One-Day Blogcation.

Look, A Corona Commercial.

In honor of Cliff Lee going into Robin Roberts territory, I’m not going to be making any actual posts on the blog today. What could there possibly be to say?  I’d just muck it up with my fancy vocabulary.  Plus, we’ve got a real Ferris Bueller cracking the blinds open kind of day out there, so I’m not going to rack my brain trying to think of something clever to say about Wimbledon or grilled cheese sandwiches.  It’s almost the 4th of July, anyway.  I’m sure some people have already started their vacation.  I’m going to poof for one day, and then be back tomorrow.  Maybe there will be something to talk about.  Someone hurry up and buy the Dodgers.




12 thoughts on “One-Day Blogcation.

  1. 67? Well, well, well.

    Can you give us a post on facial hair in honro of Tiger’s beard. Tell us the different types and what they say about the person.

    I fall into the Koy Detmer beard where it goes down your neck. Lots of options for you to run with that topic.

    Non-baseball players/non-Amish people who rock a goatee

  2. Yeah, 67, right. Is there a more frustrating game than golf? I’m not aware of one. You think you make some progress and then it’s right back to square one. I think I’ll start playing buzzed.

    I can say it was a great day, and I got my five mile walk in.

    Good idea on the beards. Maybe I can crank that up tmmrw morning unless Rec Specs throws a no-no

    • I think I’m starting to not look at golf as frustrating anymore. When I play really well I just soak it up and enjoy it. And then when things turn south it’s like, oh well, I’ve done that so many times what the hell does it matter if I do it again.

  3. sounds fabo, good idea Dubs…my mom has allllllll sorts of theories about men’s facial hair. i hope i can give her some data…

    for the record, cliff lee pitched REALLLLLY well with a lil scruff.

    hope you enjoyed your blogcation, i’m on an extended leave of absence but kind of running out of personal time.


    • Q,
      There are some good theories out there.

      What’s up with Roy Halladay’s beard? It’s like the perfectly maintained scruff. I think chicks dig the scruff look.

  4. Not sure if that is all the nails I hammered into his coffin last night, ot if he is just the only one that realized Lackey stinks.

  5. Golf is def the most frustrating- I basically shoot the same score that I did when I was 14, I just arrive at that number in a different way.

    Lackey is just flat out avg- he is another prime example of why sports leagues and the term ‘labor stoppage’ are going to be on the same breath every yr. The sport is jeopardized when John lackey or Aj Burnett make $18-$20 mill per yr. Lebron/kobe $20 mill, ok, they are superstars….Kyle korver/Joel pryzbilla making close to $10 mill per year? You need a lockout.

  6. Okay, but . . . why do the owners need a lockout to prevent themselves from paying Kyle Korver $10 million a year? I don’t understand this.

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