Summer of the Amateur Continues.

Watson Has Been Good Company for Amateurs.

It’s always an interesting story when an amateur can get themselves on a major championship leaderboard.  The way things have gone this summer and with younger players looking more fearless in the moment than ever, perhaps an amateur winning a major championship is not as ridiculous a notion as it once seemed.  Coming off a U.S. Open where multiple amateurs handled themselves nicely, one of the early stories at the British Open Championship is the amateur Tom Lewis, who scorched the back nine for a share of the 1st round lead.  His opening 65 is a record score for an amateur, and considering he took medalist honors at his qualifier, perhaps this isn’t someone we should dismiss as a one-round wonder.  Lewis was paired with 5-time winner, Tom Watson, who a couple of years ago played the opening rounds with Matteo Manassero during his run to low-amateur honors.  Maybe watching Tom’s pure rhythm helps calm the nerves?   It’s a tightly packed and wide-open leaderboard toward the end of round one, but the chalk from the top of the OWGR is notably missing.  Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell at 2-under par are leading the way for the pre-tournament favorites.


Changing the subject, I’m kind of begrudging the Phillies their extra day off.  I miss the Phils.  Especially this week with little going on, 4 days without baseball seems like a long time.  I know everyone out there thinks the baseball season is too long, but there is something nice and familiar about it.  Baseball is reliable.  On a nightly basis you can catch a few innings, or check the scores, whatever it may be, but this stretch feels about as miserable as wading through a bye-week in the NFL.  It was good timing for the Phils, though, because they are in need of rest across the board, I would imagine.  I don’t know what the best preparation for facing a knuckleballer is anyway–it could be a 4-day vacation.  I’m definitely anxious for tomorrow’s game in New York against R.A. Dickey.  It’s Vance’s chance for revenge.


Mad Men got 73 Emmy nominations.  I think that was the number.  This angers me to no end, because Mad Men is gone. It will get exactly 0 Emmy nominations next year, because they aren’t filming a season.  AMC is getting a little cavalier with their meal ticket.  It’s nice that Breaking Bad is back after an eternity, but they drained all their goodwill by punishing people with The Killing.  I can watch almost anything, and I couldn’t watch The Killing.  The fact they didn’t even resolve the plot line and the resulting scathing reviews and near riots just vindicates me bailing on it early.  Dodged a bullet. Anyway, last chance for January Jones to doll up for an Emmy Awards show until at least 2013.  The show is coming back next year, right?  Right?  Here are my Emmy Picks, because we don’t talk enough TV.

Best Drama: Mad Men

Best Comedy: Parks and Recreation

Lead Actress Comedy: Amy Poehler–Parks and Rec

Lead Actor Comedy: Alec Baldwin–30 Rock

Lead Actor Comedy: Jon Hamm–Mad Men

Lead Actress Drama: Connie Britton–Friday Night Lights

Supporting Actor Comedy:  Eric Stonestreet (Where is Aziz Ansari’s Nom?)

Supporting Actor Drama: John Slattery–Mad Men

Supporting Actress Comedy: Jane Lynch–Glee (Still trading off Best in Show for me)

Supporting Actress Drama: Kelly MacDonald–Boardwalk Empire

Here are all the nominees.


Quiz of the Day:  “B” Blitz.  Category:  I went “B”raindead.  My Score: 30/40.


One thought on “Summer of the Amateur Continues.

  1. It keeps going to check the scores and then sadly remembers Phillies are not playing. Have to cry into a rally towel.

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