NFL Movement. An Open Discussion.

I Think NFL Free Agents Should Get Novelty Checks.

I didn’t really get bogged down in the particulars of the new collective bargaining agreement, but it looks like the money is still flowing.  Thirty million guaranteed for Charles Johnson.  A few days ago I thought Charles Johnson was a terrible receiver, or perhaps a retired catcher.  Not the case, he’s a DE staying in Carolina under very generous terms.  Even that Santonio Holmes deal looks a little rich at first blush.  The movement is coming at a furious pace right now as NFL teams try to get their rosters put together for training camp.  I’ll run down some stuff, but anyone following Adam Schefter religiously on Twitter, feel free to break some news.


Tons of QB movement. Seattle’s game plan is interesting.  I always wonder if there are people out there that think Tarvaris Jackson is actually good, or if they know he stinks but is the best they can do.  Seattle has to know this isn’t going to work out, right?  Elsewhere you’ve got Hasselbeck to the Titans (he’ll be injured by week 4), the Bengals are recruiting Bruce Gradkowski (who wouldn’t), and the market for Kevin Kolb looks to be drying up.  I’m expecting the Eagles to outsmart themselves on this one and start another season with both Kolb and Vick, roles reversed, this time.  All this happens while the defense gets younger and thinner, that’s in terms of depth, not fitness.


Speaking of the Eagles it looks like there is a reasonable chance that DeSean Jackson is going to hold out.  Jackson has been complaining about his bargain contract for well over a year now, and after sucking it up and playing in 2010, he might not be inclined to do the same this year.  I feel like most teams would have appeased Jackson at this point, but the Eagles are terribly stubborn.  The debate over his worth is another story, but he seems like a guy you’d want to have in camp.


If the Kolb market is drying up, I imagine the pursuit of Nnamdi is about to get rabid.  I’ve heard Ravens, Texans, 49ers, Lions, and even the Jets.  Imagine Asomugha and Revis on the same team.  If I can understate things, that would limit the opposition’s passing game.  Of course, you still need the Sanchize to bring it home.  Ike Taylor re-signed in Pittsburgh taking another corner off the market, but there’s no one in Ashomugha’s league.  If Charles Johnson got that deal, can’t wait to see Nnamdi break the bank.  Will he go for a contender or for the biggest windfall?


Other things going on:  Plax back to the Giants?  Donovan McNabb and his constant involvement in some type of “saga.” I’m sure more things will develop during the day, and for the rest of the week.  We’ll try to keep track of everything.  Kyle Orton’s available, so we’ve got to stay alert.


Great Umpiring vs. Terrible Umpiring.

Is it easy to be an umpire?  I doubt it.  I once sprained an ankle and had to sit out a baseball scrimmage.  Instead of playing, they sent me over to officiate at first base.  I totally spaced out and was brought back to the moment by a bang-bang play happening right in front of me.  I made no call until I realized that everyone on the field was standing there waiting for me to say something.  Finally, I just called the guy out.  I had no idea.  It wasn’t a popular call with the team at the plate.  I’d like to think though, if I was umpiring for my livelihood, I’d at least pay attention to the play.  Of course then there are plays like last night’s Pirates/Braves game where the umpire is looking right at the action and still blows it, swallows the proverbial whistle.  Here you go:

It was 1:30 in the Morning.

He’s standing right there.  Not sure how he missed that one.  The consolation prize is that the Braves added an extra game’s worth of innings onto an already taxed bullpen.  Also, Brian McCann is hitting the DL, but we don’t take any consolation in injuries around here.

Of course, sometimes the umps get it all right.  There was a close play at the plate in the Phillies game last night, but it had no impact on the outcome.  It just had an impact on how jolly Phillies fans feel this morning.  Chase Utley was almost thrown out on his inside-the-park home run attempt.  Several things could have gone wrong there.  Juan Samuel could be in witness protection this morning, but since he made it, we’ve all got a, “did you see that,” moment to talk about this morning.  There was no reason to send him.  None.  But, the fans wanted it, and Utley wanted it, and thankfully we had the right umpire on hand to make the correct call.  Take a look:

Eagle Eyes.

I’m just having a bit of fun here.  Obviously, umpires miss calls all the time.  It’s part of Americana, but those Braves did get fortunate last night.  Luckily, they’re still six back.  Who’s got a magic number calculation?