Phils Knock Off 5th Straight Division

The Celebration Waited For Hunter Pence's Pants to Come Off.

The Phillies division championship hangover manifested itself in a 5-0 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday night, and of course, no one really cares.  They should be allowed as much after five and half months of dominant baseball.  The next 10 days will be a trial in maintaining focus while the Phillies try to get some guys some rest and get others sharp for the upcoming NLDS.

I’m not going to go too in-depth into the Phillies’ win.  I watched the game at a restaurant/bar and it looked like there was amazing energy down at the stadium.  People were cheering in the restaurant during their meal, which caught me a little off guard, and it was actually nice to see that the division crown still meant a lot to the fans after 4 in a row.  Eventually the fans in Atlanta got sick of such things.  I’m not sure that would ever happen here.  And, it was nice to see the players genuinely enjoying the moment too, especially Hunter Pence, who really just let it all go.  I don’t think you can overlook the energy he’s brought to this team.

There are still plenty of things to talk and speculate about, and I’m sure people are worried about the offense again all of a sudden, but I think the only proper thing to do right now is to take a breath.  Kind of like the Phillies did on Sunday night. They’ll be back by October.