Hunter Pence.

Welcome to Philadelphia.

Phillies do what it takes to get Pence, which appears to be Cosart, Singleton and two lesser prospects. It is a lot to give up for a player like Pence, but the urgency of the situation obviously played a part. It also should be taken into account that the Phillies were probably in the market for a right-handed corner outfielder of Pence’s ilk for the next few seasons anyway, so whether it was another trade or free agency at some point a move was going to have to be done.

Holding onto Dom Brown eliminates the possibility of immediate regret. Cosart and Singleton are at least a couple of years away.  If the Phillies reach the pinnacle in that time, no one will dwell too much on what becomes of the prospects headed to Houston.  I’d be more concerned about Singleton, who as I mentioned earlier is a high-ceiling guy who is young for his level.  I think Cosart has been overrated and the Phillies have a few other young arms that could take his place.

The last night of the Phillies offense as we know it produced quite a bang, 10 runs through the first seven innings.  Not a bad output against stingy Pittsburgh.  But, starting as soon as tomorrow, the Phillies lineup will have a much different look.  And by next week, the Phils will be running out something like:

  1. Rollins
  2. Polanco
  3. Utley
  4. Howard
  5. Pence
  6. Victorino
  7. Ibanez
  8. Ruiz

Not too shabby.  I give the Phillies credit for going that extra mile for the 3rd straight year now, and of course the deal also keeps Pence out of Atlanta.  We probably won’t have a verdict on Pence until at least October and the prospects for years, but for now the already wild scene down at Citizen’s Bank Park gets another jolt of life and hopefully Pence can bring a little life and spark to the veteran clubhouse as well.

For more thoughts on Pence, scroll down a few posts.


8 thoughts on “Hunter Pence.

  1. Pretty incredible. Stuff like this never used to happen.

    I was playing golf yesterday and my friend turns to me on 14 and says, you know, you’re hitting the ball well but from 50 yards and in it’s like there’s no correlation between where the pin is and where your shots are going.

    • That sounds like my chipping. No one hits more chips 3-5 yards off line than I do.

      I blame the fact that chipping and putting is stupid.

  2. I’m not going to root for the guy to get hurt. If it happens, it happens.

    Singleton I am actually more worried about now that I’ve had the night to think about it.

    If he were to develop into a power hitting first baseman, you’re talking about someone who in 3-4 years is still only 23 and do we want to think about what Ryan Howard is going to be doing on the back end of that contract?

    • right i mean i’m not gonna root for anyone to get hurt, just a prediction.

      but yeah good point on singleton, that would be a tough pill to swallow. guess we’ll just wait and see.

  3. But Singleton is still in A ball. So much can happen between now and when he is ready for the majors. Compare Dom Brown between last year and this year i terms of how much of a sure thing he seems. You’ve got to improve the major league team when the cost is A ball players.

  4. Okay, here’s why I can’t handle sabermetrics sometimes: If you listen to the saber heads (e.g. at Grantland) you’d get the impression that Michael Bourn is the second coming of Richie Ashburn.

  5. Maddening article from what I just skimmed.

    The thing with the sabermetrics to me is, it’s too big picture. And, it overrates defense too much, I think. There’s no way the Phillies are better with Dom Brown than Ibanez right now. No chance. Brown was hitting about one ball hard a week and was a butcher in the field, I don’t care how many walks he takes. And, I love that Pence’s BA on balls in play is a giant red flag, but Bourn’s nearly identical number is offered as a throwaway.

    And, don’t you think if Cosart was going to dominate the ML’s someday that he’d currently be dominating Single-A? Or, that he’d have better fancy pitching stats than at least everyone on his team?

    I love that’s he blinded by Cosart’s curveball, but digs deep into everyone else’s stats and doesn’t get sidetracked by RBIs.

    What a load of crap.

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