Quickly on the Melee.

Victorino was Restrained by a Who's Who of Peacemakers.

For some reason I don’t feel much need to wrap up the Phillies series with San Francisco.  I think the biggest news of the weekend is Placido Polanco’s injury.  The Phillies don’t need Polanco to finish out the season, but they’ll need him or will likely need to make a move if he is out for the playoffs.  You can’t put this kind of team together and then go into October with Michael Martinez at 3rd base.

Did the little melee have any role in Polanco’s new hip ailment?  It’s hard to know, but Polanco hasn’t been healthy all year, save the first few weeks, and has hardly been healthy much of the last two seasons.  Even if he’s not too badly hurt it might be a good idea to just shut him down, and then give him the last three weeks of the season to get back into the groove.  With a big lead in the division, you have to keep one eye on the post-season.  The same may end up being true for the pitchers.  You don’t run them into the ground trying to build up a double-digit lead over the Braves.

I enjoyed the dust-up on Friday night.  I appreciate everyone who alerted my attention to it, and in an 8-2 game it was certainly good viewing.  I know a lot of fans wanted a little more retaliation from the Phillies, but they don’t want to be absorbing more suspensions or risking further injuries.  Players have long memories in these situations.  You never know when a Giant might get drilled.  For now, the Phillies have to settle for taking 3 of 4 on the field.  I think that was just good enough for most people.  There is still the worry about Cain and Lincecum, but as I’ve repeated over and over, no demons can be erased until the post-season.

The Giants offense proved itself to be a particular shade of incompetent over the weekend.  Even with Roy Oswalt moving his fastball up and out over that plate the Giants seem to score as few runs as their production would allow.  Multiple squeeze attempts, horrid base running, hitting 4 balls out of the infield against Hamels, I’m struggling to picture what Phillies fans would be feeling right now if they’d been watching that offense all year.  The fact is, the Giants will remain a tough out in the playoffs, but they’ve got bigger problems.  They’ll need to win that division, and they’ll need to get out of the 1st round.  They should be thankful they’re in the feeble West, otherwise their success against the Phillies would be moot.


3 thoughts on “Quickly on the Melee.

  1. Today on Grantland: Someone or other uses advanced metrics to prove that the Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle contracts were a bad idea for the Rockies. Did you know that Neagle had the fifth-worst RPI in 1999, worse than even Boston College? My god what were the Rockies thinking.

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