Everything Stayed on the Shelves.

That was interesting.  I am sitting around, minding my own business when the doors of my closet start to rattle.  Am I going insane?  No, the entire apartment is shaking a bit.  For the first few seconds I’m thinking the maintenance work on the building is getting a little aggressive, but as it turns out I was experiencing my first earthquake.  It was a 5.8 magnitude, centered in Virginia and felt all the way to New York City.  I was aware that something like this could happen in Virginia, or even these parts, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it to happen any time soon.  I like to steer clear of natural events like these.   I guess now I have to be on the look out for aftershocks.

7 thoughts on “Earthquake.

  1. Felt it in Vermont, though pretty lightly. We had a stronger one last year that originated in Quebec or Ottawa or something like that. My first quake was in Alaska. That was an honest-to-goodness lamps-falling-over kind of earthquake. We were in a hotel. We ran downstairs and outside. It was the middle of the night but sunny outside (it was June). Everyone was like what are you doing, it’s just an earthquake, go back to bed.

  2. so, you ran outside, DC? we are debating at work if you go outside for earthquake or just away from windows, maybe under the board room table or cuddle in the bathroom. we’re gonna work on our plan tomorrow, bunch of social service chicks running in circles will not keep us safe should a major disaster strike. maybe that’s the issue with social services in general?

    and hey, did you guys feel the 94/95ish one?? i was prob a frosh at GV. my parents took my bro for a college visit or maybe he was playing football out of town (details). and i was at the famous twin Wilson house, we’d just watched faulty towers. and then the miniatures fell off the miniature shelves their parents had.

    and that’s my quake story.

    not as cool as DC’s unless you count the Wilson effect.


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