Come Monday, There’ll Be Nothing.

2,998 Hits. 1,479 Unnecessary Jump Throws.

Enjoy this weekend, because Monday the sports world will come crashing to a halt.  You’ll be trying to get excited about the Home Run Derby (no one cares).  We’ll be 3 days away from starting a British Open Championship that no American has a shot at winning, and if the NFL is going to try to steal the spotlight, they should wait until Tuesday to settle the lockout. Monday is probably slightly better than Wednesday, but they are the two worst sports days of the year. Unless you are a cycling fan, in which case, I’m sure the Tour de Blood Doping will have your attention.  Before Monday, we’ve got a few things going on.


Will Derek Jeter get to 3,000 hits?  It seems pretty likely.  Unless he hurts himself, or teams figure out the Jeter shift (7 infielders–you read it here first), the Captain looks like he’ll make a weekend out of it.  I’ll say I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve avoided a good bit of fawning over Jeter.  Perhaps because it was already delayed by one DL trip, or maybe it’s just his declining skills in general, but it seems like we’re managing to not go completely overboard.  It’s a lot of hits.  But, Jeter’s career is already defined.  He didn’t really need this milestone and for him it really just feels like a mark of longevity.  At the very least, implement a short fielder against this guy.  Mind games.


Shane Victorino to the DL, which is great news for the Pete Orr fan club.  Will I remain confident in the Phils this weekend with Wilson Valdez and Mikey Mart in the lineup?  Yes, I will.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Phils let Mayberry hack away against Atlanta’s righties.  It’ll also be interesting to see if they get this game in tonight.  Word association with Pennsylvania’s radar map?  Green. Yellowy-Reddish Green.  Like I said yesterday, as long as they don’t start and stop, we’ll be fine.  If it rains out, it rains out.  The Braves will be back.  Victorino can come off the DL on the 19th, so he’ll miss that Mets series after the break, but so will Jose Reyes.  Phils getting lucky this year dodging some injured players.


John Daly took a 13 today in the John Deere Classic.  Because it is Daly he needs to take at least a fifteen to warrant a separate post.  I  used to pull for Daly, but he’s got to hit the Pete Rose circuit at this point.  Outings, autographs and that’s it until he’s eligible for the Champions Tour.  His never-ending string of missed cuts isn’t doing anyone any good, but of course, he’ll be the British Open next week as a former champion.  He could pull an Ian Baker Finch and choose not to embarrass himself, but this is JD we’re talking about.  The upside is, Daly still managed an 81, which is a lot better than I could do if I carded a 13.  Of course, if you read my post about making bogeys you’d probably assume I’d never actually take a 13–and you’re right.


Yao Ming retires proving once again that height as an advantage in basketball has a tipping point.  The guy could pile up All-Star votes, I know that.  How good was he on the court?  You’d have to ask someone who actually watches the NBA.  Or dust off a Sports Guy Hall of Fame pyramid.

All right, I’m going to go watch the lightning show.  Everyone have a good weekend…maybe they will settle that dang lockout.  In the NFL.  If they want to move the NBA to Turkey, I’ll head down to the airport to wave goodbye.


13 thoughts on “Come Monday, There’ll Be Nothing.

  1. I would watch the home run derby if Chris Berman was struck down by lightning before the event started and I didn’t have to hear his dumbass try to give me nicknames for every batter and yell out the worst home run calls of all time. Back, back, back…shut the ef up Berman and go Canada, but pain pills and overdose.

    Something also has to be done with these commercials and the timing of the event. I’m setting an over/under that it will take 8 batters 2 hours to go through batting practice. The whole event takes a little over 3 hours.

    To speed this thing up I’d go old school. Remember when you were a kid and you had some object set up behind home plate in a pick up baseball game (wiffle or whatever variety) and if you hit the object in a certain spot it was a called strike or automatic out? Do the same thing for the derby. Place a G.D. beach chair out there and use it as a strike zone. I’m tired of watching guys take 5 and 6 pitches. See it, hit it, and move on. These guys act like they don’t care about being in the event and then when they get up there they’re more selective than if they were in a 3-0 count.

    I’m a little grumpy. But this is what happens why you wake up at 6:00 am on a Saturday and start reading what’s going on in the sports world.

  2. I agree the home run derby is way too long. I’m not sure called strikes is the solution. I think we’re stuck with what we’ve got, anyway.

    i hope you got up to play golf or something. next time take a 1/2 dose of Nyquil, go back to bed, and get up at a reasonable hour.

  3. Please. You latch onto the one game, I’ll still take a dozen other guys to play short for a 1/3 of the money.

    Also, if they had played my shift, hit #2,999 would have been a routine ground ball to the left fielder and the home run would have been one hit short.

    And, that pitch looked a little fishy. I haven’t seen something served up like that since Denny McLain poured one in there for the Mick.

  4. How about I latch onto the fact he’s one of 28 people in the history of baseball to accomplish this feat? He’s making less than Utley and slightly more than Ibanez, are we gonna really trot out salaries? Is there anyone who made it to 3,000 hits and it isn’t in a way a mark of longevity?

    I’m not one to defend him making what he is, and in fact I’ve repeatedly said it’s detrimental and he should have taken significantly less for the good of the team, etc, but you have to give the guy credit where credit is due. Going 5 for 5 and hitting the HR for 3,000 is answering the bell by any means.

  5. Where am I not giving credit? There’s a joke in the post about him hitting a lot of ground balls. Wahhh, he stinks this year.

    Other than that, I think I was fair and complimentary. I think saying that he’s already defined his career and this is not something he needs to have to justify anything is actually a big compliment.

    Look at the guys who have gotten 3,000 hits. It’s almost a footnote for their great careers with the possible exception of a guy like Molitor or Craig Biggio and those are probably the two weakest resumes on the list. When someone says Hank Aaron do you think 3rd on the all-time hit list?

    I’ll say it again, it’s a lot of hits. It’s impressive, but is mostly a sign of longevity. The fact that no Yankee has ever done it, with their boat load of Hall of Famers kind of tells that story. Or look at Ted Williams. He had 2,654 hits and never had a 200 hit season. Go win free drinks for a night at a bar with that one. Who has more 200 hit seasons Ted Williams or Doug Glanville?

  6. Does Biggio have 3,000 hits or was he hit 3,000 times? Just kidding.

    I see what you’re saying. And he does stink this year, and it’s only gonna get worse.

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