Exciting or Horrific? The New NFL.


How does everyone feel about the product the NFL is putting out there right now?  I might be a little biased, because I have watched the Eagles play 3 of the worst games in modern times right in succession, but in the Philly TV market yesterday we had two games on.  The Eagles/Niners at 1 pm, and then Green Bay/Denver at 4:15.  Now, I guess that’s great news if you are a Packers fan, or if you have Aaron Rodgers on your fantasy team, but that’s not a great afternoon of product, is it?

And, as the Eagles game came down to the wire (inexplicably) the same thing was happening was in Dallas.  But, were these exciting endings for casual fans?  You’d have to think someone watching would realize that the 49ers were terrible, an insult to be 3-1, and the Cowboys were doing their usual roll over and play dead routine.  Even the upstart Bills blew a game…to Cincy.   And, everything just seems to be pass happy, put it up for grabs, everyone throws for 400 yards on 50 attempts and mixes in 3 TDs and 3 picks.  Is this the SWAC?  Is David Klingler sitting around somewhere saying, “I missed my time.”

And, thankfully I didn’t have to watch that Sunday night game.  I was at my own little horror show, but Mark Sanchez creates 3 TDs for the other team?  You talk about throwing down a D.A. gauntlet to Curtis Painter.  And, the Ravens weren’t really much better.  Ray Rice 2.6 yards a carry.  Joe Flacco 10/31!  This was the team that won by 17 points.  I guess the NFL doesn’t have to worry about such things as product quality, because they have fantasy football and gambling to always prop them up, but I’d love to see a meaningful national game.  Tampa Bay/Indy tonight?  Are you flipping kidding me?

Random Thought:  Is this the year of the middling RB?

Am I the only one who thought Matt Forte’s career was going to be over by now?  Nothing against Forte, but I’m being serious.  He burst out the gate as a sleeper for Chicago, they pounded him into the ground, his numbers started to tail off…we’ve seen this before.  But, somehow Forte rushed for 200 yards yesterday and he’s back in the picture.  He’s not the only one.  Cedric Benson is 6th in the league in rushing.  Fred Jackson is 4th and averaging almost 6 yards per carry.  I couldn’t get a Bills fan to say they liked Jackson last year.  Michael Turner is still grinding away despite a million career carries.  Beanie Wells already has 5 TDs–and he’s missed a game.  Meanwhile a guy like Chris Johnson is killing his fantasy owners.  Odd season.

Arbitrary NFL Power Rankings Top-10:

  1. Green Bay–Ok, So they Look All Right.
  2. Detroit–High Water Mark!
  3. Baltimore–The Defense Still Works.
  4. New Orleans–Points, Pa-Pa-Points, Points-Points.
  5. New England–Ditto Again.
  6. Houston–Do Wins over Pittsburgh Still Count?
  7. Buffalo–What’s the Opposite of With A Bullet?
  8. San Diego–By Default
  9. New York Giants–Monster Road Win (chuckle)
  10. Oakland–Why Not?

Five Most Annoying Fantasy Players of the Week For Various Reasons:

1.  Ryan Torain–135 and 1TD.  Did everyone have Ryan Torain at one point last year?  Can Washington sort out their RB situation?  I imagine some people drafted this guy this year, then cut him, now this…back to the waiver wire.

2.  James Starks–Starks had two solid RB2/Flexish type weeks then somehow put up negative numbers in week 3.  But, Ryan Grant “has a kidney” so it was all Starks in week 4 against Denver.  Choice Match-up.  The Packers score 7 TDs!  Starks gets none of them.  He didn’t totally bust, but still…

3.  Steve Smith–Smith has 530 receiving yards this year and 0 TDs.  I imagine his fantasy owners are getting a little perturbed?  But, he’s still wildly out-performing expectations.

4.  Frank Gore–Gore had a super-soft match-up against the Eagles this week.  But, he’s got a lower-body injury (hey, it’s hockey season).  To start him or not to start him?  Of course, if you didn’t you’re kicking yourself now, because he needed only about 5 plays to torch Philly.

5.  Wes Welker–Because, I imagine every week thousands of people look at their match-up, see Welker on the other side and don’t get too worried.  Not again, they think.  Then..again.  And, again.  How can this guy not be covered?



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