Summer Blogcation.

The Outer Reaches of One-Putt Territory.

Well, it’s finally time.  Time to take a little break.  I guess the blogcation really started yesterday with a little charity golf outing, but I’ll officially launch it this afternoon when I head to PHL, aka the 243rd most efficient airport in the country.  I think the timing is good.  We’re still in “who cares,” mode for pre-season football, they’ll be enough time to cram for fantasy when I get back, and Jim Thome finally got that 600th home run out of the way.  I’m heading up to Boston to play in the Member-Guest that I mentioned last week.  Hopefully JCK and I are still friends after Sunday.  We’ll see how it goes. I’m leaving the Apple IIc at home, so unfortunately there won’t be any live updates.  Perhaps I can check in here and there, but until next Monday afternoon we won’t be operating on anything like a normal posting schedule.  If anyone would like to fill in for me, let me know, and I’ll ship out my account information.

Things to talk about on the way out…

Thanks to everyone for supporting the JSO post.  I know we didn’t go crazy in the comments section, but we put up some great stats.  A lot of shy readers out there just came to gawk.  It was the car accident of blog posts, and I’m going to say it lived up to expectations.


The Phillies open a 3-game series with Arizona on Tuesday.  This is a great series for over-analysis.  People who are afraid of SF wouldn’t be crushed if the Phils lost 2 of 3.  But then, you’d get the rise of the “careful what you wish for crowd,” crowing about how the Diamondbacks won 4 of 6 during the regular season.  I find it hard to believe that the NL West race will come down to how the D-Backs do this week against the Phils, so we might as well sweep them right out of town.  The Giants seem fully in control of their own implosion.  Hilarious blown save by Brian Wilson last night.  Go Braves!  (tee hee hee).


I’ve started watching the first season of Mad Men over again and it’s only made me more angry that the show is on a 2.5 year hiatus, or whatever the final tally is going to be.  A lot of great TV shows are good right out of the gate.  Some peak in season one.  Mad Men has been a little up and down.  I really liked season 3, but after every episode of season one, you just sit back and say it was a quality episode.  I’m fearing how atrocious these network TV knockoffs are going to be.  The one about the flight attendants and then the Playboy Club are both trying to capture the magic of that same era.  I’m expecting a combined 11 episodes.


I didn’t really get a chance to wrap up the PGA Championship.  It was very much like an NBA game.  Just tune in for the end, and you’ll see everything worthwhile.  The leaderboard was atrocious for most of the week.  Some bigger names took a peek on Sunday, but it was Jason Dufner’s tournament to lose and Jason Dufner is neither a household name or a young star.  When he saved bogey on 15 I sent a message out to Dub that said, “There’s no way he can blow this (testing the power of the jinx).”  Obviously, about 1/2 hour later, I felt a little responsible.  Bradley made a bomb on 17, Dufner gunned one on the same green and then ended up losing the playoff.

Nothing against Dufner, but Bradley getting the win is probably better for golf.  Certainly not many people knew much about Keegan Bradley, but he’s just a rookie.  He has a legitimate chance to be a star in the making.  Dufner is trying to gain modest late-bloomer status.  Bradley’s two wins this year put him in an interesting position.  He could conceivably end up with Player of the Year honors with another win in the FedEx playoffs.  And, this is a guy who wasn’t even eligible for the first three majors.  He hits the ball a mile, he seems resilient, maybe the U.S. has a burgeoning golf star, or maybe he’s just another very good young player that won’t quite distinguish himself from the pack.  It’ll be interesting to look back in about 10 years, and see what kind of careers all these young guys have compiled.


I’m also going to Fenway this week, heading over Wednesday afternoon to watch the Red Sox play the Rays.  John Lackey’s on the hill, which means push back those dinner reservations.  I’m excited about the development.  When I go to a game with no real rooting interest, I generally just pull for the home team and some good action.  Maybe I’ll find a shady character outside the park who can give me a little taste on the over.  Always like going to Fenway.  Someone asked me yesterday if I like Fenway or Wrigley better, and I’ll take Fenway.  I’m not sure what my favorite park in the league is right now.  I need to get out to Pittsburgh.  Otherwise, I might have to admit SF is the best.


A Thorough, Difficult Quiz of the Week.  Last 5 MLB MVPs by Position.  Category: Not Greg Gagne.  My Score: 73/89.


All right, think that’s about it.  I’m off in a few.  Everyone enjoy the week.  I’ll see you back here either sporadically or else for sure next Monday.  Take it easy…



7 thoughts on “Summer Blogcation.

  1. looks who’s a flip flopper?
    Fenway or Wrigley better, and I’ll take Fenway

    used to be Wrigley Wrigley Wrigley?

    and with your attitude re: Red Sox, I doubt you deserve that ticket tomorrow night (just jealous).

    okay, well, I heart Keegan Bradley. prob would like him, as well, if he were Bradley Keegan.


  2. dear 3-Putt,

    the Phillies need you back in Philly. see what happens when GV’s finest hit Red Sox Nation…oh, wait the Sox lost today.

    much just be the full pendular impact Q has on that town.

    say hi to a town named after me, Q. for Quincy.


  3. when you said talk amongst yourselves, i assume you were prepared to hear Q talk to herself:

    updates –
    1, why do many suburban drivers drive BELOW the speed limit. lawless out here, people.

    2, okay, i saw the highlights, and my beloved Brady did play last night. what a stallion. again, you can take the girl out of Pats Nation but the Fever lingers like a wild infection. remind me, again, no drinking during Pats games (hmm, if i get to see any this year). gets ugly.

    3, and to 3-Putt and JCK today, make it magical and make it memorable. JCK, keep your weight and head down or be prepared for your buddy to just come at you with his clubs.


  4. In case you’re going through Philadelphia sports withdrawl here’s a little something for you. (Say it in a whiney panicked voice)

    Oh my gosh, why did Charlie leave in Roy Halladay against the Diamondbacks, What is going on? Our bullpen is terrible, Did you see Ryan Madson?

    The Eagles will never win another game, Mike Vick is awful. Why did we sign any of these guys?

    And…..i’m done.

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Andy Dalton is going to be the belle of the DA ball this year- at one point the bottom of the screen read: ‘Dalton 1-7. 6 yds. 2 INT’. He finished something like 8-17 80 yds and 2 INT

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