Headed to the Orchard.

Where is the Honeycrisp Aisle?

I’m not actually going to the orchard, but I unfortunately do not have time today to make a real solid post.  The good news is, I’m working on a long, and revolutionary NFL preview that will come out later tonight or tomorrow.  It’s going to be thousands of words.  Ok, maybe not quite that long, but you’re going to be sitting there thinking, is this a blog or epic poem on football?  So yeah, in the near future, I’ll be squashing the dreams of your favorite NFL team.

In the meantime…Honeycrisp apples are back.  I’ve been waiting months and months for these beauties.  I’m pretty in tune with the apple season, and I appreciate all boutique forms of apples and the great country of New Zealand for all their apple efforts, but nothing compares to in-season Honeycrisp apples.  Even the Fujis at my local grocer have been looking weak of late, so you can imagine my glee when I zipped by Pete’s Produce in Westtown, PA and saw a sign that said “Locally Grown Honeycrisp Apples.”  I slammed on the breaks and did an action movie 360 right in the middle of Rt. 926. Not really.  I just went back later and got some apples.  Delicious.  It’s going to be high times.  At least until November.



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