I’ve Seen Worse Form, But…

...Work on the Face.

Phil Mickelson takes batting practice.   At least he isn’t using an overlap grip?  I’m not sure what to say here.  In the other picture I saw it looked like Phil loaded up pretty well, but it looks like his left wrist has collapsed and he’s going to come in with a vicious uppercut.  Didn’t anyone ever tell him to keep the barrel above his hands?  It looks like he’s hitting some hold-on flop shot.  Maybe it’s the camera angle…


5 thoughts on “I’ve Seen Worse Form, But…

  1. I don’t mind the swing as much as I do him wearing jeans and polo. If you’re going to do something athletic you might as well throw on a pair mesh shorts, sweatpants and a t-shirt. At least look the part.

    If he has access to the cage he has access to a place where he can change his clothes. Never. And I mean never participate in any sport while wearing denim. Unless it’s the JSO of course.

  2. If you take a look at a bigger version, you can really see the horrific form.

    But, good points about the jeans on all counts.

    And, Phil is such a dork, I’m surprised he didn’t have a full uniform on.

  3. I hate Phil.

    Did you see the replay/pic of Pedroia’s single in the 6th? The ball is literally above his head (partially b/c he’s a douchey midget) when he connects. It’s extremely odd.

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