Will DA Quarterbacks Find Homes?

Will Harbaugh Have a Use For Alex Smith?

I think it’s time to start moving along as if we’re going to have a normal NFL season.  Something is holding up the deal, an anti-trust lawsuit?  It won’t last.  NFL fans I’ve seen lately are getting a little twitchy.  What’s my team going to do in free agency? What day am I going to drive to training camp because I think it validates me as a fan?  In Philly, the Kevin Kolb rumors are back to life.  They are the same rumors as we’ve been hearing for the last several months, but they’re real now. Anotonio Rodgers Cromartie.  He’s the best Cromartie!   All of these concerns are well and good, but my main focus is, what is the DA Fantasy Football landscape going to look like?  In a rushed free agency period will all these terrible, terrible quarterbacks have the opportunity to find a home?

It’s bad enough that you have guys like DA himself without job security.  If Kevin Kolb hits Arizona, does Derek Anderson hit the open market?  Eventually, even a gifted talent like DA will run out of opportunities, and then we will all mourn. What about a guy like Donovan McNabb?  You’d think he’d be coming into his prime DA years.  I see plenty of 25 incompletion games in his future, but are the ‘Skins going to just cut him loose?  There’s nothing more depressing than seeing DA talent wasted on the bench.  So, in the spirit of free agency, and the upcoming football season, let’s look at some DA free agents and the choice spots that may be leaving.

Brady Quinn–Denver.

How’d that trade work out?  Denver is a real interesting DA squad.  You’d never doubt Brady Quinn’s ability to be terrible. He is not a good quarterback, but there must be something “toolsy,” about him, because the league hasn’t totally given up on him.  Either that, or anything short of a major drug/attitude problem can be overlooked.  Quinn can’t hold down a job, though, especially with fantasy sleeper and noted facial hair atrocity Kyle Orton on the roster.  The real DA excitement, though, comes from Tim Tebow.  Orton is a place holder.  Is Denver really committed to Tebow?  How many picks would Tebow throw if you gave him 400 attempts?  Oh, the possibilities.  So, expect Quinn to go elsewhere making Tebow one injury or one good pre-season away from prime time.

Matt Moore–Carolina

I just remember getting everyone’s draft orders last season and before long a lot of them would just read, “1.Carolina.”  It didn’t matter who the Panthers were trotting out there, it was always a value pick.  Moore put up a few monster weeks, but also has won the occasional game in Carolina.  At the end of the ’09 season he was the future.  Whoops.  Tough decision to make on Moore, because Carolina has DA prodigy, Jimmy Clausen, still in the pipeline and they drafted Cam Newton. There’s got to be a stabilizing force somewhere on the depth chart, will it be Moore?  Scary thought.  Here’s what I feel comfortable guaranteeing: The Panthers will start 3 different Qbs this coming season.  And, they will all stink.

Alex Smith–San Francisco

The thing that amazes me about Alex Smith is that you’ll hear things like he shows flashes.  Flashes of what?  When?  This guy is atrocious.  I’m pretty sure Niners fans chanted David Carr’s name last season.  It’ll be interesting to see what Harbaugh’s strategy is.  Is he going to try to go 2-14 and lock up Andrew Luck?  If that’s the case, maybe you just start the 2-headed monster of Troy Smith and Colin Kaepernick.  That feels like 14 losses.  If they actually like Kaepernick, maybe Smith stays around to facilitate the grooming process.  Either way, San Francisco will be a hotbed of DA points.  And, if the Niners cut Smith free, he’ll find a landing spot.  Like I said, former number 1 pick, as long as you aren’t on the drank, expect plenty of 2nd chances.

Matt Hasselbeck–Seattle.

Hasselbeck won fantasy games last year and he lost them for people as well.  The guy at one time was very serviceable, but he’s breaking down and you’d assume that his clutch DA performances will start to heavily outweigh actual good play.  I have no idea what Seattle is doing.  Can we call Charlie Whitehurst a failed experiment at this point?  Did everyone know J.P. Losman is on their roster?  This was a playoff team last year?  What is wrong with the NFL?  Hasselbeck is going to be playing somewhere, because the number of guys that can take the ball and score in the league is pretty small.  The best DA scenario is that Hasselbeck goes elsewhere (SF?), is terrible, and we get the Losman/Whitehurst carousel in Seattle. Fingers crossed.

Tavaris Jackson — Minnesota

If you go to the Vikings’ roster page on ESPN these are the QBs listed: Rhett Bomar, Brett Favre, Tavaris Jackson, Christian Ponder, Patrick Ramsey and Joe Webb.  Now Favre isn’t going to play, and Jackson is a free agent, but my oh my, what a lineup.  The quarterback situation in Minnesota has been their Achilles for years.  It was either they had nobody, or they had a guy who was going to throw a back-breaking pick in the NFC Title game.  I’m a little disappointed that we’ve had the abbreviated off-season, because the thought of Christian Ponder winning a job is almost enough for me to switch to Direct TV to get NFL Ticket.  He’d be that electrifying.  Is there a chance Leslie Frazier starts this guy?  Who the hell is he going to start?  Especially if Jackson doesn’t come back, should be amazing.

Other Notable DA QBs on the Open Market:

  1. Bruce Gradkowski–The Polish Cue Ball
  2. Seneca Wallace–9 of 19 for 84 yards coming to a town near you.
  3. Rex Grossman–Give him the damn keys in Washington
  4. Todd Collins–He’s got to be done now, right?
  5. Matt Leinart–Maybe he can go backup the Sanchize.

All right, there’s a little taste for you.  Look at all those terrible quarterbacks.  The NFL might end up with a new labor agreement, but some things never change.  There’s still only 8 guys in the World that can play quarterback.




7 thoughts on “Will DA Quarterbacks Find Homes?

  1. As a true DA fan I have my eyes on the bengals- if they move Palmer or he retires they have a Sunday afternoon debacle that we will be able to count on…also I think Cleveland has a good amount of DA potential. Someone does need to sign DA though

  2. I still can’t believe Christian Ponder was a first round pick. Minnesota doesn’t deserve to have the rookie salary structure put in place.

  3. I like that “reports out of Minnesota” had Ponder organizing workouts. Bwahahahahaha, are we doing this????

    Also, there’s always those pesky florida teams. Jacksonville, Tampa bay, Miami…..name me a good QB on any of those rosters. GO.

  4. You could probably go team by team. It’s almost too overwhelming to tackle. There are an equal number of existing situations where the teams are equally screwed.

    I almost forgot about Carson Palmer and his threats. I wonder what will come of that. Jordy Palmer at the helm would be pretty amazing.

    Christian Ponder couldn’t organize a game of hide and go seek.

  5. There were also reports about colt mccoy “becoming a leader” in the offseason. Isn’t this guy 5’10? So a poor man’s Flutie, since Dougie had a bigger arm?

  6. Why is it reported that so and so organized offseason workouts? All of a sudden the rookie or potential young starter is showing promise and leadership.

    These guys can organize all they want. Guys like Ponder are still going to suck on the field, where it matters.

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