Playing Ketchup.

I'm a Heinz Man, Just Like Everyone Else Who Has Ever Tasted Ketchup.

Did you think this post was going to be about Ketchup?  If only I could properly put my feelings into words.  There’s nothing to say, really.  Ketchup is amazing and Heinz is the best.  Want to see someone get smacked in the ear with a ketchup bottle?  Have them bring me a bottle of Hunt’s.  No, what I mean is, the hacky play on words.  A lot of stuff went on while people were enjoying that last kiss of summer.  Of course it’ll probably be 90 degrees at the end of September, and everyone takes 4-day weekends at the drop of a hat these days, but just from a pure calendar perspective, it was the last hurrah.  And, when the post office is closed, you know something is up.


I’m not sure the Phillies have played a must-win game since the All-Star Break, but Monday night was one they certainly could use, if for nothing more than their state of mind.   That was some series in Florida.  The David Herndon kerosene explosion on Saturday, followed by one of the oddest, ugliest games you’ll ever watch on Sunday.  Two losses, and I don’t want to talk about the ball Pence hit and the subsequent review by the Cowboy.  Why don’t I want to talk about it? Because it doesn’t matter, let it go, just like the Phils have let go any sniff of turmoil this season.  Any time a team has gotten a bit close, any time they really needed a series, they’ve delivered.  And, that’s what would be most reassuring to me right now as a Phillies fan.  When the Braves came in before the All-Star Break, it was panic city.  Now, they’ve won the last two games against Atlanta by a combined score of 23-1.  Enjoy the rest of September, Atlanta.


So, Peyton Manning.  The neck.  Here’s the deal with Manning.  He’s so omnipresent under center that I don’t even pay attention to reports on his injuries.  I still really don’t know what the problem is with his neck.  I know he had surgery, but I just shrug that off.  Manning will get himself out there somehow, why worry about the details?  I didn’t take him in my fantasy draft, but I ended up with Reggie Wayne.  Sh*t.  Now it looks like Peyton’s streak is over for sure, and I’d have to think more than just the first game is in jeopardy.  I don’t want to overstate the importance of Pey-Pey, but he’s one of maybe five (?) guys who could swing a whole conference.  We all know the Colts are mostly just slop and spare parts these days aside from Peyton, but they always win the AFC South.  Now I imagine Houston fans are doing some very self-satisfied fist pumping.  Hey, Gary Kubiak finally got that break he needed.  If we get extended Painter time this year, imagine what that could mean for DA Football…


Speaking of DA Football, Rex Grossman gets the nod in Washington.  This doesn’t surprise me, because he was competing against John Beck.  I went to school with a kid named John Beck.  I imagine he plays QB about as well as the guy in Washington.  The prospect of Rex coming in and having the chance to torpedo the momentum the ‘Skins have gotten during the pre-season is pretty enticing.  The whole Donovan thing, Beck’s off-season boasting, it’s surprising that they end back on Rexy…but, not really.  The amazing thing is, local radio guy and NFL analyst, Brian Baldinger, picked the Redskins to win the division last week.  Now, it did create a glut of callers for his show, but I haven’t seen the ‘Skins predicted to win more than 5 games anywhere else.  What does this mean for Rex, Shanny, Tim Hightower’s quasi-sleeper status, and Baldinger’s credibility?  At least two or three people are going to emerge from this in December looking like total morons.


Back when Brian Kelly was about to go to Notre Dame I wrote a post saying he should stay at Cincinnati.  Now, I was about to write that I’ve never really had a problem with Notre Dame, but that would be a lie.  Back in the eighties and early nineties I hated them with a passion.  And, I’m no fan of their more recent QBs, either.  But, hating on Notre Dame these days feels a bit like taking shots at Tiger Woods.  I’m not comparing Notre Dame to Tiger on any moral level, just pointing out the fact that things have gotten so bad that even some haters are probably saying, isn’t that enough already?  Let’s move onto something else.  But, there Notre Dame was again on Saturday putting up an absolute atrocity of a 1st half.  I guess the argument for Kelly is, while saying Cincy was a better job than Notre Dame was probably a big stretch, perhaps the next school that came calling really would have been a better job?  For now, I imagine Kelly and all Notre Dame fans are walking around in a fog of frustration.  I suppose that since the ND game was the only one all weekend that I watched, it still qualifies me for hater status.  I can accept that.


Webb Simpson (you don’t know him) won the FedEx playoff event in Boston on Monday.  It was his 2nd win in three weeks.  The FedEx playoffs you just take for what they are, which is pretty good fields on some pretty good golf courses. Maybe Simpson’s win will officially confirm the arrival of the U.S. chase pack in the next young great player race. The Americans have always had the depth, but have been lagging behind the more successful foreign stars like the Baby Jesus, himself, Rory McIlroy.  But, it was Dustin Johnson last week, Keegan Bradley at the PGA and now Simpson picking up two wins, not a bad effort even in fields a little light on foreign competition.  At the very least it should be good news for the Presidents Cup team, or perhaps Webb Simpson can turn into some kind of golf version of Kris Benson?

Dowd Simpson and What's His Face.


Ok, hopefully that’ll be enough to kick-start the short week.  Here’s to more rainouts, Braves flops, and the Brewers becoming the trendy contender of the week.  




6 thoughts on “Playing Ketchup.

  1. Is Peyton the single most important player (to his team) in the NFL? I can’t think of anyone who’s as integral to his team’s success off the top of my head. Also, after Cassell took the Pats to 11-5 or whatever they were, i think it’s hard to make the argument he’s as important a cog as Manning.

  2. I was going to definitively say he was the most important, but I didn’t want to take the time to go through everyone.

    Now, I’m thinking, it’s probably the case, or at least has been the case recently. I’d still put Brady up there, and Philip Rivers I’d put up there too. I can’t imagine the mess they’d be with some scrub QB.

  3. Yeah i’m not trying to downplay other guys, just more saying how crazy important manning is. I read an article today that the Addai and whoevertheeffelse at RB didn’t have 500 yards rushing on the season. Either of them. That’s an insane lack of a running game.

  4. Yeah, how is Addai still in the league?

    He’s been a fantasy killer for years.

    Crazy to think the Colts running game used to be beastly.

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