with a good heart.


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