Learning From Armchair GMs.

Listen Up, Ruben.

Beltran to San Francisco and Cain beats Hamels all on the same night.  Bitter pill.  I said last week that I wouldn’t be thrilled if Beltran ended up in San Francisco, and I still wouldn’t call it good news.  Look at San Francisco’s outfielders. They’re all worse than Beltran by a good margin.  He’s not going to rejuvenate their whole offense, but he gives them some one swing potential that they were sorely lacking.  And, not only was that trade completed, but the Phillies played out a little NLCS deja vu last night that has sent a good portion of the fan base into a panic.  Matt Cain, if you haven’t heard, is now Bob Gibson.  With Kendrick going against Lincecum tonight, they might as well cancel the rest of the season.

It certainly wasn’t a great effort from the Phils last night.  I sat there in the stands and watched them collect four hits and one fortunate run, but I saw them hit some balls hard.  It’s not like Cain piled up 16 strikeouts.  He was very good, I’m not saying the Phils should have scored 5 or 6 runs, but they had some chances.  Chase Utley ripped a ball to center with the tying run on base in the 8th, but to read the game story it sounds like a can of corn.  And, I think that’s because part of the fan base (and the writers who cater to them) wanted this to happen.  They want to jump out of their chairs and yell, “See! We lost to the Giants again!  We’re not good enough!  I told you so!”

The Giants are a good team, and if the Phillies met them in the playoffs it would be a stout test, because you aren’t going to score a ton of runs off them (add whichever bat you’d like it doesn’t matter) and I fear that Charlie will perpetually be outmaneuvered by Bruce Bochy.  I still can’t fathom why Rollins is bunting a guy over last night.  All due respect to Mikey Mart, but I’m taking my chances on Rollins getting a base hit.  Especially since he doesn’t bunt much and Wilson Valdez is very slow for a man of his dimensions.

But forget about that, the result last night triggered quite the reaction online.  If you ever want to see Phillies fans reduced to their simplest ingredients, the comment threads at Philly.com are always a good place to look.  Now, in response to the game last night, you can’t take them too seriously.  It’s just raw emotion.  You might as well run over someone’s dog and then ask them for a comment.  That’s what happened last night.  But, what about on wounds that aren’t so fresh.  Surely there are educated people out there.  What about the Beltran deal?  And Pence, what are the thoughts on him?  Let’s take a look.  A sampling of the 125+ comments from yesterday’s Philly.com article:

“Neither Beltran nor Pence have fantastic numbers batting RH this year–the main reason we need them.”

–Of course, Hunter Pence is a right-handed hitter, so this year, hitting right-handed his numbers are: .307/11/62

The only “sure thing” about Ed Wade is that he’s getting fired at the end of the season.”

 –Well played.

“This is the dumbest article Bob Brookover has ever written.”

–The article was written by Matt Gelb.

“The Giants are a threat in the post-season because they always get hot at the right time like they did last year.”

–Of course, before last year, they hadn’t been hot at the right time since 1954.

FIP, WAR.  You should stick to fantasy baseball, Gelb.  Maybe you can become a GM…and acquire high UZR and high WAR players that should win 120 and then complain how unlucky it was when they finish under .500.”

–It always comes back to the metrics.

“Relax girls, keep are panties pulled up…plenty of time.”

–If only the are/our hadn’t crossed him up.

“Again, what has friggin Dominic Brown shown anyone to warrant such elite status in the organization?! Are you serious?! He’s a butcher in the field and can’t hit. He’s the LAST guy I want in the field in the latter portion of Game 6 or 7 of the NLDS, NLCS or World Series! The LAST! Dom Brown untouchable is a laughable premise. So please, let’s keep it real up in here: Hunter Pence is one of the best outfielders in baseball, and is an above average hitter. INCLUDE BROWN IN A TRADE FOR PENCE, IF NECESSARY!”

–Not sure if this was written before or after Dom’s adventure last night.

Dom Brown has the same potential that Jeff Stone had.  How many All-Star teams did Jeff make?  ZERO.”

–Brown reminds me more of a poor man’s Von Hayes.

Using advanced Sabermetrics, we can determine with a high degree of accuracy Vance Worley’s likely stats for the rest of his career.”

–Sarcasm.  I chuckled.

How about thinking out of the box when it comes to a blockbuster deal? Would the Phillies consider trading Howard and a high-rated minor leader prospect for Pence and another relative high-paid veteran prospect (Brett Meyers) cand help the Phils now or be traded for someone else useful. For Houston, this arrangement would help reduce the burnden of taking on Howard’s contract. The Phils could throw in a few million if need be. They could also bring up one of the presently blocked, left-handed first badmen. Houston’s GM, given his ex-Phillies ties, might be interested in acquiring Howard if it could be done without breaking the bank.”

–To summarize that’s Howard and a prospect for Pence and a “veteran prospect” like Brett Myers.  The Phils will then have room for Matt Rizzotti.  And, if it’s too much of a burnden (sic) for Houston, just toss in a few million.

“Dom Brown is a mutt.  I’d drive him to Houston if that’s what it takes.”

–The Astros are stingy with relocation allowances from what I hear.

See that?  The answer is in there somewhere.  You just have to know where to look.


9 thoughts on “Learning From Armchair GMs.

  1. this article was funny,
    this comment:
    –The Astros are stingy with relocation allowances from what I hear.

    was so 3-Putt unleashed, go get em animal.
    so when you gonna start your gig as a GM?


  2. Haynesworth to the Pats- will make a formidable line with wilfork…that’s close to 800 lbs of USDA beef.
    Reggie Bush to Miami- I was shocked to read his stats: he has never rushed for more than 600 yds in an NFL season. I am bewildered. Green-Ellis, Ben-Jarvis has a 1000yd season, I think Reno Mahe has a 1000 yd season. Wow.

    But at least the eagles made their front pg splash: Jason Babin. I’d be surprised if romo and Eli don’t request trades out of fear for the 2 games that they each will be running for their lives from the sack machine

  3. I totally agree. I’m dying to pick some games. It gives me a warm feeling inside just thinking about it. And, now with BK and Dub arguing about Eli again, it really does feel like football season.

    Bush has gotten worse/played less every year he’s been in the league looking at his stats. I don’t think he has much value outside of catching some balls out of the backfield.

    Babin is the most classic Eagles move ever. Let’s bring in a guy off a career year, that we already had once and throw him into the most crowded and budget defensive end rotation of all-time.

    In related news, Brandon Graham–great pick.

  4. Haynesworth to the Pats just gave the Pats a chance to go undefeated this year and I’m not being overly dramatic.

    Babin? Ugh. At least we don’t have Eli’s contract screwing us up. Nope. The Eagles do it just fine on their own.

    I’m confused with Pence. Mikey Miss asks if he makes the Phillies better. I honestly have no idea. If the Phillies win 102 games without him would they have won 103 games with him? Is he that vital to pushing a team from World Series favorite to World Series lock?

    I really don’t know much about this guy. The only thing I know is he throws as if he’s an uncordinated school girl heaving a shot put

    • Well, Pence has a hose. I don’t care what it looks like.

      Any move the Phils make is going to be designed to put them in a better position to win a few games in the playoffs. I’m sure the Phils assume they’re good enough to make the post-season, so it’s all about those few series…

      Would you rather have Pence playing rightfield in a close game?

      Would you rather have him up or Mayberry/Brown against a situational reliever?

      It’s not really about the difference in winning 100 or 102 games.

      • He definitely does have a gun despite his technique.

        I hear what you’re saying, but I just don’t know if he is the difference maker in a playoff series. Again, this is because I know next to nothing about him. In all seriousness, does he make the lineup better?

      • Difference maker is probably a stretch. But, I think he makes them a better lineup by a decent margin, especially when Polanco is back.

        I know we’ve been lenient with Mayberry since he’s been back and we’re trying to be patient with Brown, but Pence is clearly a better hitter than either of them now.

        I kind of look at it as Pence being not that different from Werth. They’re not identical players, but I’d say they’re similar and would serve a similar purpose in this lineup with some pop, speed, right-handed hitter, etc.

        They could win with or without him. He could go off, and they’ll still need a couple of other guys to hit.

        Same deal with Beltran in SF.

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