Wreck Specks vs. Mitch Kramer as it Happens. *Update

Look at Those Puppies. Worley Might as Well be in Contacts.

That first day of the wild NFL season didn’t exactly have too many fireworks, did it?  I’m seriously asking, because I was on the golf course getting a sunburn on two or three random places I missed with the SPF 30.  The top of right hand should be golden brown by Thursday.  Pretty nice day out there, though.  If I can offer just a blanket and unsolicited suggestion to any golfer out there:  If you can hit the ball with any type of reasonable authority, your biggest concern should be your alignment.  Never let your alignment get too far out of whack.  Trust me.  Speaking from experience.  So, to wrap up a slow blog day, I’m going to live blog the Phils and Giants tonight before I head down to the park for the game on Wednesday.  I want to get an idea of exactly how putrid this Giants offense is, and it could be Vance Worley’s last start for the Phillies. Who knows.  Anyway, back in a bit….

*So, Tim Lincecum has the flu.  Someone must have coughed on the bong.  So, the Phillies get sloppy left-hander Barry Zito tonight.  Some of the Phils have decent numbers off Zito despite his propensity to throw…not hard.  As Dub has stated unknowingly in the comments section, it’s shifted the Phillies to quite strong favorites.  Zito had his tizzos ripped off 10 days ago against San Diego.

–One thing of note, this was supposed to be a rejuvenated Giants offense.  A full season of Buster Posey, the “next Posey” in Brandon Belt, Skinny Panda.  Not much has bounced SF’s way on those fronts.  Posey got steamrolled, Belt is back to dominating AAA, and they’re scoring less than 4 runs a game.  We’ll see how they do against Worley.

–Shame Lincecum isn’t pitching.  Puts the Phils in a bit of a no-win.  If they beat Zito, people will just say he stinks, if they lose it’ll be time to sound the alarms.

–Giants manufacture a run in the first, and lead 1-0.  It’s Zito time.  Wonder if he’s written any sweet lyrics lately.

–2 Out RBI Double by Ryan Howard.  His VORP just went up by .056.  As an aside, despite his recent RBIs and bat flip on a 337 ft homer, Michael Martinez is still killing the Phils in the 2-hole.

–3 Run Bomb for Ibanez.  4-1, Phils.  Heard more 25HR/85 RBI talk on the radio today about how that’s just what the Phillies need.  Raul is getting there the ugly way.

–Dinner Break.  Chicken Quesa-what?  Dilla.

–Wheels–“Posey is a guy you want back in the league, because he’s the kind of guy that does everything right.”  Except block the plate, I guess, according to everyone who has ever caught an inning of baseball.

–Pittsburgh is jumping on Atlanta again, 3-0.  Love those Pirates.  Beat the Braves last night and Atlanta is reeling a bit.The other day they lost to Dontrelle Willis who I thought was on a barnstorming tour with Danny Almonte.  As an aside, nice job by Pittsburgh starting to sell out Pirates games.

–John Mayberry Jr. homers to left to shake the Phils out of what was starting to look like their typical mid-game malaise when they are carrying a lead.  Hard to blame this team for getting comfortable with a lead at times, and it’s now 5-1, so don’t expect too many more fireworks.

–As usual, we are cruising right along.  So, here’s a question.  Beltran or Pence in a perfect world?  I’ve allowed some of the stat guys and pessimists to cool my enthusiasm for Pence over the last day or two, plus that deal does seem less likely.  Beltran as a rental is certainly appealing, Met or not.  It’s not like picking up Castillo.  Assuming Worley or Brown isn’t part of the deal, I’d love to get Beltran.  Teams usually do overvalue their young arms.  Everyone wants to think they’ve got the next Roy Halladay in low-A ball.

–Inside the Park home run by Utley!  He looked out.  Samuel waves him with 0 outs.  Love it.  Samuel waves ’em all.  Head first dive might have avoided the tag.  Utley’s knee looks…decent tonight.  He’s been a dervish.

–Here’s a great quiz for this site.  NFL Starting QBs–2010.  Category: Know Your DA People.  My Score: 60/63

–I don’t know what Worley’s future holds, but I know his trade value will never be higher.  It’s an interesting dilemma.  Assuming Oswalt comes back, Worley becomes the 5th starter and would be lucky to see an inning here or there come playoff time.  In the meantime, though, he’s been a stabilizing force in this rotation for the last month.

–Tom McCarthy doesn’t know the difference between a pick-off and a caught stealing.  Good to know.

–Howard adds a solo bomb to center (4th homer of the night for the Phils) to make it 7-2.  This one was about as comfortable as it can get.  Great overall game.  Worley fires a complete game, Giants manage 3 hits…better luck next time, San Francisco.


16 thoughts on “Wreck Specks vs. Mitch Kramer as it Happens. *Update

  1. The Phils are a slight favorite and Mikey Miss says the line screams Phillies since Worley is a favorite over Lincecum.

    I don’t buy his theory this time around.

    The Phillies haven’t lost back to back games in how long? Giants road record is 27-25 while the Phils are 37-16.

    Yes, the Giants have the advantage in pitching tonight, but the Phillies have every other advantage possible. I think the game is a classic coin flip so the Phillies being around -115 should tell you to stay away because trying to figure out who wins tonight is nearly impossible,

  2. Lincecum isn’t pitching. They scratched him. So, it’s Zito. That’s why the line changed.

    It would have been a tough call if Timmy is in there. The Giants are just so mediocre offensively it feels like you are going to be in every game against them.

    The back-to-back losses thing is a little troubling, though. That’s got to end some time.

  3. I would trade Cosart after seeing that photo that ZD posted.

    55 on the QBs. 60 is unreal. Unfortunately QB Panthers was not a correct answer nor was That Guy Who Was A Stay At Home Dad.

  4. I guess writing up those DA summaries really kept me sharp. If you did that for 2009, I’d probably get about 60%.

    Some of the names I was really pleased about pulling out of my ass.

  5. QB Seahawks please. Bringing in Tavaris Jackson to compete with Charlie Whitehurst and possibly Matt Leinart? Hello trivia answers to next year’s version of Name All of the NFL Starting QBs.

  6. If someone could hex atlanta so I could go to bed, that would be sweet. You know how the paranoid Phillies fan thinks…not enough to just win

  7. Top of 13th? They could be in for the long haul.

    Don’t blame you for staying up, though. The difference between a six and seven game lead on July 26th is monumental.

  8. ok, so did anyone else see the story about the Astros first round pick this year? He’s allegedly the reason they’re ok with letting Pence go, they’re that high on him, he played at UCONN……and he hasn’t signed yet. Why? B/c he’s considering playing for the Long Island Ducks rather than sign with the Astros. If that isn’t a damning statement, i don’t know what is.

    If you’re a titans fan, tell me this sentence doesn’t make you vomit in your mouth: It certainly sounds like the ship has sailed for Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks, and it’s hard to picture a better scenario for him than moving on to Tennessee and playing the role of the Titans’ bridge quarterback to the Jake Locker era.

    Why would poz sign NOW? Teams are still making cap space to make a run at free agents, there’s no way he knows his market value nor what other teams might have offered or who might have taken a run at him.

  9. Well, I think the kid is mostly using it for leverage. If the Astros cough up the money, he’ll sign.

    There are some interesting things going on at the QB position all around the league. Seattle as noted above is really trying to put together something spectacular. But, really, the shame of it is, Hasselbeck may be better than most out there, of course that doesn’t change the fact the Locker era will be a total failure.

    thanks for the bills news. I thought the eagles might take a run at Poz, but apparently they are going to use exclusively rookie and 2nd year linebackers who are all mediocre.

  10. Yeah, but still. The Long Island Ducks?

    It was more G-men news, since i was hoping poz would get signed by them to anchor their lB’ing corp b/c, well, they’re terrible.

  11. I guess Poz just really wanted to play in Jacksonville.

    The kid has to play on an independent league team if he’s not signing, so it’s going to be random. Like when JD Drew played for the st. paul saints or whatever the bleep it was.

  12. Don is so predictable. All set to be traded to Minnesota but it is being held up because he is “concerned about how the Vikings have handled things” from their side. I don’t want to slam the guy but, come on, somewhere along the line you have to actually beat out John Beck and Christian Ponder on the field if you want to start in the NFL. Am I wrong?

  13. I’ve got to say Don is really losing me. I think I usually tried to give him the benefit of the doubt under the reasoning that he could just never get out of his own way and he was predisposed to rubbing people the wrong way, but this is getting ridiculous.

    exactly what you said, go win a job. It’s not 2004.

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