The Ultimate Target. (w/DA Update)

What's 10 Grand? To Him.

I think deep down, in the soft, childish core of every sports fan there is love for Randy Moss.  I found myself drawn to Moss from the moment he entered the league.  He amused me for his entire career which he ended after 13 years on Monday.  I don’t know that I think Moss is done, but just in case, it was one hell of a career.  Moss may not have a Super Bowl ring, but for me Moss has always been about individual spectacle and not team results.  Sports need guys like Moss. Not everyone can be Derek Jeter.   From his one-hand TD catches, to his straight cash homey routine, to his blatant quitting on routes and teams, I always had an eye on Randy Moss, watching what he was up to, and shaking my head in some form of disbelief.

Moss took over the NFL my freshman year of college.  Moss’s rookie numbers look like misprints.  Seventeen touchdowns. Thirteen hundred yards.  And, all delivered by the resurgent, punt-throwing, Randall Cunningham.  I know Moss was different because two games from that rookie year are burnt into my memory, and I’m usually not good with such detail for games involving teams from Minnesota.  Moss exploded onto the national scene on a Monday night in Green Bay.  I watched part of the game at the fraternity house that I would pledge for about 48 hours.  Still allowed inside, I saw Moss snag five balls for 190 yards and two touchdowns.  Then, home for Thanksgiving break, I watched Moss torch the hated Cowboys for three catches that all became touchdowns, distance covered?  163 yards.  I remember laughing with glee as he streaked in for the final score.

In honor of one of the best receivers of my lifetime hanging it up, I thought I’d offer one of my traditional, oddly-timed, QB rankings.  Any given year in the league there’s only about eight or ten guys that can really play quarterback.  It’s always in flux.  After all, Kerry Collins hung him up.  Move on.  As far as I know, DA hasn’t caught on anywhere, either*. And, Carson Palmer?  Who knows.

1.  Aaron Rodgers.  This guy’s out there blazing the trail for people like Kevin Kolb.  The difference is, he has skill.  As someone who wildly overvalues QBs in fantasy football, I’m expecting to be irrationally enamored with Rodgers all year.

2. Drew Brees.  Accuracy freak of nature.  The last three years he’s good for about 4500 yards and 30+ TDs.  Whoops.  Beats out Tommy Boy, because I think he’s got a few more years of prime left than Brady.

3. Tom Brady.  He’ll probably never reach the heights of 2007 when he was chucking to our boy, but last year Brady trotted out a little something called a 9:1 TD/INT ratio.  That is…unusual.  The thing about great QBs is that they learn to pitch like veteran pitchers, but can still make all the throws.  Brady is a prime example.

4.  Peyton Manning.  What is Peyton Manning doing at number four?  I guess I’d say the neck surgery sounds a little…invasive?  Pey-Pey is also 35.  Is this going to go on forever?  It might.

5.  Philip Rivers.  I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t put any blame in San Diego on Philip Rivers.  He’s 3-4 in the playoffs, it isn’t like he’s completely fallen on his face.  Forty-seven hundred yards passing last year to a collection of clowns.  Right in the middle of his prime.

6.  Ben Roethlisberger.  Last year didn’t exactly go smoothly for the newlywed Big Ben.  Missed the first four games, lost the Super Bowl, but he still put up decent numbers and now carries a career playoff record of 10-3.  Not many QBs can match that, regardless their alleged propensity for inappropriate touching.

7.  Michael Vick.  Vick was incredible last year, but he ended the regular season on the decline, and as much as I’d like to see it, I’m not sure he can stay healthy for a whole season.  I don’t think the league will catch up to Vick completely, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 2010 was a career year for him and not the start of an extended period of dominant play.

8.  Matt Ryan.  Ryan bounced back really nicely last year.  He threw 28 TDs against only nine picks.  He approached 4,000 yards, and the weapons around him are getting better.  The guy has also started 46 of a possible 48 games in his 3-year career, love that durability.

9.  Matt Schaub.  Schaub’s 2010 felt a lot worse than the numbers.  4,370 yards.  24TDs/12INTs.  I think Schaub was hurt by his god-like fantasy season in 2009 and didn’t quite live up to expectations.  Like Rivers, I’m not buying all the trouble in Houston is his fault.

10.  Sam Bradford.  Get in early on Bradford who had a great rookie year on a dreadful St. Louis team.  Unless there is a drastic change in the NFC West, he’ll be tearing this division up for years.  It’s going to get embarrassing.

11.  Tony Romo

12. Josh Freeman

13. Eli Manning

14. Joe Flacco

15. Jay Cutler

16. Matt Stafford

17. Mark Sanchez

18. Donovan McNabb

19. David Garrard

20. Matt Cassell

21. Kevin Kolb

22. Jason Campbell

23. Fitzy

24. Chade Henne

25. Matt Hasselbeck

*DA to the Panthers.  The Panthers now have Cam Newton, Jimmy Clausen and DA.  Who is the front-runner there?  It certainly isn’t Clausen.  I don’t think Cam Newton could possibly be ready.  What does that mean?  Expect DA back where he belongs in week one.


14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Target. (w/DA Update)

  1. Has schaub ever made the playoffs? Didn’t Arian foster lead the league in rushing last year? And the best wr in the NFL is a Texan? Ok….ok. Straws, someone is grasping for you. Freeman, schaub and ya boy romo-no thanks.

  2. On moss, pats-dolphins when him and Brady were putting up ungodly numbers and the poor dolphins did everythin short of tasering moss to stop him. I watched it in Boston, moss double covered and outleaping both in the end zone for a td. This was followed by a certain pats fan berating and talking junk to an 8 yr old in a Marino jersey and then the kid’s dad. Awesome.

  3. Is grasping at straws like hanging onto one month of football from 4 yrs ago?

    Throw another 25 picks Eli.

  4. 31 TDs, 10-6, 4,000 yards…….Keep agreeing with the pundits, THIS is the year matt schaub and the texans make the playoffs!!!! Hate on Eli if you will, he consistently wins in the NFL, despite injuries and in varying forms. He’s also top ten in yards and TDs.

  5. Yeah, I’m sure if Manning was in Houston they’d be going for one for the thumb this year…

    You know what he really does consistently? Lead the league in picks. Two of the last 4 years.

    You’ve been trotting out the same stuff for two years now, but what has Eli done in the last two years to merit anything? They haven’t made the playoffs. They haven’t won a playoff game the last 3 years, He’s a pick machine. What am I missing? Oh right, he fell ass backwards into a Super Bowl and that makes him a top-10 QB for life.

    • Have i referenced his super bowl at all? No. You’re putting a guy in schaub who’s consistently injured, has the best WR in the game, had the best running game in the nfl last year, has never made the playoffs and never wins more than 8 games ahead of a QB who won 10 games last year, who threw for 30 TDs and 4,000 yards with significant injuries in his receiving corp and his o-line. I’d say “30 TDS and 4,000 yards” merits a lot. And your boy Romo had 7 picks in 6 games last year before his injury. So you’re putting a guy who’s own WR’s said they preferred jon kitna over him, ahead of Eli.

      • So Eli’s 4,000 yards count, but Schaub’s 4,700 don’t? You’re implying the Super Bowl. You have to be. He wasn’t won a thing aside from that. He’s 0-fer the rest of his career in the playoffs. The Giants have been a better team than Houston. I’ll give you that.

        Consistently Injured? The guy has made 32 straight starts. Please return to your file of “generalizations I heard about Matt Schaub in 2008.”

        Johnson was the one that was hurt last year. And, his tight end. His other receivers include Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones.

        And Foster, really? One good year. How about Eli having two 750-1000 yard rushers on his team for the last 3-4 yrs.

    • BK,

      Is Eli better than Schaub, Bradford, Romo, and some of the other guys?
      Maybe. I don’t think it’s clear cut with any of them and I think that’s biggest issue you should have. It really shouldn’t be with Gross’ list, it should be with Eli underperforming after winning his Super Bowl in 2007 and not making himself cearly better than the rest of these guys.

      That game could have spingboarded his career in a direction where was consistently winning playoff games in addition to regualr season games.
      And when you’re an elite quarterback you overcome injury issues.

      Look at Vick. He had is own injuries while the offensive line had its injury issues as did the defense. There were even games when Jackson was out from getting knocked out.

      I think in order for Eli to take the next step he needs to be show he can overcome the obstacles in front of him on a consistent basis.

      And the thing that also bothers me about Eli is his massive contract. They paid him as if he were the reason he won the Super Bowl. They paid him as if he were the reason they would be a great team. It was all about Eli.
      But the second things go bad the finger gets pointed elsewhere and it’s suddenly not Eli’s fault.

      If you want to praise the guy when he doesn’t deserve it you gotta be willing to blame him when he may not deserve it.

      I can’t believe I just tried to be nice and reasonable there.

  6. On the topic of golf, weren’t you saying something about alignment the other day? I played twice this weekend (first two full rounds of the summer) and, my god, every single problem I had somehow related directly to an alignment problem. Not that I’ve solved those problems. I’ve just identified the fact that my alignment is NOT good.

  7. As in comments from playing partners like, “seems like you were lined up way to the left on that one.” Or, “what were you aiming at?”

    • Yeah, I don’t want to get into a big sob story, but poor alignment slowly ruined my game over about a year or so. I’d always played like a little 5-yard pull when I was going well, but by not playing or paying any real attention to it, it got way out of hand and I went from aiming 5 yards right to about 50. The problem is, when it’s bad you have to do something bad in your swing to compensate and it snowballs from there. It’s been a good time digging myself out of the hole, though.

  8. I’m planning on going ahead with it if people want to play again.

    I’ll send out something fairly soon to the people who played last year. I know one person who didn’t play last year that wants in, so they could fill a spot, or maybe we could expand to 10 teams.

    If you are reading this and didn’t play last year, but would like to, get in touch with me.

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