Vick Hurt.

Kafka Begins Quest to get Traded for '12 First Rounder.

About 20 minutes before Mike Vick left Sunday night’s game with a concussion I sent out a text asking how much longer he could possibly stay upright.  For the second straight game, Vick was taking a beating.  It finally caught up to him, and the Eagles as well.  The Falcons flipped a double-digit deficit after Vick was replaced, and the Eagles went from getting away with a sloppy game to flying home 1-1.  It’s not a certainty that Vick will be out next week against NY, but it’s a strong possibility and now we’ve gone two straight years with the Eagles’ QB suffering an early season concussion. Nothing against Mike Kafka, he came in and looked all right considering the situation, but this team is built around Michael Vick covering up its deficiencies. They’ll need him back.  

Vick’s injury, and the subsequent shift in how the game played out just highlighted how much of a QB league the NFL is right now.  The 32 most important guys in the league are the ones taking the snaps every week.  If you think anyone other than a QB deserves to win the MVP every year, you’re crazy.  You want an idea of how your team is doing?  Look at your QB.  Is it Matt Cassel?  If it is, you’re probably screwed.  If you’ve got Tom Brady, you’re doing all right.  That sounds obvious and simple, but with the amount of points being scored, and the total lack of defense being played, if you’ve got a game manager, you might as well have Luke McCown.  


Ok, these seasons really are over:

1.  Kansas City.  Wow.  Sometimes you have a (-79) point differential after two weeks.  And, I’m not entirely sure the Chiefs have played a good team yet.  The Bills and Lions have scored plenty of points, but I don’t think anyone expects them to meet in the Super Bowl.  Add in Jamaal Charles’s knee injury and you’ve got 4 months of agony left in K.C.  The only question is, do they even bother firing Todd Haley?

2.  Indianapolis.  I’m glad I got picking the Colts out of the way, because now I won’t touch them for the rest of the year. Will a Colt be starting on any fantasy team by week six?  I’ve got Reggie Wayne available.  Fifty cents on the dollar.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the Painter era.  Then draft Luck, cut Peyton and he can go play in Buffalo under new coach, Tony Dungy.  

3.  Seattle.  What were the odds on a shutout?  1:1?  How many quarters would it have taken for the Seahawks to score?  I couldn’t understand why Big Ben was still in there when it was 17-0.  That game was over.  The Seahawks aren’t going to go quietly in the Luck sweepstakes.  We can’t score, but we can’t really stop anyone, either.

4.  Miami.  Tony Sparano has that twitchy look that only NFL coaches can get when they’re slowly going crazy and waiting to be fired.  When it gets to the point, it’s best to just put the guy out of his misery.  Is Nick Saban available?  Bobby Petrino?  Any of the last several years Houston going on the road would have been a stink bomb, and the Texans may still be a fraud, but the Dolphins’ stank takes precedence over the Texans’ having no heart. 

5.  Minnesota.  Great game for Don, but he’s only one man.  Did Adrian Peterson actually sign that deal or was it a 30-day trial?  My goodness, the Vikings should play the Dolphins.  Winner moves to Los Angeles, loser joins the Big-12.  


The Three Games Will be a Trend Fantasy Watch:

1.  Cam Newton.  Will the Panthers throw the ball every play?  Will they always be coming from behind?  Will Newton get 10-15 points running the ball a week?  The answer to all of those is probably yes, so on the off-chance he’s still available, pick the guy up.  He’s not going to come crashing back down to earth until people start playing him. 

2. Kenny Britt.  The most annoying fantasy wide receiver of 2010 has turned himself into Andre Johnson this year.  Isn’t it strange that the Cardinals went a whole year without being able to get Larry Fitzgerald the ball, but the gosh dang Titans can make it rain to Britt every week?

3.  Fred Jackson.  Yes, he’s a Bill.  Yes, the Bills are lighting up scoreboards.  And, the guy is doing it on limited touches.  He’s not even a workhorse and he’s killing you as some clown’s flex back. 

4.  Gronkowski.  Why isn’t Randy Moss coming back to the Pats?  Because they have Gronkowski, and he’s going to catch 20 TDs this year.  Last week I said to myself, I hope Gronkowski has a bad week and then I’m going to try to trade for him.  Well, this guy’s value doesn’t look like it’s dropping anytime soon.

5. Vs. the Chiefs.  Obviously, this is the only real defensive option available.  Any other team might accidentally put up 30 points, but not the Chiefs.  I figure it’s only a matter of time before teams start returning kicks against them too.  


The “Rams and Giants Won’t Make it Anyway” Week 2 Top-10:

  1. New England
  2. Green Bay
  3. New York Jets
  4. New Orleans
  5. Detroit
  6. Philadelphia w/Vick
  7. Baltimore
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Houston
  10. Atlanta

5 thoughts on “Vick Hurt.

  1. Any word on how long Vick will be out?

    And, any word on whether the Seahawks have applied to the Pac-16 yet? Really there ought to be a promotion-relegation system between the Pac-16 and the NFC West. Don’t we think Stanford could at least go 2-4 in the division this year?

  2. Stanford would at least have the best QB.

    they haven’t ruled Vick out for next week yet.

    they said he was “very close” to passing the concussion test last night and said he was claiming to be “fine.”

    he’s got to go through the whole process. Right now it sounds like a week max, but I guess you never know.

  3. Good thing he had the presence of mind to point to the scoreboard (twice) and talk sh*t on his way to the locker room. Guess the concussion didn’t knock some sense into him. #imagerehabfail

  4. hahaha…

    what do you want him to do? stop and sign autographs for handicapped kids? Save a whale on his way to the locker room while he’s getting booed and verbally trashed by atlanta fans #totalfrauds.

    come on, this is something i could actually see you doing.

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