Becquette vs. Leigh (AKA, Mother Lovin’ Throws a 2-Hitter).

Lee is the Eagle on the Left. I think.

I was going to write something about the game tonight earlier in the afternoon, but I decided against that, and instead I am going to slowly melt into a live commentary of the game starting at exactly 7:05 pm.  I have to say, people are really excited about this series.  It’s dominating on the radio, and all our insecurities are shining through.  Before I pop back in a couple of hours, I encourage anyone who would like to share their thoughts, bring up a topic, whatever you’d like.

The biggest Phillies news of the day was Ryan Madson heading to the DL.  Madson will be eligible to come off on the 4th, but I guess it got to the point where they couldn’t afford to be short an arm in the bullpen especially considering Contreras went back on the DL recently as well.  The Phillies bullpen is suddenly thin, and if they got into a 3-inning situation it would likely be Herndon/Stutes/Bastardo.  Not exactly how they drew it up in March.  Hopefully Cliff won’t tax the bullpen too much.  For something to chew on, the Phillies are a very modest (-135) favorite tonight.  Nervous!  And the over/under is set at 7 runs.  Still can’t sniff 6.5.  Maybe on Thursday.

All right, back at 7pm-ish.

Quiz While You Wait: Historical Travel Posters.  Category: Stereotypes.  My Score: 19/20.  

Not our most rigorous, I gave up on guessing the last one.


All Right, Let’s Do This:

I’m ready to go.  I’ve made myself a roast beef sandwich.  I’ve got an American beer in front of me and some pretzels as well if the mood strikes.  This game has pitcher’s duel written all over it, but who knows.  Smart money’s on the over?

Before we get started, do you know who should be one arrogant S.O.B.?  The guy that first flavored mayonnaise.  What a simply genius move that was.  I’m rocking some Chipotle Mayo right now.  It’s a delight.  There’s a restaurant in Paoli that has horseradish mayo on their roast beast sammy.  Oh my.

If any Phillies fans out there sold their tickets to people from Boston they should be ashamed of themselves.  I know the prices were ridiculous, but have some pride.  I’m sure you could find some bandwagon, yuppie Phillies fan to take the tickets.

Lee gets Ellsbury on two pitches.  Perfect game intact.  I’ve got to get to my sandwich.  Pedroia out on one pitch.  Now, I guess I’ll wait to see what Adrian does before I gorge myself.  Slow roller to 2nd, 1-2-3 inning on five pitches.  American League lineup?  Not impressed.

Phils have some decent numbers off Beckett, but I imagine most of those were compiled years ago.  They go fairly quietly in the first.  A routine running catch from Ellsbury reminds me of how good the A’s outfield looked over the weekend.  A visual reminder of how little ground the Phillies cover in the outfield (even with Shane Victorino).  Way too many balls drop out there for how small the park is.  Dueling perfect games!  48 outs to go.

Darnell McDonald, starting leftfielder, is hitting .109.  Maybe Carl Crawford isn’t having that bad of a year.

From the obvious department, Tom McCarthy says the Marlins aren’t playing well and I’ll add that Ryan Howard is not fast. His lack of wheels cost Shane an infield single, and possibly the Phils a little rally in the 2nd.  Good news is, we broke up the no-hitter.

Dom Brown, instead of showing the crowd a new willingness to hustle, hits a 2-run homer into the bullpen and trots around the bases at his usual pace.  Phils lead 2-0, ending Beckett’s scoreless inning streak and the dream of the shutout.  Standard Phillies procedure now will be to look to Cliff and say, “Two’s enough, right?”

Josh Beckett has 2 homers and is hitting .400 at Citizen’s Bank Park.  How many, can he play left-field, jokes just echoed through the Delaware Valley?  Beckett makes the jokes less absurd with a scorching line-out to Ryan Howard.

Josh Beckett has officially become crafty, he hardly ever throws that nasty bender he used to have, and he’s nowhere near 95 mph.  It looks like he’s picking around like Halladay a bit, but without the top-shelf command.  He’s nowhere near Lee’s economy through 3 innings.

Both pitchers settling in, still 2-0 headed to the 5th.  Raul Ibanez looks…bad.  I’m not sure if he has another one of his hot streaks in him.  One of these times the guy is going to cool off and just stay cool.  The tingling most Phillies fans have in their shorts for Ryan Ludwick and Heath Bell?  Every Ibanez at-bat right now makes you a little more desperate.

Perhaps we should take a moment to say this isn’t exactly Boston’s best team we’re seeing here.  Mike Cameron (.152) the aforementioned McDonald, Jason Varitek, counting the pitcher’s spot there are about 4 outs in the lineup tonight for the Sox.  Lee just stretched his scoreless innings streak to a career high.   A couple insurance runs would be a dream, but I have to check in on this sausage disaster on Master Chef.

Cliff Lee sacrifice fly to deep left, and buoys himself to a 3-0 lead.  I think Cliff’s going to go deep this year before all is said and done.  Dom Brown, channeling Pete Rose, sets the record for fastest time from 3rd on a sacrifice fly that didn’t draw a throw.

Beckett erases Boston’s first hit with a routine double-play ball.  He carried his bat down the line like a confused t-baller. Sarge says you don’t see that too often, and I guess by not too often he means never.

Beckett inexplicably (gunslinger’s confidence?) pitches to Victorino with a base open and Raul on-deck.  Shane homers to right, running the lead to 5-0.  Things looking pretty rosy down at the Bank right now.  As expected, Raul grounds out to the right side.

Lee’s scoreless streak hits 30 innings.  Someone call Orel Hershiser and tell him to start getting nervous

It’s the rapidly increasing strike zone of Darryl (sp) Cousins.  Someone has an appointment at Cheerleaders. Victorino gets rung up on a ball that’s closer to the Red Sox dugout than the strike zone.  Up five runs there, I might just go ahead and get tossed and get first dibs on the buffet.  Headed to the 9th…

Lee finishes off the 3rd consecutive shutout with ease.  Well, I’m sure we’ll hear some grumblings about the Phillies only having six hits, no game is complaint free after all, but this is the kind of game that can ease your mind, especially if the Phils get one of the next two.  A lot of pressure off Vance Worley for tomorrow.  Like I said, not the best Red Sox team, but a real quality win for the Phils.


9 thoughts on “Becquette vs. Leigh (AKA, Mother Lovin’ Throws a 2-Hitter).

  1. I wish I could watch the game but it’s too stressful so luckily I can get the nuances from you. Carrying his bat to first. Hilarious.

  2. I don’t have that kind of power. Only with ole Scotty Rolen. Everytime I hate on him he implodes. That deserves another Boom.

  3. In other news, Zach Greinke? Maayybbeeee people in baseball should learn not to bet on guys who have openly said they can’t handle pressure. The guy checked himself out of baseball and into a clinic b/c he had social anxiety, and now you’re going to heap pressure on him to get you to the playoffs? Start him in NY? Thank god the Yanks didn’t get him.

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