Wednesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

I Heart Myself, But Not my Week 3 Picks.

Ok, I’m finally getting around to this.  Better late than never?  I hope so.  The truth is, I could probably crank out another airport/flying post.  It’s impossible to have a normal air travel experience, but we need to get down to the business.  I’ll put those stories in the vault.  As it turned out, it must have been a very easy week to pick NFL games.  Our experts (aside from myself) had their best week of the season.  Maybe I’ll eventually join the party, or maybe I’ll just end up finishing in dead ass last like I did last season.  Let’s get it:

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. JCK:  10-5
  2. Big Dub:  9-5-1
  3. Grossy: 8-7
  4. Nichols:  6-7-2
  5. Kraft: 6-7-2

The “Chase Utley Finally Homered” Pick of the Week:  We had multiple 4-1’s this week, so it’s hard to narrow it down to one pick, but as you know, I love originality.  Winners get you the season crown, but the occasional odd ball selection is what brings in the weekly hardware.  This week, I’m going with Big Dub’s (4-1 on the week) selection of Oakland.  If he had only picked them outright, we really would have had gold, but this is a classic example of people loving the Jets WAY too much, road favorites?  Come on.  Big Dub sniffed it out, and stayed within hunting distance of JCK.

The “Blame it on Mike Gundy” Awful Pick of the Week:  At one point on Sunday, I thought I was going to start 0-3.  Then, I thought I was going to go 3-0.  Ugh, I can’t handle the swings.  Ultimately, things bounced mostly wrong, and even my spite pick is no longer undefeated.  But, Detroit’s brain dead 1st half, and their insulting win/no cover is going to be the awful pick of this week.  I made it, Kraft made it, a lot of people made it.  Is falling too in love with the Lions a crime? Yeah, I guess it is.

D.A. Standings and Summaries:

I like where things are going in D.A.  This week was a bit of a reality check for rookie QBs.  Cam Newton didn’t throw for 400 yards, Blaine Gabbert looked like you’d expect, the Red-Headed Rifleman (credit someone) was awful.  That’s what we expect and need to play proper D.A. fantasy football.  Throw in Tommy B’s 4 picks and it was quite the week.  Also, the longest losing streak in fantasy sports rolled on.

D.A. Standings:

  1. Team Horse Face 3-0
  2. Kraft 2-1
  3. Fake Chow 2-1
  4. Neckbeards and Codeine 2-1
  5. The Slop Jocks 1-2
  6. The Shiva Cry 1-2
  7. JCK 1-2
  8. Eli Esses D 0-3

Game Summaries:

The Shiva Cry Finds the Win Column with 13 to (-5.75) Win over Eli Esses D.

Not sure what to say about Dub’s losing streak at this point.  These two guys were both jockeying for Eli Manning to the point that Shiva took him #3 overall.  Of course, in a match-up of 0-2 teams, you’d expect their desired QB to put up negative points, and he did, dropping (-18) on Shiva Cry.  But, that’s why there is Sam Bradford.  The Rams are something special this year, and by special I mean the worst offense in the NFC.  Bradford totaled 31 points for the easy win.

JCK gets 1st Career win, 41 to (-10.25) over Kraft.

Persistence pays off?  JCK stuck with Cam Newton and Andy Dalton this week and was rewarded.  The Jags figured out a way to stop Newton from piling up penalty yards and Dalton was just horrific, anchoring the team with 31 points.  I think both will be hot D.A. commodities going forward.  On the other side, Matt/Tim Hasselbald would like to be dropped from D.A. consideration, at least for one week.  He totaled (-28.25) points.

The Slop Jocks Upset Fake Chow, 45.75 to 18.  

After amassing negative totals the first two weeks, the Slop Jocks got back in the mix with a much-needed win over Fake Chow.  It was a balanced performance, relying on Colt McCoy’s inaccuracy and Kerry Collins getting replaced by Curtis Painter.  Is Reggie Wayne on your fantasy league’s waiver wire yet?  The Colts should remain a solid D.A. play.  For Nichols and Fake Chow, this was just a steady performance that didn’t have the wow factor.  Matt Cassel (2 points) was vanilla instead of explosively bad.

Team Horse Face Takes over 1st Place with 30.75 to 1 win over Neckbeards and Codeine

This was a nice match-up of undefeated teams, and it came down to Monday Night’s Cowboys/Redskins game.  Horse Face was sitting on Blaine Gabbert’s 18 points, but needed to survive Tony Romo.  Wheezing through an injured lung, Romo couldn’t find the end zone, and did nothing well, but win the game. A very D.A. trait.  For Neckbeards, I’d blame the Jets defense.  Jason Campbell (-4 points) didn’t meet expectations.  Is New York no longer a match-up problem?

The 3-Putt Territory D.A. of the Week:

I remember last year I dropped the crown on Drew Brees, saying the chances to give him the title would be limited.  Using that argument, I could give the prize to Tom Brady and his back-breaking pick-6.  But, Brady threw for 350 and 4Tds as well.  That’s not D.A.  The D.A. isn’t really a gunslinger’s award, and those are gunslinger’s numbers.  No, I’m going to crown Andy Dalton.  First of many, I hope!  Some may say I’ve had an itchy trigger finger for this cat, and those people are right, but you can’t deny the numbers.  Dalton was 17/32.  Two Interceptions.  A rating just north of 40, and more importantly he lost to Alex Smith at home by the final score of 13 to 8.  That’s 13 to 8.  Time to build a new trophy case, Red Rider, I wouldn’t be surprised if you go back-to-back.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Self-Esteem Check

  1. see, 3-Putt can’t do that.

    Patriot pride is in your blood. don’t DA my boy. don’t do it. it’s never his fault. never. can we blame wes welker?


  2. Too many yards, points, etc. Can’t give it to him.

    Also, just for reference, I’m not a big fan of the “take away” argument.

    Take away Justin Verlander and the Tigers are mediocre. Take away 4 minutes and I have a great mile time.

    Doesn’t work that way. Entire body of work.

  3. Or take away Brady being dominated by the gmen d line…..or asante being left holding plax’s jock.

    Take away steroids, the sox never break the curse. The list goes on and on…..but true about the “take away”. Still think Brady deserves it.

  4. Kraft, i think with your record it’s time you realize THIS IS DIVISION 1 PICK ‘EM….THIS IS THE BIG 3 PUTT!!! If you don’t LIKE IT, IF you’re BUMMED you only get 2 days to prepare yourself INSTEAD of 3…..go play intramurals brother, go play intramurals.

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