I Dare You to Laugh at This. (And Some Picks)


You have to give Adam Sandler credit for being loyal.  You watch the Bucky Larson TV preview (not the full and glorious trailer above) and it’s that same guy who’s been in every Adam Sandler movie, but has never been hired by anyone else. The guy’s name is Peter Dante.  Look at that filmography.  It’s very…one-dimensional?  Anyway, this movie looks like an absolute atrocity, and is what I call the classic comedian’s movie.

I feel like when groups of comedians get together (regardless of how funny they actually are), there is always something that cracks them up that no one else would find funny.  It’s not necessarily an inside joke, but something is going on there. I’m not sure if they feel like they’re operating on a higher comic plane, or what, but it’s the kind of thing you see manifest itself a couple of times a week on SNL.  Or, I assume that still happens.  Haven’t seen SNL in a while.  But, you can just picture them all sitting around dying, but a typical audience doesn’t even twitch.  Dead silence.

When you have the clout of Adam Sandler, you can make your little inside jokes into feature films with massive studio backing and cast your friends.  His career can really be broken into two categories.  Actual funny movies and then his pet projects that everyone wants to forget.  Think Zohan, 8 Crazy Nights, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, etc.  I’d even put the Waterboy in this category.  I think The Waterboy is absolutely awful, but it came out when Sandler was really riding a hot streak so people just played along like they were in on the joke.  The movie is unwatchable.

Anyway, it looks like Bucky Larson is the latest in the line of those movies, though Sandler won’t actually be in this one.  I guess he has to draw the line somewhere?  But, he’s still producing it, still casting his friends.  Like I said, very honorable stuff, loyal.  It’s just unfortunate for everyone who accidentally pays to see it.  Lessons learned, I guess.


Thursday Afternoon Bonus NFL Picks:

Well, like true degenerate gamblers, some of my NFL picks experts cannot resist the temptation of opening night.  As you may recall, the actual NFL Picks post comes out tomorrow, but we’ve got a little taste for tonight.  Have to get them on record so someone can be a DOCUMENTED 1-0 by tomorrow.  Let’s see here:

JCK: Last Year’s Record, 44-39-2

Green Bay (-4) vs. The Aints – I heard somewhere that 11 straight defending Super Bowl champions won opening night.  Nothing changes here.

Big Dub: Last Year’s Record, 44-37-4

New Orleans +4.5 @ Green Bay: The Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009, right? And they won 11 games last year, right? They’re going to Lambeau in September and not January? I think this is a classic example of an overreaction to one team and people forgetting about how good the other team is.

There you have it folks, some nice and differing opinions for opening night.  Who do you trust?



11 thoughts on “I Dare You to Laugh at This. (And Some Picks)

  1. It’s tempting, but it feels a little rushed. And, that number is just floating in no-man’s land.

    I want to see a real game unfold, then come back tomorrow to dominate.

    • one of my favs, too. zd. but i also really like the sandler sleeper: punch drunk love. been a while. think i need to watch that again.


  2. it’s interesting that my expert (pats) picks have been overlooked for this grid-iron season. i am no farmer’s daughter. i am a co-oaches daughter.

    anyhow. i pick the pats. auto repeat.

    and in other news, i think i actually look forward to this film.
    best line in trailer: “his parents were both stars, we could get a nostalgic audience…”

    ah, and street creds to don johnson. so coke sir?

    i wanna see this film. though, i dunno. maybe i just wanna read the screenplay..may be, as your post implies, wildly awkward on screen and away from the producers’ down time.


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