The Most Lacrosse-y Lacrosse Announcer Who Ever Lacrossed.

I’m pretty sure if Biggie was still around to hear this he might pull a Dave Chappelle and disappear to Africa for a moment. If you don’t find the announcing in itself funny, how about the kid named, “Shack” Stanwick? What are the chances this is a private school? Although, the field is real grass. Someone needs to pump up their endowment.

Other places you might hear some Biggie? How about coming from Bryce Harper’s truck. He’s an environmentalist.

I Believe those are Factory Tens.


15 thoughts on “The Most Lacrosse-y Lacrosse Announcer Who Ever Lacrossed.

  1. Ahhh, the inimitable Boys’ Latin (BL). Gotta love those muurrr-land guys. I think the kid Stanwick is the brother of Steele, junior at UVA.

  2. Come on Gross, get in the know. And you call yourself a blogger…..

    Seriously though, horrible use of a biggie phrase and waaayyyyyy too long.

  3. Everytime I try to get into high school lax, I get bogged down in the differences between the Baltimore and Long Island haircuts and I have to pack it in.

    • Speaking of haircuts…

      I was on the putting green yesterday and some clown from merion was talking to his caddy and said the following, “Yo, I just took a picture of my flow last night and it’s crazy how long it is now.”

      He went on to talk about his flow, which after a while I picked up on as being hair. He said his flow made him look like Benjamin Franklin and when he compared his picture to his picture in college he thought he should cut it because it’s even longer than he thought.

      To make matters worse he and his caddie each had on black tube socks with the Nike swoosh and matching adidas shoes.

      The kid then went on to bitch about his college roomate blacking out and pissing on his rug. He said something like, “It’s tough when you have a test on Thursday and your roommate is pissing on the carpet the night before.”

      I mumbled to myself, “Well, if you weren’t such a pu$$y you’d be out drinking with him.”

      • was he in a flat brim?

        he should be out partying, because if he’s a member at merion his college grades ain’t gonna really matter, if you know what i mean.

  4. Nah, the LI kids have distinctly different haircuts. Plus very different playing styles.

    You gotta love this assessment of Jimmer: If he goes to the right team, people are going to say, “Wow, I can’t believe we passed on him.” He’s a rich man’s Dan Dickau.


    • I thought everyone was agreed that we’ve been through this before with Adam Morrison, and that there was no way Jimmer was going to be good as a pro?

      • is he worse than JJ Redick?

        I do love the phenomenon that every year the white players are only compared to other white players.

        of course, with Jimmer, there’s really nowhere else to go. maybe that should be a criteria: does this guy remind you of any black guy in the NBA?

        Maybe he’s the white Lou Williams.

      • I would compare him to Stephen Curry in terms of style of play. But I rate Jimmer as worse than Curry both offensively and defensively. Again, not sure how he will get a shot off. And maybe he’ll play more defense in the NBA (?) but he didn’t even try at BYU.

  5. So I’ve been looking over the brackets for the College Baseball World Series (go ‘hoos), and it seems like the perfect structure to apply to College Football. How has no one brought this up? You take the top 8 teams (BCS teams?), put them in a double elimination tourney, play one game a week, and at most, it takes 6 weeks to get a definitive champion (with a single game as opposed to best of 3 for the final). Maybe have 4 teams at each venue so there is 2 games per “bowl” each weekend. Done.

    And anytime you can work Biggie lines into anything, I say do it

    • I still say you take the 11 conference winners and they get automatic bids and then 5 at-large bids and you play a 16-team tourney with the lowest seed hosting the game until you reach the final four where it’s played on a neutral field.

      This allows the mid-majors a chance to get into the dance and it also silences those who say the regualr season means so much. If winning the conference title gets you an at-large bid then best believe games like LSU vs. Georgia or Ohio St. vs. Penn St. will still have a ton of importance.

      And if each conference wants to have a championship game, go for it. It’s their call how thye want to crown a champion.

  6. I’m for any tournament. I guess the concept of double elimination doesn’t really exist in football because of the time off between games. It’s always one and done. Obviously anyone who has ever played beirut knows that a double elimination is the most fair way to solve something, but when you are talking about a college football playoff fairness and practicality go right out the window.

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