Bryce Harper Panic, Ideas and Things.

World's Leading Producer of Kryptonite.

Trouble in Harrisburg.  Bryce Harper is 6 for his first 35 with no extra base hits.  His OPS (.413) would barely qualify him for the biggest loser.  It’s not surprising that the increase in competition and the wear of a first full professional season is slowing Harper’s progress a bit.  And, if it was only his first 10 days at AA, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but he had cooled considerably even before he was promoted.  Kid logged plenty of games, but the everyday grind and the bus travel, etc. have to take a bit of a toll.  A month ago it looked like Harper was ticketed for Washington for next year’s opener, but maybe a mid-season call-up or even 2013 is more realistic.  I wonder what the Washington brass is thinking. The promotion to AA doesn’t seem to have lit any kind of fire, how will Bryce deal with his first dose of reality?  I expect more eye-black.


I always have strong reactions to watching Jeopardy.  One of the best parts about Jeopardy is the interaction with the contestants.  To call a lot of these people socially awkward would be generous.  They tell awful stories, Alex makes a terrible joke and then they get back to molesting their signaling devices.  Another great time to observe the contestants is right after they win.  Most of them are too awkward to show emotion.  They just piled up 40 grand and they are stone faced, or have some creepy expression going.  A week or two ago Alex actually had to tell one of the guys it was OK to smile.  When you see someone win a bunch of money on the Wheel at least you think they’ll enjoy it.  Blow it on a boat or something you simple bastard.  Who knows what these Jeopardy weirdos do with the prize money.  Anyway, the reactions are right up there with watching them try to answer sports questions.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure why a sports jeopardy show doesn’t work.  I know ESPN has tried it on several different occasions and it failed miserably, but no show works on ESPN aside from Sportscenter.  And, even that sucks, people just watch it out of obligation.  Are sports less popular than I think?  Couldn’t Jeopardy at least do a sports week?  They’ve got Kids Week, Teachers Week, College Week, where is the sports trivia?  Is watching a kid in a Yale sweatshirt really more exciting than people answering something other than Michael Jordan to every basketball question?


There seems to be some discussion about stadiums out there.  Old stadiums, should they tear them down or stick with the nostalgia?  People are calling Wrigley a dump, Minnesota is trying to get a stadium to keep the Vikings.  Off the top of my head, here’s 5 stadiums that need to go.  I haven’t been to Wrigley in probably 5 years, but I’d stick with it for now.

  1. Tropicana Dome
  2. Metrodome
  3. Candlestick Park
  4. Where the Marlins Play
  5. Rogers Centre nee Sky Dome

Note the Dome theme?


Quiz of the Day: Who’s Won More Titles.  Category: 50/50 shot.  My Score: 26/30.  


16 thoughts on “Bryce Harper Panic, Ideas and Things.

  1. Remember “Stump the Swami” or whatever? That was a train wreck, and Stu trying out his new catch phrases and one liners on it only made it that much more unbearable.

  2. How about a Top-5 list for replacements for Stevie as Tiger’s caddie…to tie it into the post, how about putting MJ on the bag?

    • The Beltran talk is really heating up. I doubted the Mets would have interest in trading with the Phils and vice versa, but I guess there’s a chance. I don’t see Jimenez coming here. Oswalt apparently getting lose to a rehab start.

      Beltran would be great. I don’t hate Dom Brown, but he’s learning on the fly and not ready. I’d rather see shane, beltran and ibanez platooning with Mayberry for sure.

      And yeah, Stump the Schwab. Awful format. There’s got to be a better way than that.

  3. Wow, Poor Stevie. Actually, who knows what kind of job Tiger is at this point.

    The funny thing is, except for carrying the bag, MJ would probably love that.

    I don’t know who Tiger will use. Notah Begay? That’s a 1/2 joke. I bet Fred’s old guy Joe LaCava would have been the favorite but he went to Dustin. Maybe he leaves Dustin for Tiger, that’d be epic.

    • Sounds like Tiger was NOT okay with Stevie taking Adam Scott’s bag. But I mean, the guy is a caddie, what do you want him to do? Hang around on the off chance you might play nine holes at a tournament every now and then?

      • I think as soon as it went on for more than one or two events it was issue.
        Tiger can’t deal with something like that. Stevie getting asked the question is he going back to Tiger is probably enough to send Tiger over the edge.

        I really have no idea who he is going to get. At one time every single guy would have bailed on their guy for him. Now, moving to him from a top 10 or 20 bag would be somewhat of a risk.

  4. Don’t know the last time I beat Grossy or if it has ever happened, but I got him today.


    The 2 minute drill was pretty solid on ESPN

  5. Watching Around the Horn and they showed a Jeopardy clip of Alex zinging a guy who didn’t know Cam Newtown went to Auburn.

  6. Baseball doesn’t do too well with African Americans. They have programs trying to rekindle the interest so to speak, but I don’t know how well that is working.

    I think we do better than 10 fans in Philly for sure and I’m sure Rollins and Howard play a part in that.

    • O-M3PUTT,

      the neighbors finally went to dinner.
      i know all the details of their night. should be quiet til at least 11.
      a lil nervous.

      i considered leaving an anonymous note on their door:
      “dear frat boys and female friend, please refund your tuition, you failed at everything kosher except yelling at the top of your lungs about “bleep, my bleep record at pool is king,” and mastering all of U2s lyrics and that Zombie song by the Cranberries. love, 1999.

      like i said, i keep moving on up in the world.


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