Happy 4th Weekend, Canada Day, Al Davis’s Birthday, Etc.

Lost Both Thumbs Setting These Off Last Year.

How do you like your 4th of July weekend?  Would you rather the 4th be on the Friday?  I think if you are going to be true the actual date, the Monday set-up is probably the worst, because Tuesday it is back to reality whether you are still ill from the watermelon eating contest, or not.  Today, July 1st, is Canada Day, which if I remember correctly is the day Canada won its independence from the Eskimos.  I’m joking, of course, Canada Day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867.  Now, you all learned something.  I think I’m going to keep it pretty low-key this year, because like I said in the caption, I’m down to eight fingers over here.


The Phillies are celebrating Canada Day in Toronto with a matinée against the Jays.  Rumor has it, the holiday and the return of Big Roy (starting tomorrow) will produce the largest crowds of the year at the nee Sky Dome.  I’m sure there will be some Phillies fans up there as well.  Toronto seems like a good trip.  Every person from Toronto I’ve ever known has a propensity for talking about how awesome Toronto is.  They can’t all be lying.  Kyle Kendrick against another tough lefty Ricky Romero this afternoon could set the Phils off on the wrong foot in this series.  I’m expecting some ham-handed, “the fireworks during the game came from the bat of Jose Bautista,” headlines.


I’ve got a grilling recommendation for you.  Nathan’s Dinner Franks.  They are quarter-pound monsters.  Dog flavor is very important, but no one wants a scrawny frank that gets swallowed by the bun.  These beasts dwarf any bun, but run at a nice 2:3 ratio if you are one of those people who needs a perfect fit.  I think too often the hot dog is the throw away item of the BBQ.  It’s like, oh, let’s throw some cheap dogs on before the main course.  Inappropriate.  You’ve got to keep it class all the way, and that includes the dogs.  These “dinner franks” aren’t easy to find, but if you see them, you won’t be sorry.  Speaking of Nathan’s, the hot dog eating contest is also this weekend.  That hasn’t been the same since the Chestnut/Kobayashi rivalry ended.


Breakfast at Wimbledon this weekend.  One thing that fascinates me about Wimbledon is how much the people get behind it, and yet, a player from the U.K. practically never wins the thing.  They are starving for a champion over there.  I respect them for continuing to come out and wave the flags, though, because I’m not sure the United States could pull this off.  If no American ever won the U.S. Open in tennis or golf, or if we sucked at the Olympics–we wouldn’t go watch that stuff.  The only exception I can think of is the World Cup.  But, have that thing here every year and watch people stop going to it.  I guess Wimbledon is an event in itself, maybe more like a 2-week Kentucky Derby.  Still, Andy Murray will continue his latest run toward stunning disappointment in front of the home-ish crowd this afternoon on NBC.


The members at Aronimink must be beaming.  The predominant story line from the opening day is that the pride of Newtown Square was more like the U.S. Open than the actual U.S. Open.  Rave reviews from players, an absolutely ideal forecast, it’s a great stroke of luck and execution for the course that so badly wants a major championship.  Personally, I hope they get a Ryder Cup.  I think that would be tremendous for the area, but I’m not sure how Aronimink plays as a match-play course.  It looks like it will be a struggle to get to 10-under par (last year’s winning score), almost halfway through the 2nd round, 4-under is still leading.  Things should only get faster, so expect plenty of 3-putts and Donald Ross references over the weekend.


Quiz of the Day:  This Date in July History.  Category: The 7th Month. My Score: 25/31.

I knew a lot more about the beginning of July than the end.  Everyone have a good weekend.  See you Monday, Tuesday, barring any more firework incidents.



17 thoughts on “Happy 4th Weekend, Canada Day, Al Davis’s Birthday, Etc.

  1. 29 on the quiz. Can someone please go out and buy a normal-length putter for Robert Garrigus? Next we will see someone out there with a little hand putter. Lower backs everywhere are cringing.

    • Seems like a lot of money for Jagr. Tough signing for me to swallow. This would be like the Phillies signing Tom Glavine or something tomorrow. I’m sure if Jagr produces he’ll be quickly embraced, but I can’t say I love where the Flyers are going since the trades.

      Stamkos too much money, probably going back to TB anyway, but I don’t want any part of Cole, Handzus, Gagne and now Jagr comes in. The Flyers don’t have a great history signing veterans or retreads.

      Unless one of these young guys really explode, or Jagr channels a much younger version of himself I think the Flyers are going to have some trouble scoring anywhere near as many goals as they scored last year.

    • Yeah. Trotting out expensive Russian goaltenders alongside Jaromir Jagr doesn’t seem like a very Flyers thing to be doing.

    • Now, Max Talbot.

      I’m going to throw up. 3 Million on Jagr, no money for Leino, or anyone else.

      They break up one of their best lines, and bring in a 40 year old and a character guy. Overpaid both.

      If Schenn and Voracek don’t score 50 goals combined, we’re screwed.

      • yeah, saw that.

        why would you want to keep together your best remaining line when you can get a 40 year old that’s been playing in Russia for 2 years?

        oh, well, it’s baseball season.

      • I had assumed that part of the point of all the maneuvering was to keep Leino. I guess anytime you can overpay for a complimentary piece you gotta do it.

  2. Oh right, Garrigus ripping bong hits in the port-o-lets during Nationwide events. I believe that a decent percentage of athletes smoke pot, especially during off-seasons, so I can’t say that it’s surprising, but during an event seems pretty wild. I mean, how big of a stoner do you have to be?

    Also, he apparently went to rehab for marijuana, which I didn’t know was possible.

    I’m sure guys on Tour smoke weed, the PGA’s drug testing policy, especially in years past was real lax. I think someone got busted for it in their hotel last year.

    Garrigus is a straight shooter, though, not surprised he just put it out there.

  3. personally, i am mad at that golf thing in Newtown Square, has blocked my relaxed route to all things famous like Quotations, Ridley Creek and 3-Putt Nation. Oh, and the Chic-fil-A in the mall. yeah, that mall.

    hey, 3-Putt, what’s the smallllest grilled you’ve ever cooked with…and on it, what were you capable of? anything? is it the grill or the griller? fess up.


  4. well, i’ve grilled on a little hibachi, about 16 inches across I’d guess. You can’t do too much with it, going on past experience. Just the basics. My last experience with the hibachi wasn’t a real good one to be honest.

  5. unless you’re into lighter fluid burger flavor, the last hibachi experiment was a total fail.

    what did today’s final do to 3putts, “rafa nadal, best player of all time campaign”?

  6. Can’t say I was too thrilled with Rafa’s performance today. Someone has to explain to me why these guys can’t learn a little serve and volley in their games.

    And, the long rallies can be exciting, but I also miss some of big serving/aces. It was kind of badass back in the day when like Sampras would get down 0-40, and just rip 3 straight aces.

    It’s chokey’s year, what can you say? But, I still like Rafa’s chances to be GOAT, Federer is totally done now.

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