A Bold Statement.

Doc Holliday of Chain Restaurant Fame.

Can I come out against the nickname, “Doc,” for Roy Halladay?  I know it is quite popular.  It’s universal.  This is what people call him.  There is no going back.  I just don’t like it that much.  The primary reason is because the general population, the hoi polloi, cannot distinguish between Halladay and Holliday in their T-Rex brains.  So, I’m going to say 6 of 10 people actually think his name is Holliday.  Others know that it is Halladay, but think it is pronounced like Holliday. It’s not.  If you must, call him “Doc,” but please do not call him Holliday.  It’s enough to drive a person insane.

The other reason I don’t like it is, it’s just a bit lazy, isn’t it?  If your last name was McDonnell, would you want your nickname to be Ronald?  Is Dale Earnhardt’s daughter’s nickname Amelia?  We can all agree that those are idiotic, right? Anyway, “Doc,” aka Roy Halladay (note the windfall of a’s), is taking the hill in a couple of hours.  I might (probably will) check in during the game with some observations.  This AL team will be a nice test for Roy and Mother Lovin’ (now there’s a nickname) if he gets into the game.

How about an All-Star Game Starter Quiz?  Sure.

Most All-Star Game Starts (Pitchers).  Category: Not Paul Byrd.  My Score: 10/13.



17 thoughts on “A Bold Statement.

  1. Changed my mind, not going to be commenting during the game.

    The prospect of yammering until midnight or whenever this thing is going to be over…just too much.

    And, lastly, anyone else wondering if Joe Buck is really, really missing Troy tonight?

  2. 9 of 13 because I had a total brain fart on the name of a certain Oriole.

    Is it okay if I was not familiar with Doc Holliday until this post?

    • haha…i though he was called “Doc,” personally…because he’s the doctor of pitching. like, hey doc, you have an honorary doctorate in pitching.

      you like them ivory tower apples DC and 3-PO??
      get it, like C 3-P O…star wars.

  3. Doc Holliday the actual guy or the nickname?

    Either way, not sure if it OK, but I guess you know what you know.

    You’ve never seen Tombstone?

  4. I like the nickname doc because it implies people look up to him and respect him. How the nickname was acquired is ridiculous. I guess you have to pick your battles. Rolen just struck out. I’m too good.

  5. Not sure why Lee went this second inning, not that it really matters, but it seems strange.

    Rolen has really dropped off at the plate. He can still pick it though.

  6. It really is. Thank god for good pitching. If we didn’t have the national tv length commercial breaks it might already be over.

    I’m a little worried about the AL. Their offense looks worse than the Braves’

  7. wait, i’m sorry, maybe i’ve been living under a rock…

    they are making a Moneyball movie starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill??? that looks like an SNL skit or something. unreal.

  8. I wonder if the A’s will win a playoff series in the Hollywood version.

    Interesting book, hardly seems enough for a movie.

    And isn’t it a bit late? This would be like releasing the Facebook movie 10 yrs from now.

  9. ha i wasn’t paying attention o the justin timberlake interview when it happened, but i read about it somewhere and watched it again. pretty funny. “you’re calling a great game joe!”

  10. Have you seen Ed Rendell’s rankings of the “best” and “worst” Phillies trades? It is on philly.com. I don’t have anything nice to say so I will leave it at that.

  11. Awful. His worst yet, which is saying something.

    The Phillies traded Ryne Sandberg? Who knew.

    He doesn’t write well either, but I guess that is secondary to content at this point.

  12. But good to know trading away Ryne Sandberg was not as bad as trading away Gavin Floyd. And that picking up Curt Schilling for Jason Grimsley was an “A-” trade or whatever the hell grade he put on that. Good grief.

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