Frickin’ Caddies.

Anyone Know the Guy on the Left?

That’s Angelo Argea in a suggestive pose worthy of an NFL Picks post.  Argea was Jack’s most well-known caddy, but I imagine only the truly dedicated golf fan has any idea who he is, and maybe a few more would recognize him.  Other than that, caddying for the best golfer in the world, Argea had about as much profile as the guys who wield the Quiet signs in the gallery.  

The first caddy I ever knew by sight was Herman Mitchell, who carried for Lee Trevino.  He was recognizable to me partly because Trevino was the dominant and charismatic figure on the Senior Tour, and partly because Herman was just a mountain of a man.  He’d go 350 easy, I imagine, and the bag looked a backpack slung over his shoulder.  Still, I don’t remember Herman doing many interviews.  Trevino might bring him in to share a laugh after a win, but that was about it.  

Big Herm.

Of course, I’m leading into what Steve Williams said after Adam Scott won the tournament on Sunday.  I was not watching, but I immediately got a few messages about Steve trashing Tiger on the air.  Steve was scorned, his ego was dented a bit, perhaps he was a little punch drunk on victory, and he just let Tiger have it.  He contested the terms of his dismissal.  He claimed working for Scott was more fun than anything else in his career and the win on Sunday was his most gratifying as a caddy.  All of that very well could be true, but really Stevie?  You’re going to air this publicly?  

I wonder if Williams recognized that if he had not been Tiger’s caddy then there wouldn’t have been a microphone in his face on Sunday evening.  If Williams had left Lee Westwood’s bag to take on Adam Scott, then he would have been having a beer and getting the things together for the trip to the PGA after the round and not holding court with the press.   I know Stevie’s feelings were hurt, but how about a little professionalism?  There’s no part of him that realizes he made 8 figures off of Tiger and he’d be looking at a fraction of that if he was anyone else’s caddy, regardless of his skills on the course?  

It was all a little bit too, “how do you like me now,” for my taste.  Williams even went on to talk about the tournaments “he’s won.”  I don’t remember ever seeing Stevie slide into a green jacket or raise a trophy.  He’s the guy at the end of the round who is unscrewing the flag off the pin on the 18th green.  I don’t want to belittle the caddies, but I think they’ve progressed from being grossly under-appreciated to overrated.  Back when they weren’t making dick-ola and were lucky to have a full-time gig, they probably deserved a bit more respect.  Now, in the Phil/Bones era, I think we might overstate their role with the players.

After all, Adam Scott almost won the Masters this year with his former caddy. A former caddy by the way who also once carried for Greg Norman and was pretty decorated in his own right.  And, look at a guy like Dustin Johnson. At the British Open it’s Joe LaCava on the bag, but the same old results on the course.  If I’m Adam Scott, I really want no part of the Steve Williams redemption tour.  The gallery was chanting Stevie’s name on Sunday?  Are you serious?  Scott seems to be a very relaxed guy, so I doubt it’s an issue, but I wouldn’t want Stevie spouting off about what he’s bringing to the table or how he’s helping my game, etc.  If the player wants to give that credit, fine.  When the caddy starts taking it for himself, it rubs me the wrong way.  

I can’t imagine what Tiger must be thinking right now.  He has to feel a bit powerless, because his only real response would be to go out and win the PGA with Bryon Bell on the bag–a guy who no one would confuse with an experienced, great caddy.  It’ll be hard for him to do that, though, because he just can’t find his game, or hasn’t had the time to find it again. He’s stuck taking these body blows, and he likely deserves most of them.  Maybe he was a jerk to Williams for their entire relationship, but you didn’t get that impression.  It feels more like a divorce and now Williams is trying to “win the breakup.”  

I was never a huge fan of Stevie while he was with Tiger and while some people are giving him credit for opening up and being honest about things, this just turned me off even more.   


11 thoughts on “Frickin’ Caddies.

  1. Agreed on this completely. By the way, have you ever watched Jack’s old instructional videos on Youtube? They are great. You only need one swing to play golf . . . if you are Jack Nicklaus. Unanswered is the question of what you should do if your one swing isn’t very good. But nevertheless refreshing in its simplicity.

    • i should watch those, need some simplicity.

      kind of sounds like Fred’s playing lesson where he dropped such gems as, “I just aim left and then hit it down the middle (swings)…like that.”

    • Search for Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way. There’s a bunch of different videos. I actually think they are helpful. My swing is going to stink no matter what I do. If I’m going to have tips bouncing around in my head, they might as well be from Jack.

  2. 3-Putt, 1 – what on earth is that caddy wearing? jail escape?
    2, lil add on your blog for back to school at Exton Mall. way to support local? you linking with ads now?


  3. I’m not aware of any ads on the site.

    That’s your standard caddy jumpsuit from back in the day. About the only time you see one now is at the Masters. It’s been replaced by the caddy “bib.”

  4. Williams is supremely disappointing. The irony is he hammers away at Tiger, and more and more he comes across as petulant and inappropriate, making Tiger seem better and better. If i were scott i’d be pissed. You just bring this guy on, he probably doesn’t really do d*ck to help your game and now he’s talking about how it was “the most satisfying win of his (my) career”??? Did i miss the rule change that made golf a team game? Eff this guy.

  5. And to top it off we have to hear from Rick effing Reilly defend Stevie and even praises him for winning 8 times at Bridgestone.

    Say what?

    Like you said about him sliding into a green jacket, he definitely didn’t drop any putts or hit any shots in the dark at Firestone.

    Reilly even rips Tiger for being cheap.

    Maybe I’m fired up cause I’m a Tiger fan or maybe I’m just identifying a guy being a total clown.

  6. He’s a looper and nothing more. That ass clown should be thankful for the opportunities his been given and shut his yapper.

  7. It’s amazing how the Tiger hate has spawned Stevie love. Some people are still so fired up about Tiger that anything against him they just blindly embrace.

    Do we forget the fact that Stevie’s been an entitled jerk for a decade, and now he’s America’s Darling?

    I gotta say, I’m pro Bryon Bell in this case. If you make the decision to live off the Tiger gravy train, you just keep on shutting up and taking the checks.

    The moral high-horse rode out of town the day you started taking cash for slapping Valvoline on your shirt, Buddy.

    Also, Rick Reilly has become the worst sports writer/reporter in America…by a runaway margin.

    • Didn’t know you thought poorly of Reilly. I just hope your thoughts aren’t the minority. Maybe a future post about the worst paid writers/reporters? Notice I said “paid.” This keeps me off the list. Thank. You.

      • Yeah, Reilly. I mean, it’s not easy to be funny and clean(for SI, now ESPN), especially for 30 years? And he’s not funny anymore. I don’t think it’s debatable. He’s like Chris Berman. The 70s rock references aren’t funny and neither is Reilly’s routine. He isn’t a terrible writer, though, what puts me over the edge is he’s adopted this air of moral superiority and rams these manufactured feel good stories down your throat.

        I’ve said this before, but all of that comes from a guy who spent a fair portion of Who’s Your Caddy? Talking about John Daly’s donker (with what I’d call blatant envy) and writes Dan Jenkins rip-off novels about this fantasy version of himself where his main character hooks up with every chick around all of which happen to have a certain physical attribute.

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