Awful Leaderboard, JSO Weekend, Etc.

The Primal Magnetism of Steve Stricker.

Where are the Europeans?  Where are the young Americans?  If you don’t like Steve Stricker or aren’t interested in Steve Williams’s quest to win consecutive events, the PGA doesn’t have much to offer.  If things stay like this, expect the opposite of a ratings bonanza.  If there isn’t a drastic shake-up in the next 27 holes, the event will be reduced to normal golf watching standards, which is tune in for the last hour or so to see if it’s close or if anyone throws up all over themselves.

The Tiger story will likely end this afternoon unless he can summon a 67 or better.  His round yesterday had to be troubling.  Three under par through 5 holes and then 10 over the rest of the way.  Even Tiger fans are getting a little frustrated.  Tiger’s got to throw them a bone, justify their loyalty.  It’s starting to look like Tiger might not play again until the President’s Cup.  I’m sure that will be one of the first questions asked of him if he misses the cut, and he surely will not answer it directly, but you have to wonder if he’d think about playing this Fall.  And, would he consider asking Fred Couples to not bring him to Australia?  Another long layoff from competition, healthy or not, is probably not what Tiger needs right now.  Tiger’s even through 3 holes, he’s got 15 more out there to find a bunch of birdies.

The other non-leaderboard related story of the week is Rory McIlroy’s injury, aka the most overblown incident I’ve ever seen.  McIlroy played today with looked like hundreds of dollars worth of bandages and braces adorning his afflicted wrist and forearm.  Please add “Rory the Gamer” (someone stooped to a Willis Reed reference) to the growing pile of nauseating McIlroy themes.  He didn’t take a puck above the eye, get drilled with a fastball, take an elbow to the nose, or anything like that.  He tweaked his wrist.  I’m sure he’s hurting a bit, I just can’t stand that everything Rory does is cast in the most glowing light possible.  He could run over someone’s dog, and we’d be hearing about his humanity.


I foreshadowed that the Jean Short Open would likely be a more captivating event than the PGA Championship, and it’d be hard to argue with that premise now.  For the 3rd straight year we’re expecting pristine weather conditions.  How do we run a golf event in the middle of summer and never encounter a sweltering day?  Well, obviously the weather gods are on the side of the JSO.  And, once the temperature hits 90 degrees, most people have a completely different chemical reaction to Coors Light. So, it’s nice to avoid that.  This is just another friendly reminder to come back on Monday and check out the pictures.  I did get a message today asking me if I knew of a place to get a belt that you could attach your own buckle to, so there’s a little teaser to hold you over until Monday.


Phillies get the Nationals this weekend.  The Phillies season now seems to be getting measured against history more than against any other team in their division.  The Braves would have to play about 31-13 baseball to catch the Phillies if they simply play .500 the rest of the way.  In no way is the Phillies lead insurmountable, but that puts a little mathematical perspective on it.  The new discussion seems to be, will this Phillies team win the most games in franchise history? Shouldn’t really be worried about that right now.  Just take another weekend to bask in Jayson Werth’s terrible year, to check out Roy Oswalt in start #2 and watch the Phillies win yet another series.  It’s like clockwork these days.

All right, that should about take care of it for the week.  I’ve got to go find a really ugly shirt (If any of my fellow players are reading this, I’m just kidding.  I totally have my outfit ready).  See everyone Monday.

5 thoughts on “Awful Leaderboard, JSO Weekend, Etc.

  1. 3-Putt, ugly shirt? just check your closet.
    (sorry, had to go there, you kind of set it up)

    um, and Phils, I also hear a lot of “oh, they can’t hang with the other league…which they seemed okay with the Red Sox). no games with the Yanks in reg season??

    right now, i just wanna vomit when I see a men with faux colored beards. wait, that’s only one bizarre man.


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